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LET Reviewer for Social Studies
LET Reviewer for Social Studies

101. "Sir, agkakadua tayo" (we belong to the same group) said a group in an audience of teachers whom Sir A is addressing. To which Filipino trait does the group's comment insinuate?
A. Family orientation    
B, Adaptability
C. Religionalistic orientation
D. Passivity

102. Which can work against meritocracy?

I. Nepotism
II. Padrino system

A. I, II, and 111     
B. I and 111
C. II and 111
D. I and II

103. Santos-Cuyugan wrote:"...the Filipino in-the 1960s has developed reverse, ethnocentrism". Which one proves this?  
A. The Filipino hates things, foreign.
B. In line with the bilingual policy/the Filipino prefers to speak in Filipino.
C. The true, the good, and the beautiful to the Filipino are what look Caucasian.
D. Street names and military training .commands are in the vernacular.

104. Which is a proof that Philippine laws have given women-equality with men in terms of rights? 
A. The husband's prerogative to choose the family residence is now a joint decision with  her husband in consultation with their children
B. The wife's 'prerogative to choose-the-family residence is now a joint decision with her  husband in consultation with their children
C. The husband's prerogative to choose the family residence is now a matter for both  husband and wife to decide. 
D. The husband's prerogative to choose the family residence is now transferred to the  wife.

105. Which problem is created when Filipinas are legally or illegally sent to other countries as mail order brides and end up in prostitution houses?
A. Piracy      
B. Terrorism
C. Human trafficking
D. White slavery

106. Which' can work against meritocracy?

I. Nepotism
II. Padrino system
III. Acountabiljty 

A. I, II and III    
B. I and III
C. I and II
D. II and III

107. In which type of biome is Southeast Asia, most. of South America and Africa situated?
A. Deciduous forest      
B. Taiga
C. Savannah
D. Tropical rain forest 

108. Which is the coldest continent?  
A. Asia, its northern part     
B. Europe
C. America
D. Antartica 

109. Cagayan River is to the Philippines as ________ is to the United States.
A. Mississippi River     
B. Williamite River
C. Amazon River
D. Colorado River

110. What are the effects of the seas and the oceans of the European continent on world  history?

I. Europeans controlled vast majority of land in world.
II. Europeans are known to be less carnivorous.  ,
III. Traces of European culture are visible nearly everywhere in the world.

A. I and II 
B. I and III
C. II and III
D. I, II, and III

111. If Antartica is land of ice that reaches a thickness of about two kilometers, what conclusion can you draw?  
A. The oceans are full of fish.  
B. Residents in there have, already adapted to the cold environment. .
C. The land is full of vegetation that has adapted to the environment.
D. Only scientists conducting research stay in Antartica.

112. Which statement on desertification is CORRECT?
A. It is a man-made ecological degradation.
B. It is synonymous to drought.
C. It is a natural hazard.
D. It is caused by low rainfall climate.

113. For which main reason do some cities in the United States have an ordinance that prohibits the use of plastic bags in shopping areas?
A. People must be taught to recycle plastic materials.
B. American citizens must be taught to patronize their products
C. Government must work for the convenience of the people they serve.
D. Plastic is non-biodegradable and adds to the problem of solid garbage disposal.

114. Which describes the Asian continent CORRECTLY? 
A. The 4 "cradles of civilization" are all in it
B. Its people have a longer life expectancy than any other continent.
C. It has more land and people and a higher population density than any other continent
D. It has two pronounced seasons, the dry and wet seasons

115. If you want to see the impact of the major religions of the world in people's way of life, in which continent must you travel?
A. Asia      
B. Australia
C. North America
D. Europe 

116. With which are the Khmer Rouge, Pol, Pot, and the Killing Fields associated?
A. Vietnam War      
B. Liberation of the Philippines
C. Cambodian genocide
D. France

117. Which was an equivalent of the Philippine encomienda system during the medieval period? 
A. Caste system    
B. Feudalism
C. Slave -master
D. Christian-Jew relationship  

118. Why is this present era in the world named as Information Age?
A. Emphasis in schools is acquisition of information.
B. Information is at its height as a result of its accumulation through the years.
C. The shift in global economy is towards the manipulation/of information.
D. This is the period of correcting all erroneous information from the past.

119. Which description applies before the advent of the Industrial Revolution?
A. Power-driven, machinery      
B. Establishment of banks
C. Manual manufacturing of goods
D. Factory organization
120. Who was the first US president to visit the People’s Republic of China?
A. Ford
B. Nixon
C. Kennedy
D. Eisenhower 

121. What was the protest center, for the Chinese students in their fight for reform in the late 80's? 
A. Beijing University       
B. Shanghai     
C. Tiananmen Square
D. Hefei

122. Which statement on the ASEAN is CORRECT?  
A. Its members are Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand
B. This is an association of five Southeast nations for nation building.
C. Its members are Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand
D. This is the same-as the Association of Southeast Asia.

123. Does the Philippines consider itself as staunch ally of the United States? 
A. Before, yes but now no more.
B. Yes, only after US pulled out its bases from the Philippines. 
C. Yes.  
D. NO.

