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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. An environment with no trees endangers human life because:
A. Trees absorb pollutant in the air
B. Trees are valued for their fruits and medicinal properties
C. Trees are valued commercially on wood
D. Trees are used as effective screens

2. The best soil for fruit and tree crop growing
A. Clay, dry soil
B. Sticky, muddy soil
C. Dry, warm, porous, sandy and loamy soil
D. Dry, loamy and wet soil

3. A kind of artificial plant propagation in which a part or branch of the tree is introduced into the soil to develop roots while being fed by the parent:
A. Cutting
B. Layering
C. Marcotting
D. Grafting

4. It is most applicable to fruits with many seeds:
A. Freezing
B. Stratification
C. Use of seedbeds
D. Use of seed boxes

5. The trees are distanced at right angles to each other with a tree in the corner of the square:
A. Hexagonal
B. Triangular
C. Rectangular
D. Square method

6. It is considered as beast of burden
A. Carabao
B. Cow
C. Goats
D. Dogs

7. Livestock raising is considered a profitable business for the following reasons except one:
A. To prevent food shortage
B. For income
C. Animals provide meat, milk and other dairy products
D. Animals are good sources of organic fertilizers

8. The immediate dressing and excerations of fish should be done to avoid:
A. Freshness
B. Dryness
C. Spoilage
D. All of the above

9. Is a product obtained by fermenting whole or ground fish in 20 percent salt:
A. Drying
B. Bagoong
C. Curing
D. Patis making

10. Raising feeds to produce parent stock:
A. Swine breeding project
B. Farrow to weaning project
C. Hog fattening project
D. Beef cattle fattening project

11. It is always safer to pull rather than push a wrench in order to prevent the ________.
A. Mechanic from tumbling down
B. Wrench from slipping and injuring the hands
C. Wrench from bending
D. Mechanic from exhaustion and fatigue

12. The right tool to use for cutting soft copper tubing is
A. Hacksaw
B. Tube cutter
C. Thineries snip
D. Diagonal cutter plier

13. The most convenient tool to use for holding parts during drilling, filing or assembling operation is
A. Vise grip
B. Machinist vise
C. C-clamp
D. Adjustable wrench

14. Heat absorbed by the refrigerant in the evaporator of the refrigerating and airconditioning units is released in the
A. Motor compressor
B. Condenser
C. Suction line
D. Discharge line

15. The amount of refrigerant flowing into the evaporator coil of a refrigerating and airconditioning units is controlled by the
A. Condenser
B. Liquid receiver
C. Caoillary tube
D. Filter / dryer

16. The on and off cycle of the compressor motor in the refrigerating and airconditioning units is caused by
A. Relay
B. Overload protector
C. Fuse
D. Thermostat control

17. The capillary tube is usually in contact with the suction line in order to produce an effect called
A. Heat exchange
B. Friction
C. Radiation
D. Evaporation

18. The compressor motor is protected from over current by the action of
A. Thermostat control
B. Capillary tube
C. Overload protector
D. Fuse

19. Liquid refrigerants such as R12 or R22 can cause in the skin an effect called
A. Burn
B. Blister
C. Wound
D. Frost bite

20. The electric current is measured in
A. Ampere
B. Volt
C. Ohm
D. Watt

21. Electrical power is measured in
A. Volt
B. Watt
C. Ohm
D. Ampere

22. The unit of electrical pressure is
A. Watt
B. Ohm
C. Ampere
D. Volt

23. The unit of electrical resistance is measured in
A. Ohm
B. Volt
C. Watt
D. Ampere

24. In propagating bamboo by seeds, what do you call it?
A. Transplanting
B. Sexual
C. Asexual
D. Marcotting

25. Geometrically solids are drown in
A. two views
B. four views
C. six views
D. eight views

26. A wrench used to screw pipes into or out of their fitting is ________.
A. strap wrench
B. adjustable wrench
C. pipe wrench
D. monkey wrench

27. Bamboo is harvested and ready to use if it is already _______.
A. Half year old
B. One year old
C. 1 ½ years old
D. 2 years old

