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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education
Legal Bases for Philippine Education 

51. The principal source of funds for financing public education is taken from the one percent (1%) tax on real estate imposed by Republic Act No. No. 5447. This statement means:
a. Philippine education grants university status to qualified colleges.
b. Philippine education strives to be of high quality.
c. Philippine education recognizes the complementary roles of public and private educational institutions.
d. Philippine education is financed by public and private funds.

52. No educational institutions in the Philippines shall be established exclusively for aliens and no group of aliens shall comprise more than one-third of the enrolment in any school. This statement means:
a. Philippine education is nationalistic.
b. Philippine education is democratic.
c. Philippine education is complete, adequate, integrated and relevant.
d. Philippine education encourages regional planning.

53. The State shall take into account regional and sectoral needs and conditions and shall encourage local planning in the development of educational policies and programs. This statement means:
a. Philippine education is nationalistic.
b. Philippine education is democratic.
c. Philippine education is complete, adequate, integrated and relevant.
d. Philippine education encourages regional planning.

54. What statement is FALSE with reference to Article II “The Teacher and State” of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers?
a. Every teacher shall enjoy academic freedom and shall the privilege of sharing the product of his researches and investigations, provided that, if the results are inimical to the declared policies of the state, they shall be drawn to the proper authorities for appropriate remedial action.
b. A teacher is a facilitator of learning and of the development of the youth; he shall, therefore, render the best services by providing an environment conducive to such learning and growth.
c. Every teacher or school official shall actively help carry out the declared policies of the state, and shall take an oath to this effect.
d. A teacher shall not use his position or official authority of influence to coerce any other person to follow any political course of action.

55. What statement is FALSE with reference to Article IV “The Teacher and the Profession” of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers?
a. Every teacher shall actively help insure that teaching is the noblest profession, and shall manifest genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble calling.
b. Every teacher shall use the teaching profession in a manner that makes it a dignified means for earning a decent living.
c. Every teacher shall uphold the highest possible standards of quality education, and shall make the best preparation for the career of teaching, and shall be at his best at all times in the practice of his profession.
d. Teachers shall, at all times, be imbued with the spirit of professional loyalty, mutual confidence and faith in one another, self-sacrifice for the common good and full cooperation with colleagues. When best interest is at stakes in any controversy, teachers shall support one another.

56. What statement is FALSE with reference to Article VIII “The Teacher and the Learners” of the Code of Ethics of Professional Teachers?
a. A teacher shall not accept favors or gifts from learners, their parents, or others in their behalf in exchange for requested concessions, especially if underserved,
b. A teacher shall not inflict corporal punishment or offending learners nor make deductions from their scholastic ratings as a punishment for acts which are clearly not manifestation of poor scholarship.
c. In a situation where mutual attraction and subsequent love develop between teacher and the learner, the teacher shall exercise utmost professional discretion to avoid scandal, gossip, and preferential treatment of the learner.
d. A teacher shall maintain at all ties a dignified personality, which could serve as model worthy of emulation by learners, peers and others.

57. As provided in the Republic Act #4670, every teacher shall enjoy equitable safeguards at each stage of any disciplinary procedures and shall the following except:
a. the right to be informed in writing, of the charges
b. the right to full access to the evidence in the case
c. the right to defend himself and to be defended by a representative of his choice and/or his organization, adequate time being given to the teacher for the preparations of his defense
d. the right to appeal to clearly designated authorities.
e. All of these

58. Whenever possible, the proper authorities shall take all steps to enable married couples, both of whom are public school teachers, to be employed in the same locality.
a. Yes, it is provided in Republic Act #4670
b. No, it’s against on nepotism
c. Yes, as long as they will not be in the same school
d. No, it against the provision of Republic Act #4670

59. In areas in which teachers are exposed to hardship such as difficulty in community to the place of work or other hazards peculiar to the place of employment, as determined by the Secretary of Education, they shall be compensated special hardship allowance equivalent to:
a. at least 100% of their monthly salary
b. at least 75% of their monthly salary
c. at least 50% of their monthly salary
d. at least 25% of their monthly salary

