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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for Biological Science
LET Reviewer for Biological Science

51. Now, artificial sheet of skin is composed of epidermis grown from cells of human donors for the treatment of burns. This is called ___________.
a. dermagrafts
b. keratinocytes
c. epithelial grafts
d. cutaneous extensions

52. Complete this analogy. Lower arm: radius and ulna :: Legs: _________
a. femur and tibia
b. tibia and fibula
c. femur and fibula
d.sacral and lumbar

53. When you enter suddenly a well-lighted room after coming from a dark room, you experience not seeing things clearly for some reasons. This is because _________.
a. the pupils are not adapted to the dark
b. the eyes are adapted to light only
c. the pupils constrict due to light intensity
d. light had caused temporary blindness

54. What is the most common cause of a cardiovascular disease?
a. Fatty deposits in the arteries
b. Inadequate supply of red blood cells
c. Lack of sodium in the diet
d. Increased heartbeat

55. Which of the following criterion is used to distinguish between two species?
a. Reproduction
b. Physical traits
c. Time
d. Geography

56. Which region of vertebrate forebrain is concerned with the neural-endocrine control of visceral activities?
a. Cerebellum
b. Thalamus
c. Hypothalamus
d. Pituitary

57. Why is it NOT advisable to remove the tonsils of children even if they become inflamed occasionally?
a. They contain lymphocytes that fight bacteria.
b. They are needed in sensing the taste of foods.
c. They help in swallowing food easily
d. They contain blood platelets.

58. What strong connective tissue attaches a skeletal muscle to a bone?
a. Myofibril
b. Tendon
c. Ligament
d. Cartilage

59. Doctors can now ask the pathologists to help them diagnose diseases from far away places through special computer hardware. They can view slides of tissue samples as they are hooked to the internet. The method is termed _____________.
a. micropathology
b. histopathology
c. telepathology
d. pathological diagnosis

60. We are warned to stay away from a place that can generate sound at a hundred decibels in order to _________________.
a. balance the semi-circular canal
b. keep the stirrup safe
c. protect the Eustachian tube
d. protect the tympanic membrane

61. Which condition may result in high blood pressure?
a. Relaxed phase of heartbeat
b. Decreased blood volume
c. Constriction of the blood vessels
d. Increased blood volume

62. Is the bone tissue classified living or nonliving?
1-Nonliving, it does not grow in size.
2-Living, is capable of producing new bone tissue
3-Living, it is supplied with blood vessels.
4-Nonliving, it does not contain ATP for energy.
a. 1 and 4
b. 1 only
c.4 only
d. 2 and 3

63. What is the function of parathyroid hormone?
a. Lowers blood calcium level.
b. Regulates the activity of the thyroid gland
c. Raises blood calcium level
d. Controls physical and mental growth

64. The number of red blood cells per cubic milliliter of blood is 5,000,000 in men and 4,500,000 in women. What is the advantage of this for men?
a. Men do strenuous activities and need more energy.
b. They have bigger physique and need more blood.
c. Men waste more blood cells and need extra.
d. They are more prone to anemia disorder.

65. What part of the brain assists in recalling important information learned?
a. Medulla oblongata
b. Cerebrum
c. Midbrain
d. Cerebellum

66. Why are lips “redder” than our palm?
a. There is increased blood flow in the lips.
b. Lips are heavily keratinized.
c. Lip epidermis is thinner.
d. Many blood vessels are located around the lips.

67. Which is carnivorous plant?
a. Pitcher plant
b. Kataka-taka
c. Cactus
d. Fire tree

68. The hormone that assists liver cells to convert glycogen into glucose is ________.
a. insulin
b. glycerine
c. glucagon
d. glycerol

69. Which of the following pancreatic fluids is responsible for the breakdown of fat?
a. Lipase
b. Amylase
c. Chymotrypsin
d. Trypsin

70. A female who is a carrier ofcolorblindness marries a normal male. What is the probability that their child will be colorblind?
a. 25%
b. 75%
c. 100%
d. 50%

71. In mammalian cloning, the organism resulting from the technology is similar to the ________.
a. owner of somatic cell
b. surrogate mother
c. owner of embryonic cell
d. location of the somatic cell

72. Mutation that is brought about by the earth’s natural radioactivity is referred to as _________.
a. continuous
b. induced
c. spontaneous
d. controlled

73. In a double-stranded DNA, which of the following are complementary to each other?
a. Thymine and Cytosine
b. Guanine and Cytosine
c. Adenine and Guanine
d. Adenine and Uracil

74. What microbial organisms are used in the creation of genetically modified organisms?
a. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
b. Agrobacterium tumafaciens
c. Bacillus thuringiensis
d. Escherichia coli

