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Licensure Exam for Teachers LET 2020 Review Materials
You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.
― Galileo Galilei
Licensure Examination for Teachers LET Reviewer 2018
Reviewers for Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET)

Your Best Source of Reliable Compilation of Review Materials for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is finally here Online and it's definitely Free! Your search ends here! Pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (if not a Topnotcher) and be part of the adventurous and wonderful realm of the noblest profession - the teaching profession. This web site has compiled most of the reviewers that you will need (comprising general education, majorship and professional education) so as to pass the Teachers' Board Exam. Secure your future now! Review and achieve success.

For the LET takers in the Elementary level, there are two sets of test, namely the General Education (Gen. Ed.) and the Professional Education (Prof. Ed.) which weigh 40% and 60%, respectively. On the other hand, LET takers in the Secondary level will need to undergo three sets of test, namely the General Education, Majorship and Professional Education which weigh 20%, 40% and 40%, respectively. In order to pass in either level, you must accumulate a weighted average of at least 75%.

LET Rating/Result
PRC Verification of Rating; LET Result/Rating

I myself have taken the licensure exam for teachers for secondary level. My field of expertise is Mathematics, I got a general weighted average of 88.40%. As for the secret on how to get such a rating - that's perseverance. You need to make continuous efforts to attain your goal(s), retain every knowledge that you have acquired through four hard years of college studies, as much as possible, and review on aspects that you're not very much familiar with. Review and practice yourself. That way, you're certain to bring home the bacon.

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Reviewers / Practice Tests 

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The ultimate goal of this site is to help you Pass, no less, but there's more, to Top the LET! Bookmark this site, so that you can visit anytime, at your convenience.

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September 2020 LET Reviewers for: Content Course, English, Filipino, Biological Science, Physical Science, Natural Science, General Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, MAPEH, Technology and Livelihood Education-TLE, Agriculture and Fishery Arts-AFA, Values Education. Grab a copy of our free licensure exam reviewers for teachers. Exam Coverage/Table of Specifications for LET 2020

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