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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

26. The founder of the theory of psychology called psychoanalysis was
a. Lock
b. Hume
c. Freud
d. Leibnitz

27. When the learner reaches a point where no further improvement can be expected, he is in a so-called
a. development crisis
b. learning plateau
c. regression
d. depression

28. Regarding the sexual maturation o boys and girls, teachers should bear in mind that:
a. girls mature at a late stage than boys
b. girls mature at an earlier stage than boys
c. boys and girls mature at the same time
d. there are no marked differences in heir time of maturity

29. Rationalization is used by student who
a. always give explanation or reason for their failures rather than own their faults
b. like to take the blame for their faults
c. bribe their elders with promises
d. substitute words for deeds

30. Which of the following is true of Abnormal Psychology?
a. it studies the cause of personality defects
b. it measures the accomplishments of the individual
c. it concentrates on the scholastic performance of the individual
d. it investigates the educational background of the individual

31. Which of the following is a continuous variable?
a. weight
b. sex
c. nationality
d. race

32. Which of the following is true about one’s IQ?
a. it remains fairly constant
b. it is highly changeable
c. it is affected by attitude
d. it is never constant

33. Transfer of training easily takes place if the activities involved
a. Are different
b. Have identical element
c. Occur in the same place
d. Vary in difficulty

34. When the learner is well-motivated, he performs his task
a. with indifference
b. with disinterest
c. with arrogance
d. with enthusiasm

35. A six-year-old child who has a mental age of eight years has an IQ of
a. 120
b. 130
c. 132
d. 133

36. The ratio obtained by dividing mental age by chronological age times 100 is called
a. derived quotient
b. deviation
c. intelligence quotient or IQ
d. intelligence ratio

37. Which of the following was written by Plato?
a. Sic et Non
b. The School and Society
c. The Republic
d. Emile

38. Who among those below asserted that “Education is for complete living”
a. Dewey
b. Spencer
c. Kant
d. Froebel

39. The right of an educational institution and its faculty to prescribe the methods/strategies of teaching refers to:
a. building style
b. choice of curriculum
c. academic freedom
d. co and extra curricular program

40. The 1987 Constitution provides that religious institution can be given
a. with the students’ consent
b. with the parent/guardian approval
c. with mayor’s permit
d. with the school’s support

41. Public schools in the Philippines are the contribution of which colonizer?
a. American
b. British
c. Japanese
d. Spanish

42. Hardship allowance is given to a teacher when
a. he’s assigned in a depressed area
b. he’s given additional teaching load
c. he’s in lahar area
d. he’s assigned in a hazardous area

43. The ability for quantitative learning of the relations of facts taken from newspaper readings, letter writing and the like is called:
a. functional literacy
b. adjustment learning
c. Knowledge outcome
d. Social competence

44. A teacher who gives a uniform assignment to be worked out by all learners in Arithmetic is not observing a characteristic of a good assignment. Which characteristic is overlooked?
a. It should be definite
b. It should be stimulating
c. It should emphasize the essential
d. It should provide for individual differences

45. If a student ask a question which the teacher does not have a ready answer, the latter should:
a. dismiss the question as irrelevant
b. offer a bluff
c. admit the fact that he doesn’t know the answer
d. ask volunteers to answer the question and do research on it later.

46. The heredity traits acquired by a person in his lifetime;
a. are transmissible to his offspring
b.reappear in his future grandparent
c. Have no influence on the offspring
d. Become recessive traits

47. When student are given a chance to settle differences of opinion by discussion, they develop:
a. fair play
b. tolerance
c. irritants
d. sociability

48. The school’s responsibility towards teenagers “gang age” is:
a. provide the gang all the freedom it needs
b. gives classroom activities to give direction to out-of-school youth activities
c. supervise gang activities
d. set up norms of conduct or the member of the gang

49. In an intelligence test, a 13-year old girl got a score equivalent to that of a 15-year old. This means:
a. that the girl must be accelerated
b. that the girl is 2-years older mentally
c. that the girl has a chronological age of 15
d. that she has a mental age of 13

50. Which statement is not necessary to achieve the learner’s interest in a learning activity?
a. the activity must lead to a practical end
b. the activity must be within the ability of the learner
c. the activity must fill a need recognized by the learner
d. the learner must have the experience that will furnish the background for the activity

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