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Civil Service Exam Reviewer and Tips
This is your best source of free Online Civil Service Exam Reviewers for both Professional and Sub-Professional levels. This article is aimed to help its reader to understand portions of the Civil Service Examination and on what subject matters to study in order to pass the said exam.

Usually the last part of the exam is about Philippine Constitution and Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials, General Information and Current Events and Environmental Education.

So, I'll discuss briefly on the Philippine Constitution part and a particular law about Civil Service in the Philippines.

The following are some of the test question which appeared in the Civil Service Examination when I took it:

- The Executive power shall be vested upon __________.
1. the Speaker of the House of Representatives
2. the President
3. the Senate President
4. the Chief Justice

- In the 1987 Philippine Constitution contains at least 3 sets of provisions. Which one of the following provisions is not included
1. Constitution of Universality
2. Constitution of Government
3. Constitution of Liberty
4. Constitution of Sovereignty

The test items above are some of the test items about the Philippine Constitution which already appeared in previous CSE(s) and might appear again in the future CSE. Hence, it is advantageous if you have already familiarized yourself with this subject matter. It is also for that matter that you should take the CSE the soonest possible time during your College (or shortly after) wherein you have accumulated fresh and more knowledge. However, If you are not very familiar or have already forgotten portions of it, then its not too late.

Another important thing to know.

Remember this Republic Act #6713 and its definition. This will definitely come out in the examination. That's one bonus item for you.

Here is exactly the test item about this act:

- This is an act establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees, upholding the time-honoured principle of public office being a public trust.
1. R.A. #6713
2. R.A. #6731
3. R.A. #6731
4. R.A. #6317

However that's not all, there will be more items that may come out based on that R.A. so be sure to read, read, then read about the content of this act. You don't have to memorize everything that's stated in there, you only have to read it repeatedly and understand what every section is about. This manner you'll have a general idea of what's stated in the act.

Here is another test item that may appear again in the future CSE:

- "It is the policy of the State to promote ____________ of ethics in public service."
1. accountability
2. standard
3. high standard
4. practice

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Take some time on self review (if you can't afford to pay for review center services) and you will definitely pass the exam.

Ultimately, always pray to God, the most omniscient, for His blessings and guidance. It always does the wonder.

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