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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. The cabinet makes and repairs
A. Sand molds
B. Machines
C. Patterns
D. furniture

2. The pattern maker makes and repair patterns
A. model
B. pattern
C. fillets
D. molding

3. The mill worker use wood working machine to make
A. molding
B. model
C. pattern
D. casting

4. All wood workers must know
A. Casting procedures
B. The kinds and nature of metal
C. How to apply fillets
D. The kinds and nature of wood

5. A wood worker who makes one of a kind examples of new products from engineering
A. model maker
B. journeyman
C. an apprentice
D. a founding worker

6. An example of hardwood is
A. fir
B. cedar
C. birch
D. spruce

7. An example of softwood is
A. pine
B. mahogany
C. oak
D. ach

8. A 1” x 4” x 12’ piece of lumber contains
A. 4 bdft
B. 5 bdft
C. 6 bdft
D. 48 bdft

9. Plywood always contains
A. an even number of layers
B. four layers
C. three layers
D. an add number of layers

10. The spoke share a tool used to
A. fore plane
B. smooth plane
C. jointer plane
D. jack plane

11. Which of the following is considered as the strongest type of wood joint?
A. mortise and tenon
B. rabbet
C. lap joint
D. dovetail

12. Woods are the basic raw materials for furniture, cabinet, carving and other similar product. What consideration can be attributed to the quality of product?
A. quality wood selection
B. design of the project
C. skills involved
D. all of the above

13. It is the point where the fibers of wood is saturated in the process of drying
A. air seasoning of wood
B. shrinkage of wood
C. cutting of wood
D. planning of wood

14. In woodworking, the process of putting wood together is called
A. joinery
B. measuring
C. planning
D. cutting

15. A tool used to guide in checking the squareness of the materials to be used. It is made of steel with two arms.
A. steel rule
B. zigzag rule
C. push steel rule
D. try square

16. An equipment attached to the working bench. It is designed to hold lumbers at work
A. wood working bench vise
B. c-clamp
C. bar clamp
D. clamp

17. In a mass production of wood product. What kind of machine operate by means of turning?
A. wood lathe machine
B. hand drill
C. electric planer
D. portable grinder

18. A universally used type of measurement which identifies dimensions in meter.
A. mechanical system
B. English system
C. zigzag rule
D. metric system

19. A piece of wood with a dimension of 1” X 2” X 24’ is _________ board foot.
A. 24
B. 10
C. 12
D. 20

20. The furniture hardware that keep cabinet closed
A. braces
B. knobs
C. catches
D. hings

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