75. The technique that involves finding exact location of gene in the 46 chromosomes of a human call is called ________.
a. DNA sequencing
b. gene mapping
c. gene cloning
d. recombinant maps

76. What substance in the chromosomes is responsible for the chemical properties of genes?
a. Nitrogenous base
b. Protein
c. Nucleotide
d. Ribonucleic acid

77. Mad cow’s disease is caused by ____________.
a. viroid
b. prion
c. phage
d. virus

78. What microbial organisms are used in the creation of genetically modified such as Bt corn?
a. Pseudomonas aeruginosa
b. E. coli
c.Bacillus thuringiensis
d. Bacterium tumafaciens

79. Which fossil bird has marked reptilian characteristics?
a. Archaeopteryx
b. Bat
d. Pterodactyl

80. The project which involves the mapping of the genes in all the man’s 46 chromosomes is
a. stem-cell production
b. genetic engineering
c. cloning of organisms
d. human genome

81. The number of autosomes and type of sex chromosomes normally present in the human egg cell is ____.
a. 22+X
b. 44+XY
c. 44+X
d. 22+Y

82. Comparing the bonding patterns of DNA fragments retrieved at the scene of the crime with those obtained from primary suspect is a procedure employed by _______.
a. forensic experts
b. gene therapy experts
c. DNA technologists
d. transgenic technologist

83. The process of fusing cells without cell walls as in protoplasts fusion makes use of facilitating substances such as _______.
a. gel electrophoresis
b. restrictions enzymes
c. polyethylene glycol
d. DNA probes

84. The first dinosaur fossil found in USA in 1818 was described to possess _______.
a. long body and tail
b. huge mouth and teeth
c. huge skull but with a small brain
d. large legs and feet

85. Three brothers have blood types A, B and O. What are the chances that the parents of these traits will produce a fourth child whose blood type is AB?
a. 50%
b. 100%
c. 0%
d. 25%

86. When the gene pair is heterozygous, only one is physically expressed and the other is hidden, which law is explained?
a. Incomplete dominance
b. Dominance
c. Independent assortment
d. Segregation

87. What is the role of decomposers in nitrogen cycle?
a. Fix nitrogen of the air into ammonia.
b. Convert ammonia into nitric acid.
c. Denitrify nitrogen compounds.
d. Release ammonia to the soil.

88. Lamarck’s theory of evolution proposed that changes occur as a result of need for them, hence called the law of ________.
a. survival of the fittest
b. use and disuse
c. acquired characters traits
d. natural selection

89. A male and a female who both have Rr genotypes at a locus will produce what proportion of rr children.
a. 75%
b. 25%
c. 100%
d. 50%

90. What is the organic base found only in RNA?
a. Uracil
b. Guanine
c. Cytosine
d. Thymine

91. Differentiate RNA from DNA.
a. RNA is single strand and the sugar is deoxyribose.
b. RNA is a single strand and the sugar is ribose.
c. DNA is a single strand and the sugar is deoxyribose.
d. RNA is a double strand and the sugar is ribose.

92. What results when two alleles both appear in the phenotype?
a. Incomplete dominance
b. Codominance
c. Sex-linked genes
d. Multiple allelism

93. A male and female with Tt genotype will produce with zygote. Which will NOT be a correct ratio?
a. 1:2:2
b. 1:2:1
c. 2:1:1
d. 1:1:2

94. The process involved in the production of mRNA using DNA as template is termed ___________.
a. transcription
b. replication
c. gene manipulation
d. reverse transcription

95. A male and female who both have Bb genotypes will produce zygotes in which of the following ratios?
a. 1 BB: 2 Bb: 2 bb
b. 1 BB: 1 Bb: 1 Bb
c. 1 BB: 2 Bb: 1 bb
d. 2 BB: 1 Bb: 1 bb

96. Fossils may be formed at ocean bottoms in the form of imprints or molds of an organism’s body. Such formation is called _____________.
a. trapped in water
b. preservation
c. sedimentation
d. petrification

97. The inner lining of the uterus consisting of connective tissues, glands and blood vessels through which nutrient reach the embryo is called ________.
a. endometrium
b. placenta
c. chorionic villi
d. ureter

98. Which statement supports Darwin’s theory of evolution?
a. Variation is not essential to species evolution.
b. Few offspring produced are involved in the evolution process.
c. Unfavorable mutations favor general evolution.
d. Organisms with favorable adaptation tend to survive.

99. Adenosine diphosphate is a molecule involved in molecular energy transfers that is typically formed by __________.
a. accumulation of nucleotides
b. hydrolysis of NADH
c. hydrolysis of ATP
d. absorption of phosphate

100. Studies show that there are parts of the body that have lost their usefulness and which may later disappear. What are these parts called?
a. Fossil
b. Residual
c. Extinct
d. Vestigial

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