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Majorship LET Reviewer

MAPEH LET Reviewer
MAPEH LET Reviewer

1. What becomes of the tone when a perfect interval is lowered half step?
A. Minor
B. Diminished
C. Augmented
D. Major

2. How many notes are needed form a diatonic scale?
A. 3
B. 7
C. 5
D. 8

3. Which of the following refers to a musical art form which combines singing, heightened speech, mime, dancing and acrobatics?
A. Gamelan
B. Plain Song
C. Peking Opera
D. National song

4. Which of the following should be the emphasis of a teacher teaching rhythm?
A. Correct Pitch
B. Correct beat of basic meter in a song
C. Observe expression marks
D. Accurate voice part singing

5. Which of the following elements is applied when a musical sign that indicates the speed of a song composition has to be sung or played?
A. Sonority
B. Register
C. Monophonic
D. Tempo

6. Which of the following refers to a metrical cycle of beats which is constantly repeated throughout certain sections of musical compositions?
A. Raga
B. Rasa
C. Shruti
D. Tala

7. Which of the following styles of performing is used by Schoenberg in his composition “Pierrot Lunnaire” where the lyrics of the song are half-sung and half-spoken?
A. Inversion
B. Rap
C. Sprechstimme
D. Retrograde

8. What period in music history gave the chance or the opportunity to convey the “feeling” of the composer?
A. Baroque
B. Romantic
C. 20th Century
D. Classical

9. Who was awarded as national artist in 1990 who composed “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan” and “Sa Mahal Kong Bayan”?
A. Eliseo Pajaro
B. Restlo Umali
C. Antonio Buenventura
D. Lucio San Pedro

10. What is a characteristic of African music?
A. Solo singing
B. Call and response singing
C. Chorus-like
D. A-capella singing

11. Who among the following personalities was been a well-known impressionistic composer of the 20th century?
A. Bela Bantok
B. Arnold Schoenberg
C. Igor Stravinsky
D. Claude Debussy

12. What do the twelve tones progressing by half step consistently compose?
A. Pentatonic scale
B. Diatonic
C. Minor scale
D. Chromatic scale

13. In which period in music history was the new tonal system invented, the different kinds of ideology and music, the use of important technologies in producing sound and music and the widespread of rationalism in spirit and of music?
A. 16th century
B. 19th century
C. 18th century
D. 20th century

14. Which part/s of the body is/are considered as the second resonator that produces the sonorous and desirable quality of voice?
A. Head and nasal cavities
B. Lips
C. Jaw
D. Diaphragm

15. What musical structure is contained in a Japanese folksong “Sakura”?
A. Binary form
B. Tenary form
C. Unitary form
D. Through-composed

16. What form of orchestra consists of gongs and metallophone instruments?
A. Kempyang
B. Rehab
C. Gamelan
D. Kanong

17. Which of Hindus musical instrument has 13 strings excluding the four melody and three drone strings normally played by plucking?
A. Vina
B. Sitar
C. Tabla
D. Tambura

18. What is the title of this song?
A. Leron-leron Sinta
B. Bahay Kubo
C. Sta Clara
D. Sitsiritsit

19. Whose work of art was the famous “Pieta”?
A. Donatello
B. Berninl
C. Michealangelo
D. L. da Vinci

20. A succession of eight consecutive tones arranged in whole and half step is called _______.
A. melody
B. phrase
C. octave
D. scale

21. Which country in Asia has a rich and ancient civilization that began about 3000 B.C. with the settlement of the valleys along the Yangtse and Huang Ho Rivers?
A. India
B. Japan
C. Intensity
D. Korea

22. The relative loudness or softness of tonal effect is determined by the size of vibrations of the sound waves. What do you call this musical effect?
A. Dynamics
B. Timbre
C. Intensity
D. Photography

23. Which Chinese term means that the art of writing has always been the MOST important of the arts?
A. Photolithography
B. Typography
C. Calligraphy
D. Photography

24. What Japanese painting style means pictures in the Japanese manner?
A. Woodblock Printing
B. Yamato-e
C. Screen
D. Ukiyo-e

25. What is prescribed arrangement of succession pitches, usually running from the lowest pitch to the highest in ascending of descending order?
A. Scales
B. Melodic contour
C. Ascending tones
D. Melodic progression

26. What do you call the grouping of beats into measure?
A. Tempo
B. Pulse
C. Rhythm
D. Meter

27. Who was one of the greatest and MOST original artists of the 20th century, a constant experimenter who introduced cubism?
A. Van Gogh
B. Brancusl
C. Vincent
D. Pablo Picasso

