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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

51. It is important for Sharmaine to study to pass her subjects. If she fails she cannot take the regular loads next semester. Which of the following concepts of motivation best describes the situation
a. Motivation is a number of ideas that directs an individual
b. Motivation is the desire to approach some things
c. Motivation is a statement of desires and goals
d. Motivation is likes and dislikes

52. Angelie is learning to change fraction to percentage. Every time she answers correctly the practice exercise, his teacher gives her a peso. In this situation which of the above is the operant
a. peso
b. Angelie
c. the practive exercises
d. the act of changing fraction to percentage

53. Marielle differentiates between bungalow, nipa hut, a wooden 2 storey structure and apartment and treat them as house. Marielle now has attained a concept of house at the
a. formal level
b. classificatory level
c. identity level
d. concrete level

54. Mrs. Valdez provided a reading material of varying levels of difficulty to the three groups of learners. Which principles is implemented by her action?
a. Utilize individual’s need to achieve
b. Help each student attain goals
c. Provide informative feedback
d. Focus students attention

55. Mrs. Livara is a teacher of Freshman English. Which development sequence in language development should she follow/
a. Discriminates colors, discriminates objects, discriminates words.
b. Discriminates objects, discriminates colors, discriminates words
c. Discriminates words, discriminates objects, produce speech
d. discriminates objects, discriminates words, produce speech

56. Mrs. Vidanes wants  to eliminate Brayn’s behavior of shouting answers without being called. Which is the initial action for the teacher to take/
a. reward Bryan whenever he demonstrates acceptable behavior
b. find out what reinforces Bryan’s behavior
c. yell at Bryan whenever he shouts answer
d. assess Bryan’s level of achievement

57. Michael has been caught cheating in the examination several times. As always he would give her a very repentant, “I’m sorry, give me another chance”’ What makes “I’m sorry, give me another chance” appealing for fair minded teacher?
a. it make students acknowledge wrong doing and promise to do something about it.
b. It provokes a battle giving the teacher greater fire power
c. It place s a premium on being liked and disliked
d. it makes teacher heel helpless and guilty

58. Mrs. Balagtas, a science teacher, is developing the concept of evaporation. Which of the following tasks would not help her students to develop such concept/
a. Presents the concepts successively rather than simultaneously
b. Present adequate examples and  nonexamples of the concept
c. Present concepts of high than of high than low dominance
d. Establish the limits of the concept

59. In handling he communication of displeasure, Mrs. Santos always writes down what happened and what she wants to happen. When would be the best time to do this?
a. After cooling down period
b. Before the situation cools off
c. Anytime the teacher is in the mood to do it
d. immediately after occurrence of displeasing behavior

60. Dianne’s fear of the doctor most likely can be overcome though
a. counter conditioning
b. instrumental learning
c. generalized reinforcement
d. spontaneous recovery

61. Teachers may tend to regard affective development as secondary or supplementary to a significant tasks. Which of the following indicates such view?
a. Understanding the causes of pupil’s behavior
b. Assisting students to overcome negative behaviors
c. Getting samples of activities that are exciting to learners
d. Understanding how he/she reacts to varying pupil’s behavior

62. Kaye fainted during the first object of the morning session. When asked, she reported that she did not have any breakfast, What psychological principle explains the situation?
a. Self-actualization need principle
b. Psychological need principle
c. Physiological need principle
d. safety need principle

63. Which would explain Charle’s effort to lay basketball well?
a. Roger’s actualizing tendency
b. Skinner’s reinforcement
c. Thorndike’s law of effect
d. Hull’s need reduction

64. Which of the following principles motivation is applied by a teacher who uses specified comments such as “Excellent”, keep it up!, “Try o do still better!” “You can do it” and “You can raise this grade?”
a. acquiring information concerning appropriate behaviors is associated with better performance
b. Attending to a  learning task is essential in initiating a learning sequence
c. Setting goals require learning tasks at an appropriate difficulty level
d. Intending to achieve success is essential to realistic goal setting

65. When a teacher specifies an objective in her lesson plan, he is motivating through
a. commitment  
b. goal setting
c. conceptual cluster
d. reasoning

66. Patricia’s parents were killed by the Japanese during the war. Which would be least effective in changing her strongly biased attitude towards the Japanese?
a. Using group techniques
b. Providing informative experience
c. Using counter-conditioning techniques
d. Providing for pleasant emotional experience

67. When a Physical Education teacher lists the specific skills the student should be able to demonstrate at the end of a semester, he is
a. engaging in skill analysis
b. establishing prerequisites
c. specifying instructional objectives
d. communicating the courses content

