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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

46. I admire his terse style of writing; he comes directly to the point.
a. better
b. dull
c. illusionary
d. concise

47. His parsimonious nature did not permit him to enjoy any luxury and relaxation.
a. frustrating
b. distinct
c. stingy
d. vulnerable

48. Jose refused to take sleeping pills that might stupefy him.
a. rigid
b. dull
c. illusionary
d. make numb

49. Liza is not a pariah to be shunned and ostracized.
a. citizen
b. parishioner
c. outcast
d. benefactor

50. The wizened old man in the home for the aged was still active and energetic.
a. mascular
b. clever
c. shriveled
d. wise and smart

51. He has the dubious distinction of being the lowest man in his class.
a. strange
b. satisfying
c. doubtful
d. existing

52. The evidence gathered against the racketeers incriminates some high government officials as well.
a. exacerbate
b. accuse
c. intimidate
d. discriminate

53. Jose does not need a new car, but he traded his old one to keep up with the Joneses.
a. to imitate others in extravagance
b. to be envious
c. to be responsible
d. to please others

54. The politician is witty speaker but he beats around the bush too much.
a. speaks emotionally
b. away from the public
c. avoids the main topic
d. keeps on talking

55. After all has been said, the issue was a tempest in a teapot.
a. temperature dropped
b. simmered down
c. heated argument followed
d. boiled down to nothing

56. All his life he has tried to be a good citizen, but still he doesn’t seem to get any place.
a. change location
b. take a trip
c. unsuccessful
d. miserable

57. The committee members have gone off, leaving everything at sixes and sevens among themselves.
a. harmony
b. disagreement
c. unproductive
d. disorganized

58. “Rome was not built in a day!”
a. always on the move
b. accept and bear consequences of your own doings
c. great things require time and effort
d. hatred between forgiven two parties

59. All is well that ends well. The hatchet is buried as the dye is cast.
a. The action is done and every feeling is forgiven as it is forgotten.
b. the weapon is buried
c. judgment is given
d. in serious trouble

60. Pilar tasted a dose of her medicine.
a. suffered the consequences
b. tasted her glory
c. self medication
d. rewarded

61. Don’t trust him completely; he may try to put one over you.
a. overcome
b. be subordinated
c. to deceive you
d. impulsive

62. Mrs. Gonzales is as good as her last triumph.
a. can’t be a good all throughout
b. can’t be bad
c. as nice as ever
d. in trouble

63. When a leader is succeeded by another leader, the former is referred to as __________.
a. replaced
b. dethroned
c. defeated
d. deposed

64. “Never in World History was there a leaderless nation.” This passage means ___________.
a. nations can survive without leaders
b. a leader is always born
c. leaders come and go
d. a leader fades away but another comes up

65. Adopting the values of __________ colonizer would be tragic and meaningless independence.
a. the
b. one’s
c. it’s
d. a

66. Colonialism was itself violent in ___________ natural state.
a. the
b. its
c. it’s
d. their

67. The right form to address an invitation for a lawyer husband and his doctor wife.
a. Atty. And Mrs. Josef Novales
b. Atty. And Dr. Josef Novales
c. Atty. Novales and Dr. Novales
d. Atty. Josef Novales ans Dr. Novales

68. What utterance shows determination?
a. This time, I have not made my mind
b. This time I won’t stop schooling
c. I have good news for you
d. What a shame, she came back

69. “You wouldn’t want to be accused of theft, ___________?”
a. wouldn’t you
b. won’t you
c. will you
d. would you

70. An appropriate philosophy of education _________ Filipinos must consider this historical aspect.
a. if
b. by
c. for the
d. of their

71. The referee may not _________ these regulations no matter how much you complain.
a. explain to you
b. exempt you from
c. accept you from
d. expect you from

72. This iPod is my sister’s. How about this?
a. This is to him
b. This is to his
c. This is his
d. This is of him

73. “His ultimately death has left us blinder than we might have been.” This means?
a. Those left behind are left homeless
b. Those left behind are blind
c. Those orphans are left to themselves
d. Those who are blind are orphans

74. Which of the following quotations is the best example of aphorism?
a. “That is no country for old men”
b. “Out of the frying pan and into the fire
c. “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”
d. “I fear thee, ancient mariner”

75. Adults acquire new words and experience primarily through?
a. formal education
b. use of dictionary
c. exposure to their use
d. casual explanation from peers

76. The best definition of the meaning of the word.
a. the object to which it refers
b. its general dictionary definition
c. its use in a particular situation
d. kits corresponding idea in the mind

77. People living in the mountainous and rugged areas were advised about the occurrence of La Nina. This means?
a. there will be famine
b. there will be drought
c. there will be abundance
d. there will be flashfloods

78. Professionals going abroad to seek greener pasture as one type of _____________?
a. brain drain
b. employment
c. tourism
d. migration

79. “The modern heroes are understandable products of one’s literary heritage and the present world. Heroes of the present are prototypes of the society in which they flourish. This means?
a. Heroes are alike, modern and classical
b. Modern society affects the modern literary heroes
c. Literature has heroes who represent the people, race and times
d. Modern heroes are the embodiment of the society’s values

80. The victim’s father refused revenge when he said:
a. “an eye for an eye”
b. “Justice is always delayed”
c. “Don’t take the law into your hands”
d. “Give him the other cheek”

81. Identify the Filipino value and its influence on the Filipino youth as stated:
a. Lack of Initiative……….. Passionism
b. Faith…………….Conflicting attitudes
c. Extreme personalism…………….. Individualism
d. Lack of discipline………………… Indifference

82. We should work for a total ban ____________of pesticides that are hazardous to man.
a. on the use
b. by the use
c. on using
d. with the use

83. “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.” This means __________?
a. the heart is always correct about  everything
b. important things are not always for the heart but for the brain
c. heart should always be over and above the brains
d. only the heart can see the beauty of life and love

84. “I will take the road less travelled by and be condemned if necessary.” said one politician. His decision shows ____________?
a. regrets come before decision
b. decisions are made despite differences from the majority
c. decisions are made on the crossroads
d. regrets come after decisions

85. What word is not properly spelled and used in these sentences?
a. There were commissions on the fare
b. There were confusions on admissions
c. There was confusion on the plane
d. There was confusion of directions

86.  You should be more __________ instead of being _________ in order to avoid committing mistakes.
a. literate…..erudite
b. intelligent….smart
c. cautious…..impetuous
d. practical…..passive

87. Only world- class athletes win medals at the Olympic Games. Michael Phelps won several gold medals in swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Therefore:
a. Michael Phelps is an all- time American swimmer
b. Australia won the most number of gold medals in swimming
c. Michael Phelps is a world- class athlete and an Olympian
d. Michael Phelps is a swimmer

i. Treasury bills have an interest rate of 6.85% per annum
ii. Savings accounts have interest rate of only 2.0% per annum
iii. Treasury bills used to have 9- 10% interest rate per annum

Therefore, it is better to invest in Treasury bills than to just out your money in regular savings account.
a. definitely true
b. most likely true
c. most likely false
d. definitely false

89. “She was a Phantom of delight…When first she gleamed upon my sight.” - William Wordsworth
a. metaphor
b. simile
c. apostrophe
d. hyperbole

90. Which of the following words are misspelled?

1. transgression   2. transcent   3. Inmunity   4. Percieve

a. 2 & 3
b. 2, 3 & 4
c. 1, 3 & 4
d. 1, 2 & 3

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