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"To Pass (or Top) The Board Exam"

INFINITHINK.ORG is a website dedicated for the purpose of providing useful resources on various government board/licensure examinations administered by the Professional Regulation Commission and the Civil Service Commission.

This site in particular contains useful review materials/refresher courses not just for graduates who want to refresh and expand their knowledge in preparation for board exams but also for knowledge-seekers.

All review materials for licensure exam for teachers (LET) found in this site are materials which appeared on past exams.

Thourgh this site, we hope to increase your likelihood/probability of passing your board exam.

With your great enthusiasm, determination and capable mind, you can PASS your board exam or even be in the rooster of TOPNOTCHERS.

This website was created/started on September 2014.

“If you consistently do your best, the worst won’t happen”