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MAPEH LET Reviewer
MAPEH LET Reviewer

1. Which of the following objectives were enhanced through participation in the intramural program resulted from the knowledge learned from the regular class program in physical education.

1-Health objectives
2-Social Objectives
3-Skill Objectives

A. 1, 2, and 3
B. 1 only
C. 2 only
D. 3 only

2. One of the factors that is not consider for effective administration of intramural activities is
A. testing for purposes of study and research.
B. conference of coaches and officials.
C. ground rules to serve as guidelines.
D. funds to run the competition.

3. Which of the following is an objective of intramural management?
A. Desirable qualities are develop
B. Contribute to the development of individual
C. Knowledge of the game is enhance
D. Nurture a healthy spirit of competition, sportsmanship and teamwork

4. The effective administration of intramural activities takes into account several factors. Which of the following factors clarifies any aspect of the activity?
A. Ground rules to serve as guidelines for everyone
B. Funds to run the competition
C. Coaches and Managers
D. Schedule of games

5. Which of the following functions of management pertains to identifying, subdividing, grouping and coordinating the various activities in running the intramural program?
A. Organizing  
B. Planning
C. Staffing
D. Directing

6. Professional training in physical education is the most appropriate qualification for persons selected to provide intramural leadership in the school setting. Which of the following competencies one must acquire?

1-Understanding of growth, psychological, and motor development of individuals
2-Knowledge of sports safety and first aid
3-Knowledge of tournament planning and methods of establishing leagues
4-A sense of fun.

A. 1, 2, 3, and 4  
B. 1 and 2
C. 2 and 3
D. 3 and 4

7. Which of the following is an essential quality of an official?
A. Physical Fitness
B. Official-Player rapport
C. Knowledge of the game
D. Physical Fitness

8. If you are given the task to run your intramural program in your school, which of the following management functions will you apply in terms of identifying the objective to be pursued, the means to achieve it, and allocating the resources of your program?
A. Planning  
B. Directing
C. Controlling
D. Staffing

9. Intramural games are part of the extra-class activities of students. Which type of tournament must be used if the best team is expected to win the championship?
A. Round Robin  
B. Single Elimination
C. Double Elimination
D. Ladder Type

10. In identifying the number of games to be played, what formula should be used for a single round robin type of tournament?
A. N (N-1)/2  
B. 2 (10-1)
C. G=N-1
D. (N-1) 2

11. What basic formula determines the number of byes?
A. P2-N  
B. (N-1) 2
C. G=N-1
D. N (N-1)/2

12. How many numbers of byes are there in a double elimination tournament when there are 9 teams competing?
A. 7    
B. 2    
C. 4
D. 6

13. It is the type of tournament being use when there are big number of participants and less number of facilities and time available.
A. Single Elimination
B. Double Elimination
C. Round Robing
D. Pyramid

14. The formula for getting the total number of games in double elimination is
A. 2 (N-1)
B. N(N-1)/2
C. N-1
D. N(N-2

15. When there are 6 teams competing in a double elimination tournament, the number of byes in the first round is
A. 2    
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8

16. Which of these systems is used to resolve a tie between two teams?
A. win-over-the other
B. win-lose system
C. quotient system
D. point system

17. What is the primary reason that a manager or director should conduct a needs assessment?
A. To determine the specific needs and interests of the target market.
B. To determine the quality of potential applicant for a position that could be hire in the area
C. To determine the needs of management before developing the budgets
D. To determine the need for new or different equipment.

18. Program description, resource availability, and student interest are examples of
A. a business plan  
B. a survey
C. budget categories
D. management factors.

19. The training of athletes involves a program that takes into consideration the principles of progression, overload and specificity. Which of the following aspects of training does not take care of these principles?
A. conditioning exercises
B. warm-up variations
C. psychology of coaching
D. rigid training

20. Which of the following committees take the initial planning in an athletic meet?
A. Organizing committee
B. Equipment committee
C. Committee on arrangements
D. Finance committee

21. Mr. Abando, the head of the Physical Education Department, is planning for the forthcoming School Intramurals. To ensure the success of the program he met with all the faculty members and invited key people from the other departments, some staff and school administrator to chair the working committees. Which of the management functions is being illustrated in this situation?

A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Evaluating
D. Staffing

22. San Pedro High School accepted Allan, a blind student in the regular PE class. Allan is very good in following directions that is why he can cope up with the lessons in gymnastics and dance. If the PE teacher allows Allan to play Volleyball which of the following is the best way do to?

A. Modify instruction
B. Modify activity
C. Modify equipment
D. Modify rules

23. Performance evaluation should determine the extent by which the employee is contributing to the overall mission of the organization. This evaluation is crucial in providing information into the organization’s reward and punishment system. Which of these is not true about performance evaluation?

A. Employees  themselves must refrain from participating in the evaluation process
B. Evaluation helps members to grow in the job
C. Evaluation to be relevant must be centered on agreed-upon job performance criteria.
D. Evaluation result aids management in the promotion of qualified employee

24. In order to accommodate twenty teams for the school intramurals in two days, which of the following may help the Committee on Games accomplish the task best?
A. Use Ladder type of game scheduling
B. Use Single Elimination
C. Use Double Elimination
D. Use Round Robin

25. Which of the following management functions   does the manager performs when  he creates a shared culture and  values, creates a shared communicating goals and instilling among employees the desire to perform at a high level?

A. Controlling
B. Planning
C. Leading
D. Organizing

26. This management function requires certain types of steps to be followed to bring about meaningful course of action.
A. Problem Solving
B. Coordinating
C. Decision making
D. Innovating

27. Physical Education and Sports Programs spend thousands of pesos on supplies and equipment in order to provide a meaningful and varied program of activities. Because a large expenditure of funds is made for supplies and equipment, it is important that the management responsibilities be carried out in a business-like manner. Which of the following statements best describes this management responsibility?

A. Supplies and equipment needs must be accurately determined
B. Purchase must be conducted within organizational policy
C. Storage, maintenance and repair of items must be considered for longevity of use
D. Selection must be accomplished according to sound judgment.

28. Which of the following best describes the principles in the organization of comprehensive school health services in the public school setting?

A. Every school must have a physician who will function as a school medical adviser
B. The Physical Education Department Head is frequently the health coordinator
C. The coach and the physical education teacher come into close informal contact with the students and thus can gain understanding of their health problems and needs.
D. The physical educator is in a strategic position to perform excellent service.

29. The fundamental purpose of health instruction is to equip the student with sufficient knowledge to enable him to attain and maintain both in attitude and practice the highest possible health. Which of the following is one of the basic principles of health instruction?

A. Throughout the school life, health and health promotion should be one of the objectives of the whole school program
B. Instruction must be done in the vernacular language to enable the students to relate to the concepts and health principles
C. Learning experiences must not be prejudicial to community beliefs, taboos and cultural differences
D. Normal and differently-abled students must be considered in the preparation of the curriculum

30. For the full implementation of the comprehensive school health education program, which of the following plays a vital role in the absence of personnel, facilities and equipment of any public schools in the Philippines?

A. Teacher-nurse coordination
B. School-community coordination
C. School-health center coordination
D. Teacher-community health worker coordination

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