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LET Reviewer for English
LITERATURE - Mythology

1. He is known as the Ruler of the Olympians and is respected as the protector of the Greeks.

A. Hephaestus
B. Zeus
C. Poseidon
D. Hades

2. During the Titanomachy, Zeus freed his brothers and sisters from their father, Cronus. As a result, the brothers and sisters gave Zeus the honor of being their leader , thus, earning the right to rule over the sky. What does this show about the Greeks?

A. The Greeks value heroism.
B. The Greeks value respect.
C. The Greeks value honor.
D. All of the above.

3. Modern Cosmology is a speculative science which examines the beginning of the universe. Modern cosmology includes the Big Bang Theory. In Greek mythology, the universe was said to have started with Chaos. Out of Chaos emerged Gea, the goddess who represents the earth, Tartarus, representing the land of the dead, and Eros who represented desire. What can be said about the early Greeks regarding their belief about creation?

A. The early Greeks understand the concept of creation.
B. The early Greeks associated creation in weaving stories of mythology.
C. The early Greeks understand the importance of understanding the logic of creation.
D. The early Greeks believe that creation is a product of mythology.

4. Birth, death and after life are constant stories in the mythologies of the world. What universal idea about life is reflected in using these motifs?

A. That life has a beginning and an end.
B. That life is a never ending cycle.
C. That life is impermanent.
D. That life is lived only once.

5. The middle ages reflected these mythological creatures as symbol of purity. They are shown even in modern films as representation of love and beauty.

A. Trolls
B. Dragons
C. Kappa
D. Unicorns

6. A story says that Hera was jealous of yet another woman-interest of Zeus, Io. Zeus turned Io to a cow to protect her from the wrath of his wife who saw how he transformed himself as a cloud to escape the watchful eyes of Hera and be close to Io. Seeing this, Hera asked Argus, a monster with a hundred eyes of different colors to watch over Io so that she will never become human again. But Hermes played his lyre and killed Argus, following the order of his father, Zeus. Fearing Hera’s wrath, Hermes took the eyes of Argus and gave them to Hera who put these eyes in the tail of her favourite bird. The story reflects the origin of which bird?

A. Hummingbird
B. Peacock
C. Dove
D. Eagle

7. What does the story of Hera and Io show about Zeus?

A. His superiority over his dominions
B. His infidelity.
C. His weakness as a god and as a husband.
D. His need for a woman.

8. The story presented is an example of which type of myth?

A. Saga
B. Pure myth
C. Folktale or fairytale
D. None of the above

To the ancient Egyptians, their ruler was both god and king, a descendant of the sun god, Ra. His power was absolute, and no one could question his decisions or repeal his judgments. Because the ruler was a god, no one was allowed to address him directly or to talk about him. Instead people called him pharaoh, meaning, “the Great House.”

9. What information can be inferred from the passage?

A. A god has no name.
B. A name demystifies a god.
C. Ra is both god and human.
D. A god has no address.

10. What is the moral of the fable below?

Four bulls were such great friends that they always ate together. A Lion watched them for many days with longing eyes, but since they were never  far apart from each other, he was afraid to attack them. At length he succeeded in making them jealous of one another, and their jealousy eventually turned into a mutual aversion. When they strayed far away from each other, the Lion fell upon them singly, and killed them all.
- Asian Mythology

A. Only by working together can the greatest good for all be achieved.
B. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
C. The quarrel of friends are the opportunities of enemies.
D. Never underestimate the viciousness of your enemy.

11. One of the most popular love stories in Greek mythology is the story of Cupid and Psyche. Psyche’s undying love and devotion to her husband earned the respect of the Gods. What was Psyche’s mistake that nearly broke up her marriage?

A. Psyche had an affair.
B. Psyche listened to the evil suggestion of her sisters to leave her husband.
C. Psyche defied her husband by looking at his face in the middle of the night.
D. Psyche stopped loving her husband.

12. The gods and goddesses of world mythology, in most cases, act like human beings. What term can be best used to refer to their characteristic?

A. Anthropomorphic
B. Ethereal
C. God-like
D. Anthropocentrism

13. Philippine mythology has fewer characters similar to the Olympians. Instead of these gods, Philippine mythology is rich in characters like

A. Supernatural – cafre, aswang, duwende, etc.
B. Sea creatures- sirena, syokoy,etc.
C. Angels – cherubs, guardian angels, etc.
D. Representational characters – malakas at maganda, etc.

14. The mythological background of the Trojan war is said to be caused by Paris, the prince of Troy. Eris, the goddess of discord, brought to a party a golden apple with an inscription- for the fairest. Hera, Athena and Aphrodite all made a quick claim on the apple. Fearing that he may anger any of the goddess, Zeus decided to send the three women to Paris. Each of the three goddesses offered a bribe to Paris: Hera promised him unlimited political power ; Athena assured him that he would always be victorious  in battle and Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the world, as his wife. Being young and romantic, he gave the apple to Aphrodite. Who was this beautiful woman offered to Paris as bribe?

A. Penelope , queen of Ithaca
B. Persephone, queen of the underworld
C. Helen of Troy
D. Hera, queen of Olympus

15. As a result, Hera and Athena helped Troy’s enemy, Greece, in the war while Aphrodite helped Troy. What does this show?

A. Serious decisions have serious consequences
B. Paris was wrong in choosing Aphrodite as the winner
C. Hera and Athena harboured ill feelings
D. Zeus ordered the goddesses to take sides in the war.

16. The Trojan war is technically set due to the abduction of Helen by Paris. This is remembered in the modern times referring to Helen as

A. The woman who started the war
B. The face that launched a thousand ships
C. The woman who left the husband
D. The face which surpassed all beauties.

17. Apollo was the god of sun and poetry. He has mastered the craft of prophesy and earned the reference as the god who mostly reflected of Zeus . What is his Roman name?

A. Mars
B. Neptune
C. Jupiter
D. Apollo

18. In the story of Odysseus, as they were sailing back to Ithaca after the Trojan war, they passed along a narrow straits and were tested by the monster Scylla and the giant whirlpool, Charybdis. These two women used to be beautiful maidens who earned the anger of Amphitrite. What was the cause of the anger?

A. Amphitrite was jealous because her husband, Poseidon, took a liking to the two.
B. Amphitrite was envious of the beauty of the two women.
C. Amphitrite was worried about the condition of Odysseus.
D. Amphitrite lost in a beauty contest organized by Zeus.

19. The following are theories which could be adapted to study the different myths except

A. Jungian archetypes
B. Structuralism
C. Evolutionism
D. Feminism

20. She is the wife of Zeus and considered as the goddess of fertility and of the Earth.

A. Hera
B. Athena
C. Aphrodite
D. Artemio

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