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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

1. You are very much interested in a quality professional development program for teachers. What characteristic should you look for?
a. Prescribe by top educational teachers
b. Dependent on the availability of funds
c. Required for renewal of professional license
d. Responsive to identified teacher’s needs.

2. To ensure high standards of teachers’ personal and professional development, which of the following measures must be implemented?
I. A school head plans the professional development of his/her teachers.
II. Every teacher formulates his/her own professional development plan
III. The implementation of what is learned in a training must be monitored.
a. I only
b. I and III
c. II and III
d. II only

3. As a community leader, which of the following should a teacher NOT do?
a. Support effort of the community to improve their status in life.
b. Make herself aloof to ensure that her decisions will not be influenced by the community politics.
c. Solicit donation from philanthropists in the community.
d. Play an active part in the activities of the community.

4. In a highly pluralistic society, what type of learning environment is the responsibility of the teacher?
I. Safe
II. Gender-biased
III. Secure
a. I and II
b. I, II and III
c. II only
d. I and III

5. A teacher is said to be “trustee of the cultural and educational heritage of the nation and is under obligation to transmit to learners such heritage”. Which practice makes the teacher fulfill such obligation?
a. Use interactive teaching strategies.
b. Use the latest educational technology.
c. Observe continuing professional education
d. As a class, study the life of Filipino heroes.

6. Which actions show that political factors affect schools as agents of change?
I. The strengthening of the teaching of English in Philippines school.
II. The introduction of mandated subjects such as Rizal in the curriculum
III. The practice of mainstreaming
IV. The turnover of day care centers for DSWD to DepEd for supervision.
a. I and III
b. I and II
c. II and III
d. II and IV

7. For more efficient and effective management of school as agents of change, one proposal is for the DepEd to cluster remote stand-alone schools under one lead school head. Which factor has the strongest influence on this proposal?
a. Psychological
b. Historical
c. Geographical
d. Social

8. What does the acronym EFA imply for schools?
a. The acceptance of exclusive schools for boys and for girls.
b. The stress on the superiority of formal education over that of alternative learning system.
b. Practice of inclusive education
c. The concentration on formal education system

9. The wide acceptance of “bottom up” management style has influenced schools to practice which management practice?
a. Exclusion of politicians from the pool of guest speakers during graduation exercises.
b. Prescription of what ought to be done from the Center Office.
c. Involvement of students, parents, teachers, and community in school planning
d. Allowing schools to do what they think is best s to do what they think is best

10. Large class size in congested cities is a common problem in our public schools. Which measure/s have schools taken to offset the effects of large class?
I. The deployment of more teachers
II. The implementation of 1:1 pupil textbook ratio
III. The conduct of morning and afternoon sessions
a. I, II and III
b. I and II
c. III only
d. II only

11. The failure of independent study with most Filipino students may be attributed to students’:
a. unpreparedness from schooling
b. ambivalence
c. high degree of independence
d. high degree of independence on authority

12. The schooling incidents in school campuses abroad have made school to rethink the curriculum. Which is believed to counteract such incidents and so is being introduced in schools?
I. Inclusion of socio-emotional teaching
II. The emphasis on the concept of competition against self and not against others
III. Focus on academic achievement and productivity
a. I and III
b. II and III
c. I and II
d. I, II and III

13. Widespread abuse of Mother Earth prompted schools to teach sustainable development. Which one does this prove about schools?
a. The curricula of schools are centered on Mother Earth.
b. Schools can easily integrate sustained development in their curriculum.
c. Sustained development cannot be effectively taught in the classroom.
d. Environment factors influence the school as an agent of change.

14. A father tells his daughter “You are a woman. You are meant for the home and so for you, going to school is not necessary.” Is the father CORRECT?
a. It depends on the place when the daughter and the father live.
b. Yes, women are meant to be a mother only.
c. No. today women can take on the jobs of men.
d. No, there is gender equality in education.

