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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

1. The union members cannot ______ the kind of compensation plan they want.
a. agree on
b. agree to
c. agree with
d. get agree with

2. She has no conception _______ the performance of her duties.
a. as to
b. as with
c. with
d. as on

3. The witness testified _________ the defendant’s early life.
a. as to
b. as on
c. about
d. with

4. It is essential that harmony prevail _______ the departments.
a. between
b. among
c. with
d. with all

5. Please _______ the book with you the next time you come to my office.
a. take
b. bring
c. carry
d. bring along

6. The friendliness ________ the Philippine Foreign Minister and American Secretary of State promoted harmony.
a. between
b. with both
c. with
d. of both

7. Since Mr. Dela Cruz was elected President of the organization, the member’s _________ better socials.
a. enjoyed
b. are enjoying
c. have enjoyed
d. had enjoy.

8. I was filing when I returned but I ________ the report that time.
a. was typing
b. was still typing
c. am typing
d. had been typing

9. The Congolese refugees painted a ________ picture of their suffering in the hands of the Chadian rebels.
a. ubiquitous
b. exciting
c. poignant
d. blatant

10. It’s plain to see, said she, “there are too many and’s in that sentence.”
a. Its plain to see, said she, “there are too many and’s in that sentence.
b. “ It’s plain to see,” said she, “there are too many and’s in that sentence.”
c. “Its plain to see,” said she, “there are too many and in that sentence.”
d. Its plain to see, said she, there are too many ands in that sentence.

11. Suffrage is a privilege in a democracy. Those who are deprived of their voting right s are normally:
a. penalized
b. criminally- liable
c. disenfranchised
d. imprisoned

12. “Join the street rallies and demonstrations!” shouted the rallyists. What was asked of the crowd?
a. Sympathy for a cause
b. Apathy for a cause
c. Empathy for a cause
d. Avoidance of the action

13. The statement “I am used to the same tales” means,
a. there was redundancy
c. there is nothing new
b. there is great news
d. this is original

14. The Personnel Manager told the Labor Representative: “ We have to reduce our workforce.” What does this mean?
a. Workers have to be more efficient.
b. Workers are required to take their forced leaves.
c. Workers are warned of possible layoffs.

15. Some media people are charged of corruption. They are branded as:
a. Commissioners
b. Corruptors
c. Media Grafters
d. “Envelope mentalists”

16. She ignored the doctor’s recommendation that she ____________ smoking.
a. should stop
b. stop
c. will stop
d. stops

17. When I came home, the children still ___________ dinner.
a. didn’t finish
b. haven’t finished
c. hadn’t finished
d. hasn’t finished

18. She claimed she _________ there.
a. has never been
b. have never been
c. had never been
d. had not been

19. Neither of them ________ expert on the subject.
a. are
c. is an
b. is an
d. is

20. It cost twice _________ I thought it would.
a. as much as
b. as much
c. more than
d. most

21. The _________ you become, the less time you have for reading.
a. more busy
b. busier
c. busiest
d. more busier

22. She was much different __________ I expected.
a. than
b. from what
c. from
d. than what

23. We have described that _________ is more important from than being bright.
a. to be diligent
b. one to be diligent
c. diligence
d. being diligent

24. Weightlifter: Strength::
a. marathoner: endurance
b. hiker: agility
c. goalie: skill
d. dancer: speed

25. Lubricant: friction::
a. speed: drag
b. motor: electricity
c. muffler: noise
d. insulator: heat

29. Elevator: shaft::
a. electricity: outlet
b. water: conduit
c. railroad: train
d. skyscraper: foundation

30. Hydrology: science::
a. astronomy: galaxy
b. fir: tree
c. fashion: style
d. theory: practice

31. In his address the Regional Director exhorted the teachers to discover and __________ each student’s _______ talents.
a. develop: intrinsic
b. justify: gratuitous
c. redirect: specialty
d. uplift: unrecognized

32. The enforcers feel that the ________ shown by the judges to first offenders unfortunately _________ many youngster to embark on a life crimes.
a. harshness: predisposes
c. clemency: encourages
b. indifference: directs
d. understanding: condemns

33. As long as our political leaders would emulate the virtues of the great leaders of our country, we shall have economic and social progress.
a. set free
b. embolden
c. encourage
d. imitate

34. I can safely vouchsafe you a fair return for your investments.
a. borrow
b. grant
c. punish
d. qualify

35. The deal was held in abeyance until her arrival from a sales convention.
a. obedience
b. absence
c. familiar
d. suspended

36. The boy gave a furtive look at his classmate’s test paper.
a. coy
b. sneaky
c. abortive
d. underhanded

37.  All attempts to denigrate the character of our President, have failed.
a. deceive
b. venerate
c. malign
d. build- up

38. I must remonstrate about the lack of police protection in our area.
a. protest
b. resign
c. restate
d. reject

39. Unless we find a witness to corroborate your evidence, it will not stand courts.
a. collaborate
b. negate
c. interpret
d. confirm

40. He preyed upon gullible people, who easily believe his stories.
a. incredulous
b. easily deceived
c. fickle
d. indifferent

41. The lawyer objected that the testimony being offered was not germane to the case on hand.
a. original
b. relevant
c. connected
d. assisting

42. His speeches were aimed at the plebeian minds and emotions.
a. sophisticated
b. pragmatic
c. persuade
d. common

43. People dislike his sly ways but granted him a certain vulpine intelligence.
a. surprise
b. careful
c. wily
d. cunning

44. Easy access to credit encourages people to become spendthrift.
a. stingy
b. sophisticated
c. spender
d. moneyed

45. I think it is impolitic to raise the issue at this point in time because the public is too emotional about it.
a. advisable
b. explosive
c. unwise
d. apolitical

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