68. In providing for the needs of her children who among the following pupils will Mrs. Abad most likely overlook?
a. Jerome, a slow learner
b. Shaina, a frequent absentee
c. Stephanie, a timid quiet girl
d. Janelle, an improverished child

69. To make of the consequences of having a big family, the Araling Panlipunan teacher asked her students to present some situations common in the home of big and small families by group. She gave the students ten minutes to think and organize before they act out the situations, What technique is used by the teacher?
a. Socio-drama
b. Pageant
c. Role playing
d. Dramatization

70. Every teacher has develop varied mental processes and skills among students. Which mental process is being emphasized when it tries to develop among them the skill of remembering words or ideas in a definite order, such reciting rhymes and poems, or singing a song from memory?
a. analytical thinking
b. rote association
c. reflective thinking
d. logical sequencing

71. Mrs. Varela asked her Grade VI children to narrate some experiences during the recent earthquake before she tackles how earthquakes develops. What process is this?
a. Apperception
b. Evaluation
c. Application
d. Motivation

72. Miss Palmery, an English teacher, taught her children how to make use of the dictionary. She tried to illustrate how to use this, because she knows they can apply dictionary skills in all subjects. What type of lesson is being illustrated by Miss Palmiery?
a. Examination
b. Review
c. Supervised-study
d. Appreciation

73. The science teacher gave a test before a unit was taken up. The purpose in administering the test was find to out the weaknesses and strengths of the class with regards to the unit. What type of lesson is being illustrated by Miss Palmiery?
a. Standardized
b. Diagnostic
c. Summative
d. Formative

74. Ms. Morales started her lesson with the statement of generalization. Then she asked her pupils to undertake activities to prove the correctness of the generalization before letting her pupils give specific examples or cases. What method did she use/
a. Discovery
b. Problem solving
c. Deductive
d. Inductive

75. Ms. Palma always motivates her lesson by singing songs, recitng rhymes and poems and playing games related with the new lesson. Then she solicits information from the class by letting them cite own experiences. This is apperception. In what part of the plan do motivation and apperception fall?
a. Application
b. Evaluation
c. Development
d. Preparation

76. All these objectives are general, which one is specific?
a. To describe the process of evaporation and condensation
b. To understand the plot development in scene 1 & 2
c. To acquire proficiency in typewriting
d. To develop a lasting love for poetry

77. To prove the truth of the concept “Air has weight”, Mr. Roman grouped his children into four groups. He gave each group a ser of materials to perform some experiments which will verify the correctness and worngness of the concept. The groups were also given activity cards where he procedures from the experiments are indicated. So al the groups performed the experiments, after which they filled up a chart to show the result of such activities. This is an illustration of
a. demonstration method
b. Laboratory method
c. Process approach
d. Discovery approach

78. When Elizabeth looked at her textbook it says that the population of the Philippines is 74,000,000. When she looked up the world alamanac its 65,000,000, when she referred to the reference books of her sister she found another data? What does this try to show?
a. The textbook serves as a reliable and accurate source of data
b. The textbook should not be regarded  as infallible
c. The textbook gives the most accurate data
d. The textbook data are changeable

79. In what teaching situation can an experiment turn to be a demonstration lesson?
a. When few children perform the experiment in front while others observe
b. when children set-up a control to test the variable being tested
c. when children gather data before formulating conclusions
d. when children perform the experiment by themselves

80. Ms. Manalo lacks materials and equipment for several groups to perform an experiment. What alternative method may she use?
a. Project
b. Laboratory
c. Experimentation
d. Demonstration

81. In her Art class, Miss de Leon allows her students to draw and paint using varied media. She invites every student to present their finish composition and talk about them. What principle of method is illustrated by the teacher’s action?
a. Method liberates the earners
b. Method stimulates thinking and reasoning
c. Method provides for individual differences
d. Method provides for growth and development

82. The lesson that the teacher intends to take up this coming week are the lives of great men, significance of some innovations, and emulating the good characters the good characters found in stories and movies. What type of lesson will be best for these topics?
a. Development lesson
b. Appreciation lesson
c. Supervised study lesson
d. Application lesson

83. Panel discussion has its place in almost all objects. Which lesson is most appropriate for panel discussion?
a. Structure of atom
b. Occurrence of tides
c. Preparing balance diets
d. Prons and cons in using antibiotics

84. In inquiry, the teacher asks opening questions to invite responses from children which require great range of cognitive skills. Which opening is most fitted for inquiry lesson?
a. What is the name of the movable part of an airplane wing?
b. How many legs does a grasshopper have?
c. Why do birds fly south in the winter?
d. Which planet is closest to the sun?