15. Is there a legal basis for increasing the teacher’s starting salary to P18,000 an months?
a. No, it is a gift to teachers from Congress
b. Yes, R.A 7836
c. No, it is simply an act of benevolence from President GMA
d. Yes, the Phil. Constitution

16. As provided for the Educational Act of 1982, how are the institutions of learning encourage to set higher standards of equality over the minimum standards required for state recognition?
a. Granting of Special Permit
b. Academic freedom
c. Continuing Professional Education
d. Voluntary accreditation

17. Despite of opposition from some school official, DepEd has continuously enforced the “no collection of fees” policy during enrolment period in public schools. In this policy in accordance with EFA goals?
a. No, it violates the mandate of equality education
b. Yes, it somewhat eliminates gender disparities
c. Yes, it supports equitable access to basic education
d. No. it does not support parent  of adult education

18. “Specialization is knowing more and more about less and less”. Hence, it is better to be a generalist, claims Teacher F. Which Philosophy does Teacher F. subscribe to?
a. Existentialism
b. Perennialism
c. Essentialism
d. Progressivism

19. Mencius believed that all people are born good. This thought on the innate goodness of people makes it easier toour pupils.
a.  teach
b. Respect
c. like
d. motivate

20. The specialization requires of every professional teacher for him/her to be competent is in line with which pillar of learning?
a. Learning to know
b. Learning to be
c. Learning to live together
d. Learning to do

21. Which pillar of learning is aimed at the holistic development of man and his complete fulfillment?
a. Learning to be
b. Learning to know
c. Learning to live together
d. Learning to do

22. Material development at the expense of human development points to the need to do more in school.
a. “Learning to do”
b. “Learning to know”
c. “Learning to live together”
d. “Learning to be”

23. A student complains to you about his failing grade. When you recomputed you found out that you committed an error in this grade computation. Your decision is not accept the erroneous computation before the student and so leave the failing grade as is for fear that you may lose credibility. Is this morally right?
a. No, the reason for not accepting the error before the students in flimsy.
b. No, the end does not justify the means
c. Yes, the end justifies the means
d. Yes, as a teacher you must maintain your credibility

24. Which violate(s) the principle of respect?
I. Teacher A tells her students that what Teacher B taught is wrong.
II. To retaliate, Teacher B advises students not to enroll in Teacher A’s class.
III. Teacher C secretly gives way to a special favor (e.g. add 2 points to grade) requested by student A, who is vying for honors.
a. II and III
b. I, II and III
c. I and II
d. I and III

25. Which is/are in accordance with the principle of pedagogical competence?
I. Communication of objectives of the course to students
II. Awareness of alternative instruction strategies
III. Selection of appropriate methods of instruction
a. I and III
b. I, II and III
c. III only
d. II and III

26. With a death threat over his head, Teacher D is directed to pass an undeserving student. Which will a utilitarianist do?
a. Pass the student, why suffer the threat?
b. Don’t pass him; live by your principle of justice. You will get reward, if not in this life, in the next.
c. Pass the student. That will be of use to the student, his parents and you.
d. Don’t pass him. You surely will not like someone to give you a death threat in other to pass.

27. Teacher A knows of the illegal activities of a neighbor but keeps quiet in order not to be involved in any investigation. Which foundational principle of morality does Teacher A fail to apply?
a. The end does not justify the means
b. The end justifies the means
c. Always do what is right
d. Between two evils, do the lesser evil

28. To earn units for promotion, a teacher pays her fee but does not attend class at all. Does this constitute professional growth?
a. Not immediately but yes after promotion
b. It depends on the school she is enrolled in
c. No, it is simply earning MA units for promotion
d. Yes, just enrolling in an MA program is already professional growth

29. If a teacher asks more higher-order questions, he has to ask more questions.
a. fact
b. close
c. convergent
d. concept

30. Misdemeanor has a “ripple effect”. This implies that as a classroom manager, a teacher
a. reinforces positive behavior
b. responds to misbehavior promptly
c. is consistent in her classroom management practice
d. count 1 to 10 before she deals with a misbehaving student

31. Based on Edgar Dale’s “Cone of Experience”, which activity is farthest from the real thing?
a. Watching demo
b. Attending exhibit
c. Video disc
d. Viewing images

