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This is your best source of free online Civil Service Exam Reviewers for both Professional and Sub-professional levels. My aim in publishing these pointers and reviewers is to help you - the examinee, to pass the Civil Service exam, also known as Career Service exam, in just one take.

Tips to Pass (or even Top) the Civil Service Exam
The CSE is not a difficult exam, however if you take it lightly and without proper preparations, then you are lowering you probability of listing your name in the Registry of  Eligibles, in short you are deemed to fail.

But, you don't have to worry, this writing will guide you to pass the CSE. I took one myself when I was still in college and humbly passed the same. The Passing rate is 80%.

The best time to take the examination is during College days or just after you've graduated from College. It's when you have amassed enormous amount of knowledge. Don't take too much break till eventually deciding to take the exam, because by the time that you're out of the university belt, your brain is slowly forgetting most of what you've learned since studying is no longer a habit.

Effective Tips for Civil Service Exam
Taking the exam
Here Are Some Pointers To Consider:
  • Spend good times to review or self-review several days or weeks before the exam so you are well-prepared. Remember that "A soldier never goes to the battlefield without more than enough ammunition - that is suicide". A soldier with complete battle equipment has higher chance of survival in the combat zone. So much is the same about taking exams, an examinee with more than enough preparations has greater chances of passing the exam.
  • Beforehand, prepare the things that you will need during the examination, such as pencils, ballpen, eraser, your test permit, some snacks for your tummy, and of course, yourself. Know your Testing Center and Room Assignment already so that you know where to go and can make it there in time.
  • Eat the best breakfast prior to going to the Testing Center. Your not only feeding your stomach, you're also establishing a healthy mind. Remember that the exam will last for half a day, it will not only cost you time but will drain your energy out. You might also experience fatigue due to heavy brain workout.
  • Never come late. They say "The early bird catches the worm," and that might be true. Nonetheless, you can have some time for relaxation if you're early. A 40 minute allowance should be enough.
  • Do not forget your Examination Number as much as the necessary information about you - the examinee. Surely you want to see your name in the leading publications when the result comes out.
  • Listen to the Test Instructors. Follow their instructions carefully, they will tell you everything, regarding the exam, on what you need to do before, during and after the examination. For example, Do not open the Test Booklet unless otherwise told to do so.
  • Exercise the proper shading techniques. You are very much familiar with this already. Make sure you only shade until the last number of the last question. The total number of shaded answers should correspond to the total number of test items. You'll end up failing if you will shade excessively.
  • For every given set of test items, follow the given specific directions.
  • Don't leave any test item unanswered unless instructed otherwise. If you really don't know the answer then you'll have to make good guess, but do it rarely.
  • Avoid any erasure as much as possible to prevent any damage to the answer sheet. If you really need to change answer, just do it gently.
  • Don't spend too much time on a single question. Make sure to manage your time accordingly so that you will not end up with any unanswered item.
  • Before the exam, make sure that you will not need to go to the restroom. This will prevent you from consuming time on other matters.
  • Relax and enjoy your time taking the exam, as if it will be the last time you're gonna take it. (You don't wanna take it again, right?) This means that you've made the proper preparations already.
  • Ultimately, before the exam, kneel down, put your hands together and pray. That is one of your best tricks.
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