28. Marilyn is very fond of art works. She would like to decorate her room with different sizes of angles. These figurines are products of what sculpture?
A. Welding
B. Molding
C. Fabricating
D. Casting

29. Who, among the following, is a famous sculpture of glass?
A. Napoleon Abueva
B. Ramon Orlira
C. Eduardo Castillo
D. Arturo Cruz

30. Michealangelo planned the massive dome and façade of St. Peters Basilica in Rome. What style of architecture did he design?
A. Gothic architecture
B. Romanesque architecture
C. Baroque architecture
D. Byzantine architecture

31. What principle of color harmonies will an artist apply in painting if he/she uses one color tint with shades or value?
A. Analogous
B. Contrasting
C. Complimentary
D. Monochromatic

32. What is the Japanese stems from the Zen world view and features the spirit of poverty?
A. Sabi
B. Cha-no-yu
C. Ikebana
D. Wabi

33 What do you call the scale composed of all the twelve tones progressing by half step consistently?
A. Diatonic scale
B. Chromatic scale
C. Pentatonic scale
D. Minor scale

34. For which sculptural work was Solomon Saprid famous for?
A. Nagtatanim ng Palay
B. UP Oblation
C. Tikbalang
D. Pieta

35. Which is Beethoven’s, well-known symphony, the theme of which, is being used in T.V. advertisement today?
A. New World Symphony
B. Symphony No. 1
C. Symphony No. 5
D. Symphony No. 94

36. Who was the painter of Una Mestiza Mercedera deManila?
A. Juan Luna
B. Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo
C. Damina Domingo
D. Vicente Manansala

37. Who was the architect-designer of the Cultural Centerof the Philippines, Along Roxas Boulevard Pasay City?
A. Cesar H. Concio
B. Julio Nakpil
C. Leandro Locsen
D.Pablo Antonio

38. While the Chinese used pentatonic scale, Indian Music are built on Seven notes. What are the seven notes in their proper order?

39. Who among the following was the painter of “Una Mestiza Mercadera de Manila”?
A. Vicente Manansala
B. Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo
C. Juan Luna
D. Damina Domingo

40. What is the scale composed of seven tones (six different tones) each is a whole tone from its nearest neighbor?
A. major scale
B. whole-tone scale
C. minor scale
D. chromatic scale

41. Which is the Maranaw narrative poetry that was presumed to be an over a thousand years old?
A. Pamatbat
B. Lang-ang
C. Darangan
D. Hud-hud

42. What do you call this multi-purpose benevolent spirit primarily used to guard granaries and rice field?
A. Kris
B. Bihang
C. Barong
D. Bul-ul

43. During the ancient period in Japan, there is a kind of music played in palace/courts for the royal families. This ancient court music is called ______.
A. kabuki
B. noh
C. gagaku
D. bunkaru

44. Muslim people are fond of intense colors the brighter the colors they use, the more attractive the colors are to them. They use violet and yellow. Which color combination is this?
A. Triple complimentary
B. Double complimentary
C. Triad
D. Complimentary

45. How do the Thai’s call, the instrumental ensemble made up of string, percussion and woodwind?
A. Mahori
B. Piphat
C. Kruang-saay
D. Gamelan

46. What part of the body is the third resonator that produces vibrations below the larynx that provides depth and richness to the tone?
A. Shoulder
B. Head
C. Jaw
D. Ches

47. What country was called the “Fishing Village”before the coming of the British?
A. Thailand
B. Singapore
C. Korea
D. Burma

48. There are lots of materials used in sculpture like white jade, clay, stone, metal, wood, ivory, wax, plastic and glass who among the following is a famous sculptor of glass?
A. Eduardo Cruz
B. Arturo Cruz
C. Napoleon Abueva
D. Ramon Ornila

49. Who painted “The Last Supper”?
A. Eugene dela Cruz
B. Leonardo Da Vinci
C. Peter Paul Rubens
D. Diego Velasquez

50. What acoustic element of a human voice acts like a motor where the pressure of breath against the vocal bands causes it to vibrate and induce sound rather than stream the breath through the larynx?
A. Resonator
B. Articulator
C. Activator
D. Vibrato

51. Which method of breathing determines the quality and volume of voice which are of vital influence in singing?
A. lungs
B. diaphragm
C. stomach
D. liver

52. Who among the painters of the Renaissance period worked on “The Crucifixion”?
A. Jerome Bosch
B. Rogen Van Der Weyden
C. Jan Van Eyck
D. Fra Angelico

53. What is the famous contribution of India to world architecture?
A. The Bereaved
B. Taj Mahal
C. Shald Johan
D. Stupa

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