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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer in Principles and Strategies for Teaching
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

1. The _____________ method id used when the learners are made to observe things in a certain place like the market.
a. participatory
b. case study
c. simulation
d. field trip

2. The recommended method to use if the teacher wishes each learner to concentrate in learning a topic so that his skills are properly assessed is
a. semantic webbing
b. independent  study
c. role playing
d. field trip

3. The _____________ method is observed when we wish the pupils learn from real life situation dilemmas.
a. simulation
b. lecture
c. textbook
d. observation

4. The ___________ method is used to make the learners study in detail a specific thing, person or place not known to them.
a. case study
b. participatory
c. project
d. field trip

5. Which of the following method will you use to verify a certain findings and to make the learners handle apparatuses properly?
a. textbook method
b. laboratory method
c. field trip method
d. project method

6. The ___________ method is utilized if the learners are trained to do creative products.
a. project
b. case study
c. field trip
d. simulation

7. If the materials are dangerous for the learners to handle, which of the following methods will you use?
a. textbook
b. group discussion
c. lecture- demonstration
d. eclectic

8. Which method is used to develop scientific inquiry among the learners?
a.  project
b. case study
c. problem solving
d. simulation

9. The __________ method is used to find out the learner’s knowledge about a certain topic assigned to them.
a. independent study
b. textbook
c. lecture
d. question and answer

10. The __________ approach is utilized when the learners are trained to ask intelligent questions.
a. process
b. discovery
c. inquiry
d. value certification

11. If you wish to relate a subject matter to one of the four principle of learning, the ____________ approach should be used.
a. multidisciplinary
b. interdisciplinary
c. conceptual
d. integration

12. The ____________ approach is used if the teacher wishes to solve a problem being met in the school.
a.  mastery
b. integration
c. action learning
d. value clarification

13. You wish to make the learners learn or internalize fully a subject matter to be taught to them. Which of the following will you need?
a. integrated
b. multi- media
c. mastery
d. multi- disciplinary

14. Which of the following approaches will be used if you wish to relate a particular subject to all disciplines of learning?
a. multi- disciplinary
b. interdisciplinary
c. value clarification
d. integration

15. To enable the learners to learn by their own pace of growth, ____________ approach is used.
a. inquiry
b. discovery
c. mastery
d. modular

16. The ___________ approach is observed when the learners want to meet the criterion level of success act set by the teachers.
a. Mastery learning
b. Interdisciplinary
c. Conceptual
d. Modular

17. Which approach is used to emphasize the skill in forming conclusions?
a. Multidisciplinary
b. Interdisciplinary
c. Conceptual
d. Inquiry

18. Which of the following approaches is used to include issues confronting the society?
a. Integration
b. Interdisciplinary
c. Conceptual
d. Inquiry

19. The __________ approach is used to make the learners enunciate their feelings or attitudes about certain issues.
a. value clarification
b. mastery
c. integration
d. interdisciplinary

20. The _________ method is used if the learners are to use their senses effectively.
a. textbook
b. lecture demonstration
c. observation
d. independent  study

21. Which of the following methods will be used if we wish the learners to study a table/graph correctly?
a. chart analysis
b. debate
c. problem solving
d. simulation

22. The __________ is used if the pupils are asked to prioritize certain actions or things.
a. simulation
b. chart analysis
c. observation
d. rank order

23. To make the learners decide which issues are acceptable to them or not, the ___________ method should be utilized.
a. debate
b. participatory
c. field trip
d. simulation

24. The proper method to use to make the learners study how ants live is the ____________ method.
a. participatory
b. textbook
c. experiment
d. observation

25. Which of the following method is used if the teacher wishes each one in the classroom to participate in analyzing an issue?
a. small group discussion
b. independent study
c. debate
d. experimentation

26. The ________ method is used when the teacher wishes the learners to see the relationships of concepts and sub- concepts.
a. observation
b. independent study
c. question and answer
d. semantic webbing

27. Which of the following methods if used, has the greatest appeal and security to the learners?
a. project
b. question and answer
c. participatory
d. dramatization

28. Which of the following methods will one uses if the learners are asked to find out the problem prevailing in their community?
a. project
b. question and answer
c. reporting
d. survey

