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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

51. “Have a good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion”, Rousseau is pertaining to:
a. Security
b. Family
c. Duty
d. investment

52. In the “Fall of the House of Usher” what is the name of the woman who is entomed alive?
a. Natalia Doggis
b. Arwen
c. Lady Madeline
d. Mary Usher

53. On the street of this position of God’s world I feel neighbor to a rat, so brother of a worm; forever chasing rainbows at muddy margins.” This line on Quemada’s poem is saying that:
a. Life is fruitful
b. Life is not worth living
c. Life is empty and meaningless
d. Life is full of challenges

54. “Life is but a walking shadow, a pun player that struts and frets… And is heard no more.” In this line, life is portrayed as:
a. Passing
b. Goes by stages
c. Eternal
d. Has its end

55. Read the passage below: Life, so they say is just a game and they let it slip away doesn’t let life slip away Grasp it while you can we may never pass this way again. The passage implicates that:
a. Grab the opportunity if it comes
b. There is still a second life
c. In the second, life will be gone
d. We will all die

56. In which country does the story “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” take place?
a. France
b. England
c. Germany
d. Russia

57. “Nothing that happen in this world ever happens by chance; it is all part of a grand design.” This line is about a person’s _________________.
a. Dream
b. Destiny
c. Luck
d. Ambition

58. A light dramatic composition that uses highly improbable situations, stereotyped characters, extravagant exaggeration, and violent horseplay.
a. Comedy
b. Farce
c. Parody
d. Tragedy

59. Into how many languages has “The Diary of Anne Frank” been translated?
a. 53
b. 54
c. 55
d. 56

60. Three of these books are written by the same person. Which one is NOT?
a. “The Fountainhead”
b. “We the Living”
c. “Animal Farm”
d. “Atlas Shrugged

61. Which of the following sixteenth -century works of English literature was translated into the English language after its first publication in Latin?
a. Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus
b. William Shakespeare’s King Lear
c. Thomas More’s Utopia
d. William Shakespeare’s Sonnets

62. Who was the author of the famous storybook ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’?
a. Rudyard Kipling
b. John Keats
c. Lewis Caroll
d. H.G. Wells

63. Who was the 1st century BC poet and author of “The Aeneid” serves as a guide in Dante’s “Inferno”?
a. Homer
b. Virgil
c. David
d. Rumi

64. Which playwright introduced blank verse to the stage with “Tamburlaine”?
a. Christopher Marlowe
b. Ben Johnson
c. William Shakespeare
d. Sir Thomas Malory

65. Read the following lines: Midnight, not a sound from the pavement. Has the moon lost its memory She is smiling alone In the lamp light the withered leaves Collect at my feet And the wind begins to moan. This line mean:
a. Confusion
b. Optimism
c. Loneliness
d. Eagerness

66. Rizal gave the time of his death in this quotation: “I die when the dawn breaks to herald the day.” What is the time of his death?
a. Sometime sunset
b. Sometime at dawn
c. Sometime in midnight
d. Sometime at noon

67. This line is taken from one of the psalms in the Bible: “The Lord is my shepherd: I shall not want…” This line shows:
a. Poverty
b. Blind ignorance
c. Total submission to God
d. Love to self

68. Which among the lines below has the same meaning as this statement: “Our commitments can develop us or destroy us, but either way, they will define us.”
a. Flexible commitment is what we need today.
b. We must make full commitment to wordly goals.
c. Our lives are shaped by what we are committed to.
d. Our commitments need not to be planned way ahead.

69. The space shuttle is as fast as the wind. This is an example of:
a. Simile
b. Metaphor
c. Personification
d. Antithesis

70. Which Russian novelist wrote “Anna Karenina” and “War and Peace”?
a. Leo Tolstoy
b. Vladimir Mayakovsky
c. Vladimir Nabokov
d. Isaac Babel

71. Analyze the given passage by Anatole France: “Fish, which are put upon dry land, die, in the same way, monks who leave their cells and mix with the world deviate from their holy purpose.” This passage means:
a. A man should stay only in his habitat.
b. Death means living another life.
c. Monks living out of the monastery violate their holiness.
d. Monks must always stay inside the monastery.

