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MAPEH LET Reviewer
MAPEH LET Reviewer

PART 1 - Individual and Team Sports
1. From what game is the modern game of badminton thought to have developed?
A. Poona
B. ping pong
C. tennis
D. squash

2. What was the original type of basket used for basketball?
A. peach basket
B. fish basket
C. sewing basket
D. trash basket

3. From what social group did tennis originate?
A. royalty
B. peasants
C. middle class
D. blue collar

4. In what year was softball begun?
A. 1887
B. 1870
C. 1895
D. 1880

5. What equipment is worn by the catcher in softball for safety?
A. Mask and body protector
B. Glove and uniform
C. Mask and Mitt
D. Spikes and mask

6. The official court for singles game in badminton measures 44 ft. long by 17 ft. wide while in doubles game measures
A. 44 ft. long x 20 ft. wide
B. 40 ft. long x 22 ft. wide
C. 42 ft. long x 20 ft. wide
D. 44 ft. long x 22 ft. wide

7. What portion of the body provides most of the power in badminton strokes?
A. wrist
B. arm
C. shoulder
D. trunk

8. In swimming, why should the feet stay under water when kicking?
A. to give maximum strength
B. to give maximum force
C. to give maximum speed
D. to give maximum buoyancy

9. In running event, the athlete should keep his hand loosely crippled in order to
A. face himself evenly.
B. increase speed.
C. out run others.
D. avoid tension in his arms.

11. What running form differentiates a long distance runner from sprinter?
A. Long distance runner carries the arm higher.
B. Long distance runner takes longer stride.
C. Long distance runner leans forward more.
D. Long distance runner lands with the heel of the foot.

12. In badminton, why do most beginners swing too fast in an attempt to contact the shuttle?
A. shuttle normally drops slightly slower than other objects with which they have dealt
B. forefinger is up the shaft and triggers the stroke
C. racket is very light thereby making a speedier action during the swing than one expects
D. thumb is up the shaft of the racket is greater than similar equipment used in other sports.

13. In a basketball game with time remaining down to 3 seconds, team A is behind by 2 points with ball possessions, the player of team A who is about to in bound the ball spotted a team mate near the opponents basket all alone. What is the pass that he should execute in order for the receiver to be able to shoot the ball within the remaining time?
A. Baseball pass
B. Chest Pass
C. Bounce Pass
D. Overhead Pass

14. In a game basketball, finding himself all alone in the front court, player A attempts a lay-up shot with the right hand after receiving the pass from a team mate and it was done perfectly. What is meant by perfect lay-up shot?
A. at no time are two hands at the ball
B. the take-off is from both feet, body facing squarely the basket
C. the hand carrying the ball is placed in from of the body aligned with the waist.
D. the take-off is from the left foot, the right knee lifting up to give additional height.

15. What is the common error of a beginner in softball in throwing the ball?
A. steps in the direction of the throw
B. tends to bring the elbow in close to the trunk
C. throws the ball from the position in which he fields the ball
D. fingers the ball

16. In softball fielding skills, the player must execute the proper mechanic of the skill involved so as to make a good play against the opponent. If the execution of the mechanic is not followed correctly there is a possibility of losing the game. Which of the following is a mechanic of fielding?
A. on receiving a throw to his right, the first baseman tags the base with his left foot
B. the batter attempts to hit the ball ahead of the runner on “hit an run” play
C. preliminary to pitching, the pitcher stands with one foot on and one foot off the rubber
D. in executing a hook slide to the right side, player tags the bas with his right toe

17. What would be desirable in executing the crawl stroke?
A. keep elbow higher than the hand on entry
B. keep hips low in water
C. keep ankles and feet tense
D. keep leg stiff

18. In table tennis, a stroke in which the lower part of the ball is hit with a downward stroke of the paddle, imparting backspin to the ball is called
A. chop shot
B. block shot
C. push shot
d. top spin shot

19. In tennis, which is the best forehand grip and why?
A. Unorthodox – because one may use the same grip for the backhand also
B. Eastern – because this position of the hand is more natural
C. Continental – because the open racket face allow one to lift the ball
D. Orthodox – because the closed racket face allows one to handle the high bounce of the ball

20. In volleyball, what elements constitute a successful attack hit?
A. good reception, good toss, and a hard spike
B. good toss, nice tips, and good deception
C. good reception, good toss, and a nice tip
D. good reception, nice toss, and a control spike

21. In table tennis, the stroke that starts from nearly shoulder height, hitting the forward and downward flight of the ball is called
A. Forehand drive
B. Backhand drive
C. Forehand topspin
D. Backhand chop

22. In volleyball, how should a player’s body be positioned in preparing to hit a forearm pass?
A. The player’s right shoulder and arm should be in line with the intended target.
B. The player’s right shoulder and arm should be in line with the approaching ball.
C. The midline of the player’s body should be in line with the intended target.
D. The midline of the player’s body should be in line with the approaching ball.

