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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education
Sociology and Anthropology

1) Young children “play” at being mothers and fathers, cops and robbers, Hollywood stars and sports heroes. All of these are examples of role playing illustrate –
a. the generalized other
b. learning to play the game
c. anticipatory socialization
d. id impulses
e. none of these

2) Which of the following is an example of an achieved status?
a. wife
b. brother
c. having blue eyes
d. being born male
e. none of these

3) A sick person’s obligation to stay in bed and follow doctor’s orders is an example of his or her –
a. status
b. role
c. presentation of self
d. institution
e. none of these

4) The so-called superwoman syndrome, which holds that a woman ought to be able to keep and raise a family while pursuing a full-time career is an example of –
a. role strain
b. role conflict
c. institutionalized
d. identity confusion
e. all of these

5) In order to achieve control, all societies depend upon _____ which are rewards for conforming behavior and punishment for deviant behavior –
a. informal norms
b. values
c. sanctions
d. offenses
e. none of these

6) The division of society into layers in termed as –
a. stratification
b. status inconsistency
c. status defects
d. life chance matrix
e. none of these

7) The most preferred form of marriage in human societies is –
a. monogamy
b. polygamy
c. bigamy
d. polyandry
e. all of these

8) The function of family that has become increasingly important in contemporary society is
a. the distribution of goods and services
b. socialization of children
c. regulation of sexual activity
d. emotional gratification
e. all of these

9) Who called religion as the opium of the people?
a. Max Weber
b. Karl Max
c. Emile Durkheim
d. Robert Bellah
e. none of these

10) All religion shares which of the following characteristics?
a. a quest for visions and mystical experiences
b. rituals that symbolizes beliefs
c. a belief in spirits
d. a belief in God
e. a belief in the Holy Spirit

11) The process by which population is concentrated in cities is called –
a. Secularization
b. rural migration
c. urbanization
d. all of these
e. one of these

12) An urban area containing a city and its surrounding suburb and forming an economic and geographic unit is called –
a. Metropolis
b. neopolis
c. iopolis
d. community
e. none of these

13) Karl Max, one of the fathers of Communism says that religion is –
a. a game of life
b. the opium of the people
c. the bread of life
d. a form of harassment
e. none of these

14) The Christian values of compassion, mercy, humility, sacrifices, gratitude and obedience as opposing rigor, practice, pride, indulgence, reciprocity, and independence, respectively have found the ways of faith, hope and peace in the World. Give your view in terms of the following:
a. impractical
b. suit to contemporary world
c. likely to generate more peace and harmony
d. do more harm than good
e. all of these

15) Beauty, health, and wealth necessary go together in principle. On this premise, if a person possesses only one or two of them, he/she loses a great deal of what is essential in life –
a. the premise is true but the conclusion is false
b. the premise and the conclusion are both true
c. the premise is false but the conclusion is true
d. the premise and the conclusion are both false
e. none of these

16) In general, values maybe effectively taught by means of inculcation and instilment. The others are –
a. repetition, instinction, practice and imitation
b. compassion, expression and problem-solving
c. function, habituation, cultivation
d. enrichment, intensification, improvement and modification
e. none of these

17) Values are refined in instructional materials such as stories, plays and game or in _____.
a. technology like film or radio
b. neighboring chats
c. festivities
d. rallies
e. all of these

18) The general term used to indicate multiple marriage of any type is –
a. polygamy
b. hybridization
c. serial monogamy
d. group marriage
e. all of these

19) The system of relation among the members in a society is –
a. Kinship
b. descent
c. festive kinship
d. lineage
e. none of these

20) _____ refers to sexual relation with close relatives.
a. taboo
b. Incest
c. agriates
d. endogamy
e. none of these

21) _____ refers to that form of a family whereby married brothers with their respective families decided to live together less than one house.
a. deal career family
b. Trifurcated family
c. stem family
d. joint family
e. none of these

22) The existence of university belt, cars, raw, restaurants, row or auto spare parts streets is an example of –
a. Centralization
b. Concentration
c. gradient
d. dominance
e. none of these

23) A change in technology and science of a society is –
a. Innovation
b. culture changes
c. geographical changes
d. social change
e. all of these

24) The study of population – its size, distribution and change is –
a. Sociology
b. human ecology
c. geography
d. demography
e. history

25) The movement of a person or group of persons to another place more or less for permanent residence is –
a. Migration
b. Immigration
c. population growth
d. population change
e. ecological movement

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