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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

1. Teachers always remind us that “time is gold”. This means
a. Time can be bought
b. Time can be measured
c. Time is precious
d. Time lost can never be retrieved

2. “He is known as a political butterfly”, the congressman remarked. This means the fellow is a
a. Displayed follower
b. Political opportunist
c. Party loyalist
d. Disgraced leader

3. A tourist chose his plane for Davao. He chose PAL which ad says “Philippine Flag Carrier”. When asked why he chose PAL his remark was
a. I’m sorry, I’m scared to take PAL
b. Oh, I believe other planes don’t carry the Philippine symbol
c. I doubt if PAL arrives on time.
d. All right, PAL can be trusted.

4. Before sleeping time, children are discouraged to watch _____ shows that cause nightmares.
a. Special
b. Spectral
c. Spectacular
d. Spiteful

5. One leader at the end of the tail remembered Tennyson’s “Ulysses” “To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”. This means leadership is
a. Characterized by sustained efforts and courage
b. Seen recess and travel often winning election
c. Characterized by accomplishments, sustained and further researched
d. What accomplishment one has achieved

6. Most natural calamities happen in July and August. Students are dismissed early
a. To avoid missing the bus
b. To avoid traffic jams
c. To avoid getting wet
d. To avoid the flash floods

7. “We are at the edge of the 20th century. The next millennium is at the threshold”, cautioned the parents. This means
a. The 21st century is another 100 years
b. The 21st century about to come
c. The 20th century should make us look forward
d. The 20th century was a dismal failure

8. Belgrade was in total darkness after the bombs were dropped. This means
a. Electric light was not needed in war
b. Electricity was turned off to avoid identification of areas
c. Electricity sources had been destroyed
d. Electricity was temporarily shut off

9. A television program that tells of animal life is entitled
a. Voltes V
b. Discovery
c. Batibot
d. Brigada Siete

10. A prisoner was approached by a priest. “I will keep all you say in confidence”, the priest assured him. This means he tried to.
a. Win the confidence
b. Arouse the confidence
c. Be confident
d. Be taken in confidence

11. Senators were accused by activists of washing their hands with the perfumes of Arabia. This is a states commonly known as
a. Triumph
b. Guilt
c. Aggression
d. Indecision

12. We see nature in poetry. What does Blake predict in these lines? “A dog starved at his master’s gate. Predicts the ruin of a state”. If this is taken for countries it predicts
a. Famine
b. Disasters
c. Prosperity
d. productivity

13. “If we see each other all the time in big mirrors, the whole faith of the world turn to dust”. The message is
a. There’s a need for sympathy
b. There’s a need for big mirrors
c. There’s a need for empathy
d. There’s need for secrecy

14. In selected regions English and Filipino are the language of instruction. This approach is.
a. Lingua franca
b. Multi lingual
c. Bilingual
d. Monolingual

15. ”What was exposed is only the tip of the iceberg”, a report announced. This means.
a. There are more hidden things than that what was exposed
b. The issue is nothing compared to the reality
c. The iceberg is enough
d. The exposure hits the core of the issue

16.  “The media man was silenced. He would spill more beans if left free”. This means
a. The man was shielded
b. The man was set free
c. The man was salvaged
d. The man was protected

17. “What you did will be on your children”. The line tells of the effect of crime so
a. Evil will come sooner
b. Crime does not pay
c. Revenge will be easy
d. Death will finish all

18. The Bible goes for parallelism. It says – “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. This means
a. Poor spirit can be an open gate to heaven
b. Heaven is not only for the rich but also for   the poor man
c. Poorness is sprite is not a way to hell
d. The poor can become rich

19. Physicians receive medicines for trial from pharmaceutical firms. These medicines are referred to as
a. Examples
b. Sampler
c. Trial
d. Testers

20. How would you arrange these words to form a sentence?
The arrangement should be –
a. 2, 4, 3, 1
b. 1, 2, 3, 4
c. 3, 2, 4, 1
d. 3, 2, 4, 1

21. The jeepney drives went on strike. They did not go for
a. Fluctuating cost of oil
b. Shorting price of oil
c. Deregulated price of  oil
d. Rising cost of oil

22. The bakeshop controlled its _________the percentage of yeast rice is big.
a. Doughnut to make sure
b. Through to make sure
c. Though to make sure
d. Dough to make sure

23. A boy joined his mother shop his clothes. He insisted in signature brand. This means
a. The boy has an expensive taste
b. The boy has a taste for original clothes
c. The boy goes for imitation clothes
d. The boy doesn’t go for ordinary cheap clothes

24. Carlyle said, “a man perfects himself by working”. This shows
a. Carlyle advocates, “know thyself”
b. Carlyle measures success by actual work
c. Carlyle is a labor leader
d. Carlyle believes in perception in labor

25. Governor Misuari believes in the autonomy of ARMM. This means that ARMM is
a. An independent state
b. Autonomous and separate from Luzon
c. Free from national government control
d. Autonomous in terms of Muslim privileges

