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TLE LET Reviewer
Answers to the test questions

1. B. Keep the tools lubricated with soap and water inhibits rust.
2. B. to flow
3. D. 220 V
4. C. AM
5. A. flexing, wiring, long term abuse
6. C. Antenna
7. C. diode as
8. D. T-square
9. C. The space between two words in the same sentence should be equal the height of the lines of the letters.
10. C. Outline of parts
11. B. It is drawn from left to right
12. C. to put in boiling water & then immediately put it into cool water
13. A. Forward
14. A. 4 amp
15. B. Increases
16. B. Ammeter
17. A. an ammeter is connected in series with the resistor
18. A. An ammeter has negligible resistance.
19. D. b and c
20. A. Always true
21. B. Buying only familiar brands.
22. A. Both should be place to the right of the plate
23. A. Kwashiorkor
24. C. sauté
25. D. short break lines
26. A. Isometric
27. D. Perspective
28. B. 1/8
29. D. Gradual thawing under refrigeration
30. C. Vitamin B12 or cobalamin
31. A. gluten
32. A. conservation of charge
33. D. An inductor stores energy in its magnetic field
34. A. reduce the amount and add acid
35. D. Recycle leftovers.
36. B. making lettering
37. D. Parallel lines
38. A. electronics tools
39. B. smaller tips
40. A. Pulsating Direct Current
41. D. Applying flux to the tip
42. B. Volume control
43. C. Line fuse
44. A. negative to positive
45. C. Watt
46. A. linear
47. B. Resistor
48. B. Blue, Orange, Black, Green and Silver
49. D. All inputs are HIGH.
50. A. resistance, voltage, and current

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