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9 Tips To Achieve Success In Any Exam

1. Physically prepare yourself.

Exams need superb concentration and will take up a lot of energy. That's why it is necessary to keep fit and be in top condition by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

2. Mentally prepare yourself.

This is a very important aspect in facing exams. Remove negative thoughts and feelings, which can block your memory making you forget the things you have studied. Condition your emotions to stay calm by keeping away from feeling stressed, anxious, or worried due to fear of failing. A little prayer, or meditating, can likewise help in achieving inner peace.

3. Review.

It helps to review way before your exams, giving yourself plenty of time to study and prepare for it. Cramming will only give you less satisfying results.

4. Make a checklist to ensure you don't forget anything.

Prepare early your exam slips, your ID, your pencils, eraser, sharpener, a watch for you to check time, calculator to help you (only if it is allowed), and so on.

5. Arrive on time.

Plan your trip to the exam well. Make sure you are there at least 15 minutes before your exam to rest a little and to prepare yourself.

6. Read instructions carefully.

Make sure you read and understand the instructions for each set of questions/portions of exam.

7. Select and prioritize problems.

Work on the most difficult problems first. Don't nail yourself to one problem to avoid wasting your time. Proceed to the easier problems then go back to the unanswered ones if you have more time. Don't leave any problem/question unanswered.

8. If you have remaining time, review your answers.

Make sure that you have answered all the problems and questions and nothing is left unanswered. Also to make sure that your answer sheet is clean.

9. Last but not the least, close the exam with a prayer.

Be confident that you have prepared well for the exam and that you have answered the problems as best as you can.

Just do your best and GOD will do the rest.

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