124. With price of commodity as point of reference, which does NOT belong to the group'?
A. Monopoly    
B. High supply
C. Anti-trust laws
D. Low demand

125. If the price of Tide detergent is higher than that of Surf  the tendency is to buy Surf instead of Tide. This illustrates ____effect. 
A. substitution      
B. Utilization
C. income
D. inflation

126. Which does NOT go with free enterprise system?  
A. Private, individuals. Risk their own resources
B. Competition is the regulator of economic stability 
C. Motto is Laissez faire.
D. The state interferes;

127. What is most likely to take place in a period of economic boom?
A. Total spending-rises    
B. Production slows down.
C. Cases of unemployment rise.
D. Consumers refrain from spending. .

128. What does a nation experience if the supply of goods and services becomes smaller than the demand for them?
A. Recession      
B. Boom
C. Inflation
D. Depression

129. Which was the first hominid with marked expansion of the brain?
A. Homo Sapiens    
B. Homo habilis
C. Homo erectus
D. Neanderthal man

130. What does an anthropologist do when he studies society from an insider's view?
A. He interprets findings from the viewpoint of the society which he studies
B. He uses other's worldview to interpret findings.
C. He analyzes his findings against his own worldview.
D. He asks an insider to interpret research findings. 

131. Which is/are characteristic/s of humans which other primates do NOT have?
I. Use language II. Use fire III. Manufacture and decoration of objects
A. l and lll      
B. I and II
C. I, II, and III
D. II and lll 

132. When did man begin to farm and establish farm villages?
A. Old Stone Age      
B. Middle and New Stone Age
C. Bronze Age
D. Iron Age

133. Hitler's move to eliminate the Jews was an act of _______.
A. genocide     
B. ethnocide
C. suicide
D. infanticide 

134. When a Filipino gets hurt and disoriented with the brutal frankness of a Westerner, he experiences _________
A. culture shock     
B. cardiogenic shock
C. electric shock
D. mental shock

135. The Filipinos in America, are now Americanized while the Americans who come to the Philippines get Filipinized. This process is called
A. assimilation      
B. enculturation
C. integration
D. acculturation

136. For peace and harmony, what did Gautama Buddha teach?
A. Love your neighbor as you love yourself
B. Know thyself
C. "Do not do to others what you do not tike-others do to you."'
D. “Do nothing and you accomplish everything

137. Alejandro Roces once said: “You add one Japanese to a Filipino, and the result is less than one half.” What Filipino trait is referred to?
A. Lack of teamwork among Filipinos
B. Inability to develop friendship with foreigners
C. Unforgiveness for past colonizers
D. Lack of truth in foreigners

138. Is this argument in court valid?

"Your honor, how can the prosecution dare try to send this poor, defenseless child to jail for the murder of his father and mother? Have a heart! The boy is now an orphan."

A. No, this is faulty reasoning, appeal to force.
B. Yes, nobody can disagree.
C. No. this violates the rules of logic, an appeal to popular belief.
D. No, this is a fallacy, an appeal to pity

139. From whom did we learn the love for lavish fiestas or celebrations?
A. The Americans    
B. The Spaniards
C. The Japanese
D. The Malays

140. The Taoist way to harmony in society is inaction. The following illustrate Lao-Tzu’s inaction EXCEPT ____. 
A. let people be themselves   
B. subdues and conquer nature
C. do not interfere in the life of others
D. do nothing to disturb the course of nature

141. Cockfighting as a Filipino sport is an influence of the ____.
A. Japanese     
B. Spaniards
C. British
D. Chinese

142. To attain peace and harmony in society, what is Confucius' advice?
A. "Love your enemies”
B. "Do nothing and you accomplish everything."
C. "Do not do to others what you do not tike-others do to you."' 
D. "Know thyself."

143. It did not rain the ground is not wet is this a valid conclusion?
A. Yes. Because rain makes the ground wet
B. No, because if there was rain, the. Ground should be wet.
C. Yes, rain is associated with wet-ground
D. No, there are other ways by which the ground can get wet other than rain. 

144. What is the one-China policy?  
A. Maintaining diplomatic relations with file Republic of China 
B. Acknowledging that mainland China is the People's Republic of China
C. Acknowledging that mainland China. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao are governed by  the People's Republic of China
D. Acknowledging that the People's Republic of China consists of Macau, Taiwan' and Hong Kong.  

145. Which place in China are said to be cradles of ancient civilization?
A. Huang Ho and Yangtze Valleys  
B. Nile Valley
C. Tigris-Euphrates Valley  
D. Indus Valley

146. What do the Japanese people believe about themselves?  
A. They are a blending of the East and the West.
B. They are a superior race.
C. They are like the cherry blossoms every spring time.  
D. They are descendants of the gods and goddesses.

147. From which country do we buy Ceylon tea? 
A. India     
B. Maldives
C. Bhutan
D. Sri Lanka

148. Which statement is TRUE of Mahatma Gandhi? He was the Asian nationalist who advocated ________.
A. non-violence as the way to change
B. violence as the way to change
C. education as the way to progress
D. information technology as the way to progress

149. With which country is her relationship with the Philippines strained as a result of the country's claim over Sabah?
A. Borneo     
B. Malaysia
C. Indonesia
D. Brunei

150. Which became the main object of European colonial rivalry in the 16th and 17th centuries for its spices?
A. Moluccas       
B. Macao
C. Malacca
D. Mexico

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