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Majorship LET Reviewer

MAPEH LET Reviewer
MAPEH LET Reviewer

1. Which of the following BEST strengthens the fact that a close school-community relations contribute to a successful implementation of a school health program?
A. There are numerous voluntary health organizations.
B. Schools and organizations are both interested in the development of the human well-being.
C. Child and youth health problems affect the entire community and schools.
D. Health issues of the children are neither the sole concern of the schools nor those of the health promoting agencies.

2. The outreach program that a community takes advantage of most often is the ______ program.
A. clean and green
B. literacy outreach
C. waste disposal
D. nutritional

3. Who among the following is NOT a member of a school health team?
A. School administrator
B. Guidance Counselor
C. Health teacher
D. Parent

4. Which is the process of providing learning experiences with favorable influence on understanding, attitudes, and conduct relating to individual and community healthy?
A. School administrator
B. Health screening
C. Health promotion
D. Health education

5. Which do you emphasize in your health class when there are no cases of dengue in the community where your school is located?
A. Improve on family nutrition
B. Fumigation of the community
C. Maintain safe water supply
D. Destroy breeding places of mosquitoes

6. The components of a comprehensive school health system are linked in a mutually supportive, cooperative system focusing on children’s health issues and development of health literacy. Which of the following BEST describes school-community coordination for health literacy?
A. School refers the sick student to parents to bring the child to the nearest health center in the absence of the school nurse and/or physician.
B. School extends officiating during summer sports festival to help the barangay’s program on keeping students away from drugs through sports.
C. School coordinates with local health unit and barangay to conduct a seminar on the prevention and control of dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases during the rainy season.
D. Parents, teachers, community leaders are involved in a fund-raising activity of the school clinic with the necessary equipment and medicine.

7. Which nutrient that is called “master fuel” because of its importance to energy, metabolism and its potential in preventing diseases?
A. Protein
B. Iron
C. Carbohydrates
D. Mineral

8. What law is a major breakthrough in health policy which provides consumers the power to choose the medicine they could afford?
A. Republic Act No. 6425
B. Republic Act. No. 9211
C. Generic Act of 1988
D. Dangerous Act No. 1972

9. Which of the following sources of health information products and services is the most reliable?
A. Customs and Superstitions
B. Radio, and TV advertisements
C. Family physician and local health officer
D. Health claims of a quack doctor

10. Which of the following does NOT claim that marijuana is dangerous?
A. Leads to other health problem
B. Speeds up mental and psychomotor activities
C. Leads to psychological dependence
D. Impairs thinking and verbal skills

11. What is the MOST serious effect of quackery other than the loss of money?
A. Serious threat to health
B. Misinformation given by it
C. Effect on the aged person with chronic ailments
D. Valuable time is lost in obtaining competent treatment

12. To be an informed consumer, people must learn about services and products that can influence health. Which of the following is the BEST source of information?
A. Family and folklore
B. Advertisements and commercials
C. Folklore
D. Label and directions

13. What is a drug primarily employed in surgery on the membranes lining the nose and throat?
A. Amphitamine
B. Shabu
C. Coccaine
D. Histamine

14. Under Philippine Drug Laws, where are the dangerous drugs such as glue, paint thinner and gasoline classified?
A. Tetracycline
B. Cenzactrine
C. Metamphetamine
D. Amphetamine

15. Which of the following effects of marijuana is perceived to be NOT dangerous?
A. Impairs thinking and verbal skills
B. Speeds up mental and psychomotor activities
C. Leads to other health problem
D. Leads to psychological dependence

16. “Peer pressure has either positive or negative impact, depending on the quality of the peer group, which is a positive import?
A. Pushing a susceptible individual down the wrong way.
B. Convincing a person to follow their habit as a way of seeking acceptance.
C. Pushing an individual to do his best just like anyone of them.
D. Keep a group within an acceptable code of behavior.