28. If you cut bamboo for commercial purposes it must at least ______ nodes in height.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

29. Palm trees are found in any part of archipelago one of this is known as the “tree of life”.
A. nipa
B. buri
C. coconut
D. anahaw

30. Bamboo can reach the full height in _________.
A. 30 days
B. 60 days
C. 90 days
D. 120 days

31. There are four ways how to measure the length of the pipe. Which one is the most convenient?
A. Face to face
B. Center to center
C. End to end
D. Center to end

32. A device used in controlling and permits the flow of water in only one direction is
A. globe value
B. check value
C. gate value
D. flout value

33. There are several styles of letter, slanting or incline letter is classified as _________.
A. Roman letter
B. Italic letter
C. text letter
D. Gothic letter

34. A kind of compass used in making very small circles is __________ compass.
A. joint friction
B. big bow
C. drop bow
D. small bow

35. The right and proper tool used to cut G.I. pipe is ______.
A. hacksaw
B. pipe cutter
C. pipe reamer
D. cold chisel

36. We all know that plants have their own destructive enemies. Enemy of bamboo is _______.
A. ants
B. termites
C. bokbok
D. earthworm

37. Bamboo is considered as the tallest _______ in the universe.
A. tree
B. plant
C. grass
D. flower

38. If a drawing is generally made without the aid of drawing instrument, then it is classified as ___.
A. Isometric drawing
B. Freehand drawing
C. Orthographic drawing
D. Mechanical drawing

39. It is consider as the best among preservation of bamboo.
A. soak in fresh water
B. boiling
C. soak in salt water
D. natural drying

40. Threading pipe is done to fit it with other metals to cut outside thread on the pipe this tool is used
A. stock and die
B. pipe reamer
C. tap and handle
D. hacksaw

41. Cook in an oven
A. bake
B. boil broil
C. simmer
D. mash

42. Baste meat from twine to twine with a highly seasoned sauce as it cooks by direct heat oven coals , in an oven or under a broiler.
A. fry
B. simmer
C. barbeque
D. mash

43. Moisten food while it is being baked to prevent from drying out.
A. bake
B. baste
C. barbeque
D. drudge

44. Put boiling water over food or dip the food into boiling water then to cold water.
A. blanch
B. mince
C. boil broil
D. fry

45. Cook foods in hot liquid just below the boiling point.
A. boil broil
B. poach
C. simmer
D. blanch

46. Press food from small pieces into a pulp with an up and down or heating action of fork.
A. mash
B. bake
C. stew
D. mince

47. Cook in liquid until bubbles appear and rise to the top and break on the surfaces.
A. simmer
B. scald
C. boil
D. braise

48. Cut solid food with a dry ingredient as flour, bread crumbs or sugar by sprinkling, dipping or rolling in one of the ingredients
A. dredge
B. bake
C. grate
D. break

49. Cut into pieces of uniform size and shapes, first lengthwise then crosswise to make cubes
A. cube
B. mash
C. grate
D. fold

50. Cut into thin, match-like strips
A. fricassee
B. julienne
C. baste
D. drudge

51. Make the mixture smooth or light by lifting it over and over
A. mince
B. simmer
C. beat
D. scald

52. Add beaten egg whites or whipped cream to a mixture without losing what has been beaten to them.
A. fold
B. mince
C. grate
D. simmer

53. Cut or chop into tiny pieces
A. mince
B. mash
C. grate
D. stew

54. Cook by direct heat
A. broil
B. boil broil
C. barbeque
D. bake

55. Cut into five pieces by rubbing against a grater in circular or back and forth motion.
A. mince
B. julienne
C. grate
D. drudge

56. Cook by braising
A. fricassee
B. julienne
C. bake
D. stew

57. Divide into pieces
A. mash
B. break
C. grate
D. drudge

58. Cook food for a long time in a small amount of liquid at simmering temperature.
A. stew
B. fold
C. fry
D. boil

59. Let food stand in French dressing or an oil acid mixture to add flavor
A. marinate
B. mash
C. barbeque
D. baste

60. Cook just below boiling point
A. boil
B. beat
C. simmer
D. blanch

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