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The Coverage of the Civil Service Examination

The coverage/scope civil service exam is discussed here. If you are going to take the Career Service Eligibility examination by this year, either the professional or sub-professional level, whether by means of Paper and Pencil (PPT) or Computerized Exam (COMEX), formerly known as Computer-Assisted Test (CAT), it is a must that you know the exam's coverage and passing rate so you can have a definite goal to set and achieve (or even exceed). Saying it in other terms, you could know what type weapon is suitable to use during the battle for your success.

Coverage and Passing Rate of the Civil Service Examination
Coverage / Scope of the Civil Service Exam
The Coverage/Scope of the Civil Service Exam

The Specific Competencies of the Civil Service Exam for Professional and Sub-professional Levels are as follow:

- English and Filipino Vocabulary
- Grammar and Correct Usage
- Paragraph Organization
- Reading Comprehension
- Analogy
- Logic
- Clerical Operations
- Numerical Reasoning
- General Information 

The specific competencies above are categorized under four major parts:

Part I
► Verbal abilities in English and Filipino Vocabulary
► Grammar and Correct Usage
► Paragraph Organization.
► Reading Comprehension

Part II
► Analogy (professional level only)
► Logic (professional level only)
► Clerical Operations (sub-professional level only)

Part III
► Numerical Reasoning

Part IV
► General Information
Comprised of test questions about:
A. Philippine Constitution
B. General Information, Current Events Enacted Laws and Environment Issues.
C. Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

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So what's the difference between the Professional and Sub-Professional Levels? Well obviously, the latter has a "sub" while the former has none. But kidding aside, the major difference lies in their scope.

For the Professional level, all competencies above, except for the Clerical Operations, are found in the Civil Service Exam. On the other hand, the CSE for Sub-professional level has a similar scope, but, excludes Analogy and Logic then augments Clerical Operation test questions.

About 85%  of the examination is comprised of Verbal (Filipino is integrated in this portion), Analytical and Mathematical competencies while the remaining 15% is a test about how knowledgeable and informed you are when it comes to the topics mentioned under part 4 above.

Moreover, the first 20 items/questions will ask about your personal information and is likely not included in the computation of your rating. You will have to answer them accordingly and accurately.

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  2. I’ve found the coverage of the civil service examination to be comprehensive and challenging. The Online class help was instrumental in my preparation. It provided me with the necessary tools and resources to understand the breadth and depth of the syllabus. I highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the exam.