17. What is important in an ideal healthful community living?
A. Lighting source
B. Good housing
C. Good water supply
D. Health and family

18. Getting the proper rest and sleep is as important as getting enough exercise. Which of the following is NOT true about sleep?
A. Releases growth hormones into the blood
B. Makes muscles relaxed
C. Refreshes the whole body
D. Maintains fast heartbeats

19. Water pollution results when water contains substances like harmful bacteria and poisonous chemicals. Which do these substances likely cause?
A. Cardiovascular diseases
B. Gastro-Intestinal diseases
C. Children’s diseases
D. Respiratory diseases

20. Many of our environmental problems primarily start with the basic fact that _______ .
A. natural and people-made pollutant continue to be mismanaged
B. hazards of city life continues
C. country’s population keeps on growing
D. natural resources are diminishing

21. Nature as a source of pollution is managed by the atmosphere self-cleaning system. Which of the following is NOT nature’s polluting attribute?
A. Photochemical smug
B. Volcanic eruptions
C. Dust storms
D. Carbon monoxide

22. Acne is a skin problem common among teenagers. Which of the following BEST explains about this condition?
A. Many body changes occur during adolescence.
B. Teenagers are very energetic.
C. Hormones stimulate oil glands to produce extra oil.
D. Adjustment to new situation is difficult.

23. Which of the following is the most severe effect of iodine deficiency?
A. Gigantism
B. Cretinism
C. Xeropthalmia
D. Goiter

24. Which of the following is the BEST first aid to simple cuts?
A. Wrap the cut portion with guava leaf.
B. Tourniquet.
C. Let the injured inhale deeply.
D. Direct pressure on the cut portion and elevation.

25. In what order should the following procedures be followed in administering “Kiss of life” or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by the first aider for the victim to be in normal condition?
1-Wipe out any foreign matter in the mouth.
2-Remove your mouth from the victim and turn your head away.
3-Tilt the head back and pull the jaw into putting out position.
4-Open your mouth wide and place it tightly over the victim’s mouth, punch his/her nostril shut then blow.

A. 3, 2, 4 and 1
B. 4, 3, 1 and 2
C. 1, 3, 4 and 2
D. 1, 2, 4 and 3

26. The following are first aid treatment for open wounds. Which of these is to be avoided?
A. Clean wound with soap and water.
B. Clean out the entire din with a handkerchief.
C. Do not apply any ointment if the wound has not been cleaned yet.
D. Anything that blocks the victim’s mouth or throat should be removed.

27. Handling an injured person takes a lot of courage to decide what action to take initially. Which action will you first take?
A. Avoid moving the victim unnecessarily.
B. Keep yourself calm and act as promptly as possible.
C. Keep the victim lying down.
D. See how badly the victim is hurt.

28. What are the precautionary measures to avoid accidents on the road?
1-Use seatbelts when riding cars.
2-Wear dark clothing at night.
3-Use properly lighted bicycles at night.
4-Walk on the side of the road facing approaching traffic.

A. 2, 3 and 4
B. 1, 3 and 4
C. 1, 2 and 4
D. 1, 2 and 3

29. Which of the following is the MOST appropriate way of assisting a person suffering from a seizure?
A. Hold the person down so that he/she does not hurt him/herself.
B. Place a wedge in the person’s mouth so that he/she does not bite the tongue.
C. Make sure that he/ she the person is in a safe area.
D. Ignore the person and allow the seizure to pass

30. Which of the following procedures in administering chest-pressure-arm-lift is NOT correct?
A. Maintain an open airway.
B. Pull the victim’s arm outward.
C. Kneel on top of the victim’s head.
D. Place the victim in a face down position.

31. Accidents on the road can be avoided by practicing the following precautionary measures, EXCEPT:
A. walking on the side of the road facing approaching traffic
B. using seatbelts when riding cars
C. using properly lighted bicycles at night
D. wearing dark clothing at night

32.What will you check after you rescue a little girl from the bottom of a pool?
A. breathing
B. pulse
C. broken bones
D. head injury

33. Which position is best for a person who is shock?
A. sitting position
B. lying position
C. supine position
D. prone lying

34. It slows down breathing, stop pain, calm down a person or induce sleep.
A. Stimulant
B. Depressant
C. Hallucinogens
D. Inhalants

35. Labels can help consumer compare and evaluate health products especially on drugs because __________
A. it includes expiration dates
B. tells about the ingredients
C. gives the prices
D. tells about the possible side-effects.

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