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The Analogy and Logic test portion in the Civil Service Exam might be deemed as a mind-twisting type of test, because it requires great verbal analysis and deciphering the logical meaning(s) behind them. The best way to beat this kind of test is thru analyzing and understanding the underlying relationship or notions between or behind words, phrases and ideas. Once you have discerned what relation exists, then you'll feel the sensation of just eating a piece of cake.

Keys Ideas in Understanding Analogy and Logic Test.

1. Deduce the thought and relationship between the first set of words or phrases.
2. Employ the same thought and relationship among the choices for the next set of words or phrases.

Civil Service Reviewer for Analogy and Logic
Analogy and Logic
Analogy questions may appear in its most common forms, namely the following:

Similar analogy (Synonyms) - examples: happy and blissful, funny and humorous

Opposite analogy (Antonyms) - examples: fat and skinny, clever and foolish

Object and Related Objects analogy - examples: cat and kitten, plant and seed

Object and Classification analogy - examples: knife and kitchenware, red and color

Object and Group analogy - examples: tree and forest, seagull and flock

Object and Location analogy - examples: plane and hangar, dog and doghouse

Object and Function analogy - examples: keyboard and to type, phone and to call

Things That Go Together analogy - examples: salt and pepper, spoon and fork.

Degrees of a Characteristic analogy - examples: flat and skyscraper, tired and exhausted

Cause and Effect analogy - examples: spin and dizzy, fire and burn,

Sequence analogy - examples: study: graduate: plant: harvest

Effort and Result analogy - examples: paint and painting, build and house

Problem and Solution analogy - examples: itch and scratch, unemployment and job application

Verb Tenses analogy - examples: walk and walked, eat and ate

Performer and action Analogy - examples: painter and paint, soldier and to fight

This list will help you to recognize and classify the different types of analogies, By familiarizing yourself with these, it will help you to complete tests, which involves analogical reasoning, faster and with less mistakes, hence, a better score.


DIRECTION: Determine the relationship of the first word to the second word in capital letters. From among the suggested answers, choose the word or group of words that best expresses a similar relationship to the third word in capital letters. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answer.

1) cat: kitten: : horse: _______
1. cab
2. puppy
3. stallion
4. pony

2) evaporate: vapor: : petrify: _______
1. liquid
2. stone
3. magnify
4. cold

3) canvas: painter: : marble: ________
1. sculptor
2. rock
3. statue
4. form

4) hammer: anvil: : pestle: _________
1. ground
2. grinder
3. mortar
4. knife

5) librarian: books: : curator: _______
1. atlas
2. encyclopedia
3. room
4. paintings

6) archive: manuscript: : arsenal: ________
1. soldier
2. weapon
3. castle
4. king

7) bodyguard: protection: : mentor: _______
1. advice
2. counsel
3. teacher
4. leader

8) novelist: plot: : architect: _______
1. building
2. design
3. blueprint
4. house

9) molecule: atoms: : tissue: _______
1. organ
2. cells
3. body
4. neutrons

10) eavesdrop: conversation: : trespass: _________
1. property
2. house
3. land
4. assets

11) KAINGIN is to SOIL EROSION as CONTOUR FARMING is to __________.
1. water distribution
2. wind erosion
3. crop growing
4. over pasturing
5. soil preservation

12) IRREFUTABLE is to DISPROVED as IRREPARABLE is to __________.
1. restored
2. irremediable
3. possible
4. inevitable
5. insoluble

13) FORE is to AFT as BOW is to ____________.
1. paddle
2. deck
3. boat
4. arrow
5. stern

14) PHOTOGRAPHER is to PICTURE as CARTOGRAPHER is to __________.
1. plan
2. design
3. graph
4. cartoon
5. map

15) TIRADE is to ABUSIVE as EULOGY is to __________.
1. laudatory
2. flowery
3. necrology
4. belittling
5. censure

16) PERJURY is to LIE as LARCENY is to __________.
1. conspire
2. kill
3. steal
4. injure
5. trespass

17) OPTICS is to PHYSICS as DIALECTICS is to __________.
1. dialogue
2. mathematics
3. diction
4. grammar
5. logic

18) RUMMAGE is to DISORDER as TENDERFOOT is to __________.
1. rookie
2. expert
3. student
4. veteran
5. old-timer

19) COMPASS is to DIRECTION as CALIPER is to __________.
1. speed
2. pitch
3. diameter
4. altitude
5. volume

20) BREWING is to BEER as TANNING is to _________.
1. rubber
2. cotton
3. tea
4. glass
5. leather

DIRECTION: For each sentence, complete the analogy by choosing a pair of words from the suggested answers. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answers.

21) __________ is to METAMORPHOSIS as CATHARSIS is to ___________.
1. condition-chapter
2. comparison-effect
3. state-cause
4. process-stage
5. change-purification

22) __________ is to SWORD as HOLSTER is to __________.
1. blade-spin
2. scabbard-pistol
3. duel-bolo
4. sheath-shot
5. hilt-rifle

23) __________ is to SCHOOL as STAR is to _________.
1. student-rock
2. principal-dancer
3. fish-constellation
4. bird-tree
5. thesis-player

24) _________ is to LATE as AUTHENTIC is to _________.
1. punctual-counterfeit
2. prompt-genuine 
3. diligent-original
4. absent-false
5. early-real

25) __________ is to PAPER as WORM is to __________.
1. wrap-wriggle
2. tree-silk
3. print-bait
4. sap-tick
5. ink-soil

DIRECTION: Analyze carefully the statements in each of the following items. Choose the correct answer from the given choices. On your Answer Sheet, shade completely the box that corresponds to your answer.

26) A to H are persons compared according to their age and the speed at which they finish a certain job. A is older than B and faster than C. D is younger than E, older than H, and slower than F. G is older than H, younger than C, slower than H, and faster than F. H is older than A and Slower than C. Based on the preceding statements, which of the following is true?

1. A is the second oldest and the third fastest.
2. G is older than E and Slower than A.
3. C is younger than D and fastest than H.
4. D is the eldest and slowest
5. H is the older than B and slower than D

27) Point E, F, G, I are arranged in a line in such a way that F is between G and I, and E is between F and I. If E proceeds G, in what order are they arranged?

1. E F G I
2. E I G F
3. F I G E
4. I E F G
5. I G F E

28) In a certain examination, 300 competitors passed the first part and 500 passed the second part. The number of competitors who passed both parts of the examination will most likely be __________.

1. 800
2. between 500 and 600
3. between 400and 500
4. between 300 and 400
5. not more than 300

29) Anna, Karen and Nina take turns in getting the midnight shift at Ward 143 such that no one is assigned two nights in a row. Anna was assigned two nights ago and is assigned again tomorrow evening. If Karen is assigned the night immediately following Anna’s duty, who can take tonight’s midnight shift?

1. Only Anna
2. Only Karen
3. Only Nina
4. Either Anna or Karen
5. Either Anna or Nina

30) Mina, Bing, Amy, and Cel have surnames Folres, Mendez, Presez and Reyex but not respectively. Mina is taller than Amy and Cel. Ms. Mendez is tallest of the four. Ms. Flores is taller than Ms. Reyes but shorter than Ms. Perez. Also, Cel is taller than Amy and Bing. What is the full name of the second tallest person?

1. Amy Mendez
2. Cel Perez
3. Cel Flores
4. Bing Reyes
5. Mina Perez


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