85. Mrs. Lacson is excited about trying out cooperative learning. Which should be her primary consideration?
a. At least 10 members in a group
b. Homogenously grouped
c. Interdependence of students in performing learning should be stressed
d. Permanet roles for everyone in the group activity

86. Ms. Timbol is using cooperative learning approaches in her social science lessons. She is quite successful in establishing a cooperative ethics characterized by a safe, caring community learners. What will be her initial step in order to successfully implement cooperative learning approaches?
a. Identify academic and social objectives
b. determine group size and membership
c. Establish positive interdependence
d. Arrange the learning environment

87. Ms. Sagmit has shifted from a very traditional to contemporary notion of an experiential learning in her teaching, She always finds means and ways by which students learn with and from each other by attempting to identify, and then implement solutions to their problems and opportunities. what kind of learning is emphasized by Ms. Sagmit?
a. action learning
b. self learning
c. group learning
d. personal learning

88. Problem-based learning has been conceptualized in various ways. What is the first essence of this procedure?
a. Implement solution
b. Start with a problem
c. Generate possible solution
d. Explore the problem

89. Mrs. Aparejado a teacher in Values Education, focuses her activities on effective learning. She employs experiential methods, centered around group discussion, or peer work/co-counseling, guiding imaging, narrative exercises, diaries and autobiographies. What type of experience is prioritized by these experiential strategies?
a. Non traditional learning
b. social change
c. personal development
d. problem-based learning

90. In Mrs. Pangilinan’s lesson plan one of the objectives is “Described the water cycle form a given diagram”. this objective
a. States the condition for the performance behavior
b. describes observable performance behavior
c. follows all the criteria of a useful objective
d. describes learner performance

91. In the partner learning approach it is necessary that effective instructions and effective interpersonal skills are acquired. Who has or needs to acquire these skills?
a. tutees
b. tutor
c. teacher
d. all of these

92. Migs Zulieta upholds that the needs and interest of the learner should be the basis of his educational program. Which is more likely to the strongly reflected in Miss Zulieta’s plan?
a. Objectives that are focused on social judgment
b. Objectives that are activity centered
c. Objectives that are social nutrition
d. objectives that are child centered

93. When effective planning allows for revision, adaptation of preselected methodologies, activities, materials and evaluation instrument to meet student needs, the teacher considers
a. success
b. flexibility
c. congruence
d. motivation

94. In any planning process, which variable will stongly affect the teacher’s action
a. content
b. students
c. teacher
d. materials

95. In which of the following instructional events in the lesson –plan the principle of variety would be most important?
a. Providing feedback
b. Assessing the behavior
c. Eliciting the desired behavior
d. Presenting the stimulus material

96. Ms. Campos, a newly appointed teacher, was assigned to teach science in the intermediate grades for which she has very little background. As a result, she has been experiencing considerable anxiety both because she is new and because she lacks confidence in the subject where she was assigned. After spending considerable time in planning she discovered that the use of transparencies will keep the floe of her discussion going. What planning function manifests itself in this teaching situation?
a. Planning personalizes the curriculum
b. Planning reduces expenditures of time and effort
c. Planning serves as means or organizing instruction
d. Planning considers  the relevance and congruence of contents with objectives

97. Long before the start of every school year, Mrs. Solis has  already started developing her own comprehensive plan based on the recommended curriculum. Which explains best Mrs. Solis action in relation to the curriculum?
a. Planning “Screened” possible differences between the curriculum plan and the implementation process
b. Planning reduces possibilities of getting out of the planned curriculum
c. Planning is entirely dependent on the approved curriculum
d. Planning personalizes the curriculum making it her own

98. A part of Miss Medina’s planning in Consumers Mathematics is displaying can if diet softdrink, box of milk , one pound package of spaghetti, and box of cereal for the unit in ratio, proportion and percentage. What could be the teacher’s purpose for this particular planning task in science?
a. Gain attention
b. Present stimulus material
c. Elicit desired behavior
d. Stimulate recall of prerequisite

99. Miss Tengco taped one of the “Sesame Street’ series and slowed this to class. Which of the following generalization under which the utilization of “Sesame Street” as an instructional materials was developed/
a. Children learn by observing and imitating
b. Instruction should be reduced to entertainment
c. The TV teacher is accepted by younger children
d. Indirect method should be used to teach cognitive skills

100. During her planning, Mrs. Geronimo always provides for he development of all essential knowledge and understanding, intellectual, manipulative skills and attitudes. What principle is reflected in her action?
a. Principle of organization
b. Principle of unity
c. Principle of balance
d. Principle of need oriented

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