32. The students of Teacher Y scan an electronic encyclopedia, view a film on subject, or look at related topics at the touch of a button right there in the classroom. Which device/s des teacher Y’s class have?
a. Teaching machines
b. CD
c. Video disc
d. Videotaped lesson

33. Which is an INAPPROPIATE way to manage off-task behavior?
a. Redirect a child’s attention to task and check his progress to make sure he is continuing work
b. Make eye contact to communicate what you wish to communicate
c. Move closer to the child to make him feel your presence
d. Stop your class activity to correct a child who is no longer on task

34. To be an effective classroom manager, a teacher must be friendly but must at the same time be
a. confident
b. strict
c. analytical
d. buddy-buddy

35. Which software is needed when one wants to perform automatic calculations on numerical data?
a. Database
b. Spreadsheet Program
c. Microsoft Word
d. Microsoft Powerpoint

36. Which of the following questions must be considered in evaluating teacher-made materials?
a. Is the material new?
b. Does the material simulate individualism?
c. Is the material expensive?

37. Kounin claims that “with-it-ness” is one of the characteristics of an effective classroom manager. What is one sign of “with-it-ness”?
a. Giving attention to students who are having difficulty with school work
b. Seeing only a portion of the class but intensively
c. Knowing where instructional materials are kept
d. Aware of what’s happening in all parts of the classroom

38. Which of these is one of the ways by which the internet enables people to browse documents connected by hypertext links?
a. URL
b. Browser
c. Welcome page
d. World Wide Web

39. Which characteristics must be primary considered as a choice of instructional aids?
a. Stimulate and maintain students interests
b. Suited to the lesson objectives
c. Updated and relevant to Filipino setting
d. New and skillfully made

40. You can exhibit referent power on the first day of school by
a. telling them the importance of good grades
b. giving your students a sense of belongingness and acceptance
c. making them feel you know what you are taking about
d. reminding your students your authority over them again and again

41. I would like to use a model to emphasize particular part. Which of these would be MOST appropriate?
a. Realia
b. Audio recording
c. Stimulation
d. Mock up

42. What must a teacher do to ensure orderly transitions between activities?
a. Allow time for the students to socialize in between activities
b. Have the materials ready at the start of the activity
c. Assign fewer exercises to fill the allotted time
d. Wait for students who lag behind

43. The task of setting up routine activities for effective classroom management is a task that a teacher should undertake
a. as soon as the students have adjusted to their schedules
b. on the very first day of school
c. every day at the start of the session
d. every homeroom day

44. Teacher S uses the low-profile classroom control technique most of the time. What does this imply?
a. She is reactive in her disciplinary orientation
b. She manages pupils personalities
c. She reacts severely to a misbehaving student
d. She stops misbehaving without disrupting lesson flow

45. When teacher tries to elicit clarification on a student response or solicits additional information, which of these should be use?
a. Directing
b. Probing
c. Structuring
d. Cross examining

46. Which priority criterion should guide a teacher in the choice of instructional devices?
a. Novelty
b. Cost
c. Attractiveness
d. Appropriateness

47. Which learning activity is MOST appropriate if a teacher’s focus is attitudinal change?
a. Fieldtrip
b. Exhibit
c. Role play
d. Game

48. Teacher H strives to draw participation of every student into her classroom discussion. Which of these student needs is she trying to address? The need to .
a. shoe one’s oral abilities to the rest of the class
b. feel significant and be part of a group
c. get everything and be part of a group
d. be creative

49. Instead of teacher giving this comment a student response. “You’re on the wrong track!” what should be teacher do?
a. Change the question to an easier one
b. Redirect the question by calling another student to recite
c. Probe to redirect the response into a more productive area
d. Pause, ask the question, lecture, then ask the question again

50. If curriculum is designed following the traditional approach, which feature(s) apply(ies)?
I. The aims of the curriculum are set by professionals and experts
II. Interested groups (teachers, students, communities) are assumed to agree with the aims of the curriculum
III. Consensus building in not necessary
a. III only
b. I, II, III
c. I, II
d. I, III

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