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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

1. Which statement about Median is CORRECT?
a. It is a measure of variability
b. It is the most stable measure of central tendency
c. It is the 50th percentile
d. It is significantly affected by extreme score

2. The strongest disadvantage of the alternate- response type of test is
a. the demand for critical thinking
b. the absence of analysis
c. the encouragement of rote memory
d. the high possibility of guessing

3. A child who gets punished by stealing candy may not steal again immediately. But this does not mean that the child may not steal again. Based on Thorndike’s theory on punishment and learning, this shows that
a. Punishment strengthens a response
b. Punishment removes a response
c. Punishment does not remove a response
d. Punishment weakens a response

4. The use of process approach gives the students the opportunity to
a. learn how to learn
b. make use of laboratory apparatus
c. apply the scientific method
d. learn on their own

5. Which type of test measures higher order thinking skills?
a. Enumeration
b. Matching
c. Completion
d. Analogy

6. It is necessary that the parts of a lesson plan from the first to the last have.
a. completeness
b. conciseness
c. symmetry
d. coherence

7. What can be said of Jones who obtained a score of 75 in a grammar Test?
a. He perform better than 75% of his classmates
b. He answered 75 items correctly
c. He got a raw score of 75
d. He answered 75% of the test items correctly

8. Which guideline in test construction is NOT observed in this test item?
a. The length of the blank suggests the answer
b. The central problem is not packed in the stem
c. It is open to more than one correct answer
d. The blank is at the end of the question

9. Which is a characteristic of infused or integrated instruction?
a. Does not allow deviation from intended objective
b. Includes all thinking process from low level to high level
c. Exclude related topics
d. Confines itself to higher level thinking process

10. Your teacher is of the opinion that the world and everything in it are ever changing and so teaches you the skill to cope with change which is his governing
a. Existentialism
b. Realism
c. Idealism
d. Experimentalism

11. To be an effective classroom manager teacher must be friendly but at the same time be
a. highly demanding
b. business- like
c. rigid
d. buddy- buddy

12. What percent of the cases in a set of measure lie before the third quartile or Q3?
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75%
d. 65%

13. At the end of periodical examination, Ms. Ramos administered a summative test in Filipino. After scoring the test papers she assigned grades to each test score such as 95, 90, 85, 80 etc. What process did Ms. Ramos use?
a. Ranking
b. Computation
c. Measurement
d. Evaluation

14. Teacher subscribes to the idealist philosophy. Which type of knowledge will most likely advance? Knowledge arrived  at through
a. trial and error
b. concrete experience
c. experimenting
d. reasoning

15. The commonly used question- and- answer method that includes debate and discussion in consonance with the method of
a. Confucius
b. Plato
c. Aristotle
d. Socrates

16. Which word is acceptable in the writing of performance objectives?
a. Appreciate
b. Think
c. Understand
d. Demonstrate

17. Median is to point as standard deviation is to ____________.
a. area
b. volume
c. distance
d. square

18. What measure of position is appropriate when the distribution is skewed?
a. Mean
b. Stanine
c. Z- value
d. Percentile rank

19. In the context of the theory on multiple intelligence, one weakness of the paper- pencil test is
a. it utilizes so much time
b. it puts the non- linguistically intelligent at a disadvantage
c. it lacks reliability
d. it is not easy to administer

20. Like a TV, the computer has a
a. Disk drive
b. Keyboard
c. Screen
d. CPU

21. Which assessment tool shows evidence of student’s writing skills?
a. Project
b. Portfolio
c. Critiquing sessions
d. daily journal

22. Ian’s raw of score in the Filipino class is 23 which is equal to the 70th percentile. What does this imply?
a. 70% of Ian’s classmates got a score lower than 23.
b. Ian’s score is higher than 23% of his classmates.
c. 70% of Ian’s classmate got a score of above 23.
d. Ian’s score is higher than 23 of his classmates.