72. The following taboo phrases were used by which writer? “I fart at thee”, “shit on your head”, “dirty bastard”
a. Ben Johnson
b. William Shakespeare
c. Ernest Hemmingway
d. Henry James

73. Which abbreviation is a regular acronym?
a. enthuse
b. polysc
c. econ (as in economics)

74. You have two business partners. You make reference to one of them, Mark Louie Argosino, in an e-mail to an associate. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated?
a. My partner Mark Louie likes to read political biographies.
b. My partner, Mark Louie, likes to read political biographies.
c. My partner, Mark Louie; likes to read political biographies.
d. My partner; Mark Louie, likes to read political biographies.

75. Which among these words has the [id] end sound?
a. mailed
b. judged
c. praised
d. needed

76. Which among these words has the [sh] sound?
a. measure
b. usury
c. usually
d. push

77. Which acronym is an alphabetism?
a. UN
b. NOW
c. scuba

78. Which among these words has [zh] sound?
a. fish
b. excursion
c. she
d. chips

79. __________ is the study of the structure and form of words in language or a language, including inflection, derivation, and the formation of compounds.
a. Phonology
b. Phonetics
c. Semantics
d. Morphology

80. The English word “fig” is a:
a. phoneme
b. morpheme
c. bound morpheme
d. none of the above

81. Which ED end sound is different?
a. Signed
b. Granted
c. wanted
d. needed

82. Because of the typhoon, a number of local businesses ________ closed yesterday.
a. were
b. was
c. are
d. is

83. Which among these words has the ending [d] sound?
a. Walked
b. Joked
c. laughed
d. played

84. Which word contains a cranberry morph?
a. Apple
b. Tiger
c. Lukewarm
d. Hunter

85. The transcription [buké] is written in normal text as:
a. banquet
b. book
c. bouquet
d. bulk

86. Which of the following is TRUE about languages?
a. All languages use essentially the same number of sounds.
b. All native speakers of a language learn the basic rules of grammar in school.
c. While different languages may use different phonemes, they all essentially share the same syntax.
d. None of the above

87. Which among these words has the [z] end sound?
a. Maps
b. Laughs
c. Buys
d. Jokes

88. Which is a compound word?
a. Salamander
b. Eardrum
c. Enchilada
d. Escapism

89. Which of the following words has the initial sound of the voiced post-alveolar affricate / dʒ/?
a. Use
b. Goose
c. Yet
d. Gesture

90. Which is a back formation?
a. Goodness
b. Unknown
c. Enthuse
d. Prof

91. The smallest unit of sound that can be altered to change the meaning of a word is called a:
a. Morpheme
b. Morphine
c. Phoneme
d. Bound morpheme

92. Which word contains a bound root?
a. Rewrite
b. Rest
c. Remit
d. Redo

93. Whether |U| is pronounced as front or back and whether rounded or unrounded depends on ______.
a. Vowel harmony
b. Epenthesis
c. Tone (Linguistics)
d. Palatalization

94. The term “phoneme” as an __________ was developed by the Polish linguist Jan Niecislaw Baudouin de Courtenay and his student Mikolaj Kruszewski during 1875 – 1895.
a. Perception
b. Ontology
c. Concept
d. Abstraction

95. Which of the following is a complex word?
a. Teacher
b. Blackboard
c. Salamander
d. Tiger

96. Which among these words has the [ae] sound?
a. Castle
b. Cabin
c. Carriage
d. Can

97. Which is a clipped word?
a. Eggs
b. Smog
c. Prof
d. Scissor

98. Which is agglutination?
a. Triskaidekaphobia
b. Ward
c. Irregardless
d. Antidisestablishmentarianism

99. The earliest recorded syllables are on tablets around 2800 BC in the Sumerian city of __________.
a. Mesopotamia
b. Ur
c. Babylon
d. Babylonia

100. Which is a blend (portmanteau morpheme)?
a. Scissors
b. Smog
c. Trashcan
d. Polysci

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