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LET Reviewer - Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

26. Those skills that allows a child to independently care for himself or herself, are basic for maintaining life, and deal with bodily functions.

A. Individualized Educational Programs
B. Self-Care Skills
C. Rehabilitation Program
D. Play Base Learning

27. A professional who deals with the improvement of person’s strength and movement in the lower and upper limbs.
A. Physical Programs
B. Self-Care Skill
C. Rehabilitation Program
D. Occupational Therapist

28. Joanna is said to be functional in her activity of daily living and is able to cope with her academic requirements but there are times she needs to hold the words in the book since she said” the words are running around” and she is a little less lower in her current age group when it comes to her reading skills she said to have?
A. Down Syndrome
B. Deaf
C. Dyslexia
D. Dyscalculia

29. Results can be used to individualize instruction and develop individual education plans
A. Screen Saver
B. Scanners
C. Assessment Software
D. Voice Recorder

30. A condition very common among young children with excessive physical activity.
A. Autism
B. Attention Deficit Disorder
C. Attention Deficit With Hyperactivity Disorder
D. Visual Impairment

31. Behavioral is monitored in term or whether defined behaviors occur or do not occur within specific time intervals.
A. Duration Data
B. Latency Data
C. Rate Data
D. Interval Recording

32. These are devices are more complicated, many of which can be manufactured locally.
A. Computer Tech
B. Medium Tech
C. Power Tech
D. High Tech

33. The knowledge and skills expected to be learned by a student by high school graduation.
A. Core product
B. Core curriculum
C. Core development
D. None

34. Sought a curriculum in harmony with the child's 'real' interests, needs and learning patterns.
A. System
B. The developmentalist
C. The meliorist
D. Praxis

35. Artificial reinforcers given in a specific number upon emission of target behavior to be later used to "purchase" reinforcement.
A. Token Economy
B. Stimulus Control
C. Shaping
D. Punishment

36. The centre of the process and makes an explicit commitment to emancipation. Thus action is not simply informed, it is also committed.
A. Praxis
B. Product
C. Development
D. Process

37. Concept attributed to John Locke, young children seen very much like blank slate. Learning is not innate but rather the result of experiences and activities.
A. Prompts
B. Play Therapy
C. Tabula Rasa
D. None

38. The ability to express oneself in terms of language communication skills may it be done verbally or through actions.
A. Learning Attitude
B. Language Program
C. Behavioral Management
D. Expressive Language

39.  The teacher monitor progress, probe for generalization and modify instructional plans necessary.
A. Monitoring
B. Evaluation
C. Lesson Planning
D. Behavior Plan

40. It is known to be a genetic disorder which causes muscular degeneration and mostly boys are affected due to the recessive gene inherited from the mother.
A. Muscular Dystrophy
B. Spina Bifida
C. Paralysis
D. Blind

41. Assessment should be conducted by a team with equal status afforded to the family and    professionals.
A. Multitask Assessment
B. Multidynamic Asssessment
C. Multidisciplinary Assessment
D. Multiorganized Assessment

42. Involve placing an object in a location that will more than likely increase a desired response.
A. Visual/Pictorial Prompts
B. Language rehabilitation
C. Behavioral Discipline
D. None

43. It is marked by truancy ,gang membership theft and feeling of pride and belonging to a delinquent subculture.
A. Anxiety withdrawal
B. Conduct disorder
C. Immaturity
D. Socialized Aggression

44. It is known as a paralysis which affects only one side of the body both the arms and legs are affected either left or right.
A. Quadriplegia
B. Hemilplegia
C. Diplegia
D. Monoplegia

45. It refers to the inability to select an appropriate response to a stimulus.
A. Stimulus Response
B. Stimuli Control
C. Magnitude
D. Topography

46. The child is born one or both feet deformed usually with the feet and toes turns inward.
A. Foot Disorder
B. Clubhand
C. Syndactilism
D. Clubfoot

47. The use of a high-rate behavior to increase the occurrence of a low-rate of behaviour.
A. Premack Principle
B. Overcorrection
C. Punishment
D. Consequences

48. Systematic development of reasoning power and the communication of 'the canon'.
A. The theorist
B. The teacher
C. The liberal educator
D. The philosopher

50. These are devices are lightweight and easy for a non verbal autistic child to transport.
A. Computer
B. Handheld Device
C. Technical Device
D. Laptop Device

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