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Tips to help you prepare for and pass the Philippine Civil Service Exam:

What you should do!

  • Know the exam coverage: Familiarize yourself with the exam's scope and content. The exam covers the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Filipino, and General Information.

  • Create a study plan: Set a study schedule and stick to it. Allocate enough time for each subject and make sure you understand the concepts and principles thoroughly.

  • Take practice exams: Taking practice exams will help you become familiar with the format of the test and help you identify areas where you need to improve.

  • Improve your reading comprehension: The exam requires strong reading comprehension skills, so practice reading and understanding different types of texts
  • Enhance your mathematical skills: The Mathematics section of the exam requires problem-solving skills, so practice solving mathematical problems, including algebra and geometry.

  • Brush up on your Filipino skills: Make sure you have a good understanding of the Filipino language, including grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

  • Review general information: The General Information section of the exam covers a wide range of topics, so it is essential to keep up-to-date with current events, social issues, and historical facts.

  • Get enough rest and sleep: Make sure you get enough rest and sleep the night before the exam. Being well-rested and alert can help you perform better during the exam.

  • Read and follow the instructions carefully: Read and follow the instructions carefully, especially in the essay portion. Make sure you understand what is being asked and answer the question directly.

  • Bring the necessary requirements: Make sure you bring the necessary requirements such as your valid ID, examination fee, and other documents required by the Civil Service Commission.

  • Stay calm and focused during the exam: On the day of the exam, stay calm, and focused. Read the instructions carefully and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  • Practice time management: Allocate your time wisely during the exam, and don't spend too much time on one question. Remember to pace yourself to ensure you have enough time to answer all the questions.

  • Have a positive mindset: Believe in yourself and your abilities. Stay positive and maintain a can-do attitude. With the right mindset and preparation, you can pass the Civil Service Exam.

Remember that passing the Philippine Civil Service Exam requires preparation, focus, and determination. Good luck on your exam!

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