23. Which of the following measures is more affected by an extreme score?
a. Semi- interquartile range
b. Median
c. mode
d. Mean

24. Which is another name for collaborative learning?
a. Interactive learning
b. Team building
c. cooperative learning
d. Integrated learning

25. He believes that we acquire knowledge of our world through our senses. He’s also the pioneer of the inductive and scientific method.
a. John Comenius
b. Johann Pestalozzi
c. Jean Piaget
d. John Locke

26. Which one should teacher AVOID to produce an environment conducive for learning?
a. Tests
b. Seat plan
c. Individual competition
d. Games

27. If teacher wants to test student’s ability to organize ideas, which type of test should she formulate?
a. Technical problem type
b. Essay
c. Short answer type
d. Multiple- choice type

28. The inclusion of Logic in the curriculum is perhaps an influence of the importance of logic that ________ stressed.
a. St. Augustine
b. The Humanists
c. The Hedonists
d. The Scholastics

29. Why are test norms established? To have basis for:
a. computing grades
b. establishing learning goals
c. identifying pupil’s
d. interpreting test results

30. The focus of social philosophy among societal orders, institutions, structures, system, functions and processes is the
a. progress
b. deterioration
c. destiny
d. morality

31. Social philosophy differs from social sciences because of the fact that the latter is limited to
a. searching for values
b. observable phenomena
c. scholastic understanding
d. interpretative living

32. Which of the following demonstrates human existence as fundamentally social?
a. needs for others
b. personal creating
c. historic of character
d. all of the above

33. A philosophy based primarily on science and scientific discoveries is.
a. positivism
b. realism
c. liberalism
d. pragmatism

34. Who among the following that viewed individual man and his native state as at war with himself?
a. William James
b. Karl Marx
c. Immanuel Kant
d. Thomas Hobbes

35. The school of philosophy that maintain that powers developed an any faculty by the study of a school subject can be used equally well in any other subjects or to meet any other experience in life is ________
a. communism
b. disciplinism
c. idealism
d. realism

36. “Since the labor of many workers is required to support a simple capitalist, members of the capitalist class are parasites living at the expense of the workers who are being exploited.” This was the observation of _________
a. Max Wertheimer
b. Karl Marx
c. George Hegel
d. Thomas Malthus

37.  The theory of hedonism is fallacious because sex.
a. has a higher purpose
b. is an end in itself
c. essential to pleasure
d. basically for pleasure

38. What theory stresses the idea that good is that which administers to the temporal welfare and happiness of man, bad which abstracts or hinders retards this happiness?
a. Kantian theory
b. Utilitarianism
c. Hedonism
d. Communism

39. Republic Act No. 6713 is an act of.
a. establishing anti- violence against women and their children
b. providing for free public secondary education
c. creating Commission on Higher Education
d. establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employee

40. What is the most convenient style of solving conflicts on the part of a manager or any person in authority?
a. accommodative
b. collaborative
c. competitive
d. compromising

41. What school of philosophy believes that truth is that which works and successful in solving problem?
a. communism
b. positivism
c. pragmatism
d. personalism

42. All of the following serve as grounds for legal separation except ___________
a. repeated physical violence
b. attempt to corrupt
c. faithfulness and exclusiveness
d. respondent’s bigamy

43. One of the following concretely illustrates the responsibility of a teacher as a trustee.
a. gives assignments for more practice
b. waits for the informed parents to pick up their child in moments of danger
c. teaches children to do their assignments
d. sells instructional materials to children

44. Which of the following is not true of graft and corruption?
a. It lessens allegiance and loyalty
b. It impairs national economic planning
c. It causes wasteful depletion of resources
d. The culprit are easily identified, apprehended and prosecuted

45. Republic Act No. 3019 is known as:
a. Anti- violence against women and their children
b. Code of Conduct for Government officials and Employees
c. Anti- Graft and Corrupt practice Act
d. The Family Code of the Philippines

46. The theory that states that man has the responsibility to take care of his environment is known as:
a. Extensionism
b. Exhibitionism
c. Liberalism
d. Essentialism

47. Professionalism on the part of the Government officials and employees does not mean:
a. performing and discharging duties with the highest degree of excellence
b. working less intelligently when salary is low
c. entrance with the public service with utmost devotion
d. discouraging wrong perception of government employee’s role

48. The idea that man is free and deserves to be punished for the evil he freely commits comes from:
a. Plato
b. Aristotle
c. Thomas Aquinas
d. Socrates

49. Which of the following is a good guide in choosing values?
a. education over early marriage
b. opportunity over common good
c. family first before public service
d. devotion to move idol over worthwhile hobby

50. To solve moral ambiguity among us Filipinos, we must:
a. excuse ourselves whenever we do wrong
b. blame our government for not doing anything about it
c. be aware and responsible about the problem
d. be comfortable with the present state affairs

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