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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

1. Which of the following can be considered a form of civic engagement?
A. Patronizing Filipino products
B. Critical of government officials
C. Bribing government officials
D. Electoral participation

2. A teacher wants to make a rubric for scoring students' output. Which format will use differential weighs for the qualities of a product or a performance?
A. Performance based
B. Rating scales
C. Holistic rubric
D. Analytic rubric

3. How can a teacher develop the value of time such as punctuality and maximal utilization of time?
A. Avoid disruptions due to improper behavior
B. Consistently follow schedule for classroom routine
C. Rush if you are getting late for the right time
D. Have a big clock installed in the classroom for everyone's guidance

4. One learns by association and also by insight. This shows that the association and cognitive theories of learning are:
A. Diametrically opposed
B. Complementary
C. Partly wrong
D. Partly correct

5. Studies in the area of neurosciences disclosed that the human brain has limitless capacity. What does this imply?
A. Every pupil has his own native ability, his learning is limited to this ability
B. Pupils can possibly reach a point where they have learned everything
C. Some pupils are admitted but not capable of learning
D. Every child is a potential genius

6. Mothers who demand their 3 to 5 year old child to suspend their time in serious academic study, forget that early childhood is in the
A. Gang age
B. Questioning age
C. Initiative age
D. Toy age

7. Identical twins are more than alike than fraternal twins. Which of the following statements/principles is supported by this?
A. Heredity has a part in determining physical appearance
B. Intelligence is determined partly by pre-natal nutrition
C. Environment affects both fraternal and identical twins
D. Intelligences hinges in physical structure

8. Study this group of tests which was administered with the following results. Then answer the questions about it.
Luke’s Score

In which subject(s) did Luke perform best in relation to the group’s performance?
A. English
B. Math
C. Physics
D. English and Math

9. Which of the following activities is stressed by humanistic education?
A. Enjoy the great works of man such as classics
B. Learn the philosophy “know thyself”
C. Make the distinctly civilized, educated and refined
D. Develop man into a thinking individual

10. For a teacher to be competent, he/she is required to specialize in certain area. This pillar of learning is
A. Learning to do
B. Learning to live together
C. Learning to be
D. Learning to know

11. What pillar of learning is concerned on material development rather than of human development?
A. learning to do
B. Learning to live together
C. Learning to be
D. Learning to know

12. In which competency do my students find the greatest difficulty? In the item with a difficulty index of _____.
A. 0.1
B. 0.5
C. 0.9
D. 1.0

13. What should a teacher do before constructing items for a particular test?
A. Review the previous lessons.
B. Determine the length of time for answering it.
C. Announce to the students the scope of the test.
D. Prepare the table of specifications.

14. What is the advantage of using computers in processing test results?
A. Its processing takes a shorter period of time.
B. Test results can easily be assessed.
C. Its statistical computation is accurate.
D. All of the above.

15. Of the following types of test which is the most subjective in scoring?
A. Multiple choice
B. Matching type
C. Simple recall
D. Essay

16. Multiple choice test is considered the BEST type of test because _______________
A. It is easy to conduct
B. It contains many responses
C. It measure several competencies in one test
D. It possess the qualities of other types of tests

17. While serving during the elections, some trouble makers enter your precinct. What do you think is the most appropriate thing to do?
A. Challenge them to a duel
B. Close the precinct and go home
C. Ignore them and look for a safe place
D. Seek the assistance of law enforcers

18. Which of the following will you recommend to a senior high school scholar who is impregnated by a fellow student?
A. Force her boyfriend to marry her
B. Tell the parents about the condition
C. Stop schooling till after she gave birth
D. Direct her to an abortion clinic

19. Which describes an inappropriate practice in the education of young children?
A. Individual differences are expected and accepted
B. Integrated teaching-learning
C. Isolated skills development
D. Positive guidance techniques

20. Honesty remains a value even if nobody in a organization values it. This pronouncement comes from the mouth of a(an) __________.
A. Pragmatist
B. Idealist
C. Reconstructionist
D. Progressivist

21. I cannot forget my friend’s birthday for it comes one day after my birthday. Which principle of association as applied to memory explains this?
A. Contiguity
B. Similarity
C. Frequency
D. Content

22. A fresh teacher graduate is usually idealistic. Which one will most likely inspire her to cling to her idealism?
A. Introduction of educational innovations
B. Support of living models
C. Pressure of work
D. High salary

23. I cannot help but recall the sister’s convent which served as my boarding house in high school now that I am in a noisy boarding house. Which principle of association explains this?
A. Similarity
B. Contiguity
C. Frequency
D. Contrast

24. Which principle of association ass applied to memory is this?
The recall of an object or idea triggers recall of other objects like it.
A. Contrast
B. Contiguity
C. Similarity
D. Frequency

25. Whose thought is this: “Although there is an external world from which human beings acquire sensory information, ideas originate from the workings of the mind.”
A. Idealist
B. Realist
C. Empiricist
D. Pragmatist

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