29. The ___________ method is used when the learners are asked to get the opinions of concerned people regarding an issue of which they have knowledge of
a. value clarification
b. interview
c. case study
d. research

30. Which of the following is a meaningful school situation for the learners?
a. a lesson involving much attention
b. a lesson relating to the lived experience of the child
c. an activity which can direct bearing on his future
d. a story containing words that he already comprehends

31. When accepting to teach skill in problem- solving, a strong emphasis should be placed on the
a. use of imaginary problem in life
b. role of facts related to the learner’s experience
c. role of individual maturation
d. the proper classification of data and facts

32. Concomitant learning is
a. learning given in advice
b. learning acquired not directly aimed at
c. requires learning situation in the classroom
d. the product of sophisticated planning

33. The use of audio visual teaching aids
a. should be avoided when teaching concepts
b. make it difficult to capitalize on pupil participation
c. act largely supplanting verbal instruction
d. assist mainly those who are visual minded

34. Which of the following explains why visual aids should be used in teaching?
a. it goes beyond the basic material
b. it makes experiences more concrete
c. it arouses pupil’s participation
d. it reduces the cost of instruction

35. Methods and materials in high school, as contrasted to elementary school should be
a. more varied because growth increases difference
b. more varied because of small classes
c. more uniform because the students are more mature

36. Which of the following is the best test for effective motivation?
a. getting high grades
b. continued pursuit for the subject after the work has been evaluated
c. paying attention and responding in class activity
d. conscientious preparation of lesson plans on the part of the teacher

37. Of the following, which do you think is the most difficult situation to face?
a. how to provide for individual differences
b. how to find supplementary materials
c. what do you do with a problem learner
d. how to interpret test data

38. Compared with the teacher, teaching machines are least adopted to improve student
a. skill in interpersonal functioning
b.  interest in machine
c. mathematical skills
d. language development

39. Coupled with ordinary teaching situations, the use of programmed instruction makes group activities.
a. impossible
b. more productive
c. more appropriate
d. unnecessary

40. Why is programmed learning and machine teaching most interest to teachers at present?
a. because of public recognition
b. its unquestionable preventive aspects
c. because of regency of their time
d. due to appropriateness to learning principles

41. Which of the following would be the teacher observe in order to make teaching functional in the classroom?
a. get and used the latest science equipment
b. visit museum and science centers
c. use inexpensive and locally made equipment
d. read modern books in science

42. In which of the following steps of the lesson are the students given the chance to manipulate materials?
a. abstraction and comparison
b. exploration and discovery
c. preparation and discovery
d. evaluation

43. Which of the following activity appeals most to the learners?
a. reading books, magazines and pamphlets
b. performing experiments
c. making reports or surveys
d. listening resource persons

44. When attempting to teach skill in problem- solving, a strong emphasis should be placed on the
a. role of facts related to pupil’s experience
b. acquisition of facts
c. use of imaginary problems
d. classification of data

45. Which of the following justify the giving of formative test?
a. to find out the interest of the learners
b. to find out if the students can formulate generalizations
c. to find out if the students know how to follow directions
d. to find out if the pupils understood the concept

46. Which of the following is true with regard to demonstration as one way of presenting a lesson in social science?
a. it serves as a means to help pupils investigate science phenomena.
b. it is the activity which is most preferred by pupils.
c. it is done without a pre- learning
d. it is used to reinforce knowledge by making it understandable

47. Which of the following about experiments and demonstrations is not true?
a. they should be planned carefully and exactly
b. necessary materials should be collected in advance
c. they should not be tried out in advance
d. precautions should be given to the students

48. All of the following statements about field trip is true except
a. it is used to introduced or arose interest of the pupils
b. it is primarily done to fulfill the interest of the pupils
c. it is a means to find the answers to questions and problems in science
d. it makes use of all the senses of the students

49. In teaching characteristics of a thing, which of the following methods is most appropriate?
a. discussion
b. research
c. observation
d. lecture

50. In the selection of a method of teaching, which of the following should not be considered?
a. nature and learners
b. availability of materials
c. parents and aspirations
d. subject matter

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