26. Castillo tells us – “time piles up differences upon man, or it takes things away from him and makes him another human being”. This means
a. Time allows men to heal wounds
b. Time causes changes in a person by adding or  Eliminating facets in his life
c. Time steals so much from men
d. Time moves fast to make one aged

27. When the Senate voted, one senator declared, “I will take the road less traveled by and be condemned if necessary” The decision shows
a. Regrets come before decision
b. Decisions are made despite the difference from  the majority
c. Decision are made by one on crossroads
d. Regrets come after decision

28. A drive against H-fever is for people to look into water that
a. Is stagnant  
b. Stays on
c. Drops
d. Flows

29. The local basketball players were supported by Fil-American imports. This group ______ efforts.
a. Complicated the team
b. Complimented the team
c. Complemented the team
d. Completed the team

30. Did you understand her response to the judges?  Here’s the answer.
a. Not very
b. Not really
c. Certainly
d. On the other hand…

31. “I have but one life to give and I am willing to give it to my country, not every one is given this chance”. Justice Abad Santos answered the Japanese soldiers. This finds an equivalent in valor of:
a. Jose Rizal    
b. Marcelo del Pilar
c. Pres. Aquino
d. Governor Aguinaldo

32. “The life of clouds is a parting and a meeting. A tear and a smile.” The author says
a. Life is a combination of tears and laughter
b. Life is not all sunshine
c. Life is an ocean of love
d. Life is made not of water and sunlight

33. It was aviation week. A fourth year class was invited by the Commanding General of the Philippines Airforce. Each student wanted to board the people. The guard refused the last passenger and the fellow remarked, “I’m the pilot”. The situation tells of.
a. A strict compliance to orders
b. A canny answer
c. a twist in scene
d. An exaggerated situation

34. The students returned from an excursion. The students left behind enjoyed _____of food they shared.
a. A mouthfulled
b. A mouthful
c. A mouth fill
d. A mouthful

35. What is reason of the government in conducting peace talks?
a. To get everyone at ease.
b. To insist on the governments programs.
c. To listen to both sides of the issue.
d. To take advantage of the suffering soldiers.

36. At the Philippine General Hospital, doctors reported on the abandoned patients. This means
a. The patients cannot effort afford to pay their bill  
b. The patients do not have permanent address
c. The patients are left behind by relatives
d. The patient are left by doctors

37. After the eruption of Pinatubo, the affected areas ______which called on the Red Cross for aid.
a. Were the ones
b. Who were the ones
c. which were the ones
d. whom were the ones

38. The message was confidential. The same was analyzed______Joey and Liza.
a. Within
b. Among
c. Between
d. With

39. The writer who stayed at the foot of Mt. Banahaw indicated preference for
a. Hiking along the seashore
b. Climbing mountain slopes
c. Avoiding rural atmosphere
d. Rural environment

40. The death of men in the mine was caused by
a. Erosion
b. Suffocation
c. Darkness
d. Lethal smell

41. The disasters in China are just like those in Africa. I don’t agree. So the answer is
a. It’s just like what he experienced
b. It’s not like that
c. It’s the same in all places
d. It’s unlike what happened then

42. Children are taught to think. They don’t just follow the whip ______ that cover a horse’s ayes.
a. Blinders
b. Bridles
c. Girdles
d. Stir ups

43. “A time patient is indefatigable in promoting political truth”. The quotation means
a. Patriots forget selves to serve others
b. A hero practices political truth
c. Patriots are  rich and truthful
d. Patriots are brave and cunning

44. Listen, everyone should come in gala attire. Everyone answered:
a. Certainly, right
b. That’s right
c. You’re right
d. Not really right

45. At stoke of 12:00 noon the watchers announced.
a. Put your pencils inside!
b. Put your pencils down!
c. Put your pencils aside!
d. Put your pencils up!

46. Reports of the death sentence were awaited  by the parents. But the president decided  the postponement for the month or  in legal terms this means
a. Reprieve
b. Pardon
c. Execution
d. Commutation

47. “Ibon layang lumipad, kulungin at iiyak”. Ang pinapahalagahan ng may akda nito ay
a. Kagipitan
b. Kalayaan  
c. Kabiguan
d. Kakulungan

48. Maraming gumagamit ng mga kagamitan sa pagtuturo ng mga katutubong tugtugin. Alin dito ang mabisa sa pagtuturo?
a. Plakang tugtugin
b. Tugtugin sa piyano
c. Tugtugin aktuwal
d. Tugtugin sa armoniyan

49. Bakit magulo? Kami po ay _______ sa paghahanda sa Araw ng Kalayaan.
a. Ababalang-abalang
b. Abala-abala
c. Abalang-abala
d. Abalang-abalang

50. Ang tinatalakay ni Lope K. Santos sa “Banaag at Sikat” ay
a. Pampulitikahan
b. Panlipunan
c. Panitikan
d. Pambayan

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