60. Which of the following phrases is NOT provided for in the Education Act of 1940, known as Commonwealth Act No. 536?
a. public elementary education to be supported by the National Government
b. a six-year elementary education instead of seven
c. a double-single session in the elementary grades
d. fixed the actual teaching time of elementary 
e. all of these

61. DECS Department Order No. 25, s. 1974 requires the use of Filipino as medium of instruction in __________.
a. social studies
b. character education
c. work education, physical and health education
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

62. Under the Magna Carta for Teachers, teachers with __________ years of service of more may be considered PBET eligible.
a. at least 10 years or more continuous service
b. at least five years or more continuous service
c. seven years of service
d. three years of service
e. none of the above

63. Presidential Decree 1006, otherwise known as the Decree Professionalizing Teaching was promulgated to __________.
a. regulate the practice teaching 
b. ensure that teacher education is of the highest quality
c. assess prospective teachers’ knowledge, skills and competencies
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

64. With the promulgation of the bilingual policy of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, what is the immediate function of English in the schools?
a. it is a tool for learning science and mathematics
b. it is an instrument for acquiring information about the world
c. it is a means of communication with English-speaking people.
d. It is a tool for advancement in the business world
e. All of these

65. In accordance with the DECS Department Order No. 25, s. 1974, the use of English and Filipino as instructional media starts in __________.
a. Grade I
b. Grade III
c. Grade IV
d. Grade VI
e. all of the above

66. The Republic Act, which lengthens the school calendar from 200 days to not more than 220 days to take effect in school year 1995-1996, is ___________.
a. Republic Act No. 7791
b. Republic Act No. 7743
c. Republic Act No. 7798
d. Republic Act No. 7784
e. Republic Act No. 1616

67. The name of the Dept. of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) was changed to Dept. of Education (DepEd) by virtue of what law?
a. Republic Act No. 9155
b. Republic Act No. 9411
c. Republic Act No. 9630
d. Republic Act No. 2194
e. Republic Act No. 4670

68. This landmark law bans sexual harassment in the workplace and in the educational institutions.
a. Republic Act No. 7977 
b. Exec. Order #A-6 
c. Republic Act No. 7877
d. Adm. Order No. 1250
e. DECS Order No. 120

69. Free Public Secondary Education Act of 1988 is contained in ___________.
a. Republic Act No. #6938 
b. Republic Act No. #6735
c. Republic Act No. 6657
d. Republic Act No. #6655
e. Republic Act No. #7752

70. Public school teachers must observe the “Dress Code” prescribed by the Civil Service Commission. This practice in the line with the Code of Ethical Standards for Public Official of Employees”, under Republic Act No.
a. 6713
b. 6731
c. 6741
d. 6751
e. 6171

71. It is a decree, which made the observance of the flag ceremony compulsory.
a. Republic Act No. 4670
b. Batas Pambansa Blg. 232
c. Republic Act No. 1459
d. Republic Act No. 1265

72. The first teacher-training school established by the Americans in the Philippines in 1901 is the __________.
a. University of the Philippines
b. Philippine Normal School
c. Zamboanga Normal School
d. Cebu Normal University
e. Iloilo Normal School

73. Which of the following is a violation of R.A.7787- Anti-Sexual harassment Act of 1995”?
a. A BEED applicant for teaching is being asked for a date by the superintendent, before she could be hired.
b. The applicant is being asked to give P5, 000 before she could be hired.
c. The applicant is being interviewed about her studies, including her victory as a beauty title holder- Miss Cebu Tourism 1998.
d. The applicant was made to clean the office.
e. None of these

74. An Act abolishing the National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), repealing for the purpose of PD No. 1467?
a. Republic Act No. 7977
b. Republic Act No. 7323
c. Republic Act No. 7877
d. Republic Act No. 7731
e. Republic Act No. 7463

75. A DECS Order that implemented the Bilingual Education Policy since 1974 requiring English as a medium of instruction in Science, Math and Filipino in all other subject in elementary and secondary school.
a. DECS Order No. 25
b. DECS Order No. 35 
c. DECS Order No. 38
d. DECS Order No. 107
e. DECS Order No. 603

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