23. What factor explains why it is difficult to stop suddenly while running?
A. Acceleration is too great.
B. Momentum is too great.
C. Inertia is acting on the body.
D. A counterforce cannot be developed quickly enough.

24. In relay races the runner passes the baton to his teammate, what happens if the baton falls?
A. the runner who drops the baton must pick-up the baton
B. the baton may be pick-up by the passer or the receiver
C. the passer must pick-up the baton
D. the receiver must pick-up the baton

25. In badminton, when do players on the serving side change from one service court to the other?
A. when the serving side score a point
B. after each serve made by the serving side
C. each time the opponent change side
D. after each serve is lost

26. In basketball, a foul is committed against a player who is able to make the goal in spite of the fouls. Does the shot count?
A. Yes, a free throw is awarded
B. Yes, the other team takes the ball out of bounds
C. No, a jump ball is called
D. No, a free throw is awarded

27. Player A is cutting for the basket and runs into Player B who has established a guarding position. What is the official’s decision?
A. charging on Player A
B. blocking on Player B
C. charging on Player B
D. blocking on Player A

28. On the first pitch, the batter hits a foul ball that goes shoulder high and is caught by the catcher. What is the ruling?
A. A strike is called.
B. The batter is out automatically.
C. The catcher may tag the runner out.
D. The batter may try to beat the catcher’s throw first.

29. What must a substitute in volleyball do before entering a game?
A. Report to the scorer
B. Report to the second referee.
C. Report to the first referee
D. Report to table officials

30. In volleyball, what choices does the winner of the toss coin have?
A. First serve or an area of that game
B. First serve in the first or second game
C. First serve and an area of that game
D. First serve in the first and second game

31. In the 3,000 m steeplechase event, how many jumps from the hurdles and water jumps a competitor must execute to complete the race?
A. 28 hurdles and 7 water jumps
B. 26 hurdles and 8 water jumps
C. 24 hurdles and 10 water jumps
D. 27 hurdles and 6 water jumps

32. In soccer, how is the game begun?
A. with a kickoff
B. with a face-off
C. with a drop ball
D. with a goal kick

33. How is the goalkeeper in soccer distinguishable from the other players on a team?
A. different uniform
B. goalkeeper padding and equipment
C. stays in the goal area
D. stays in the penalty area

34. How long should an exerciser wait after eating a meal before working out?
A. 2 hours
B. 30 minutes
C. 1 hour
D. no wait necessary

35. The recommended way to increase flexibility in a safe manner is through a carefully planned activity. Which among the exercises is the safest?
A. static stretching
B. rapid stretching
C. ballistic stretching
D. bouncing

36. The recommended solution to decrease body fats include
2-increase physical activity
3-medical guidance

A. 1 and 2
B. 1 and 3
C. 2 and 3
D. 1, 2, and 3

37. Progressive resistance is applied when the muscles becomes stronger as they work against a corresponding grater resistance. Which of the following approaches does not contribute to this method of increasing strength?
A. daily and simple exercises
B. heavy resistance exercises using weight training
C. specific exercises against body weight as in pull-ups
D. vigorous athletic performance

38. Interval training is one of the most effective training approaches in the preparation of athletes. Which of the practices contributes to this type of training?
A. medium to high intensity and vice versa for each activity
B. continuous performance of an activity
C. untimed and unlimited training activity
D. any activity desired and enjoyed by the performer

PART II - Athletics
1. 5,000 meters is _____ laps in the oval.
a. 25
b. 13
c. 7
d. 4

2.There are ____ water jumps in steeplechase.
a. 5
b. 12
c. 7
d. 14

3.One round in the oval is ____
a. 100 M
b. 500 M
c. 600 M
d. 400 M

4. Triple jump is done by a ____, step, and jump.
a. hop
b. walk
c. run
d. skip

5. There are ____ hurdles in the hurdling events.
a. 10
b. 12
c. 14
d. 16

6. Heptathlon is composed of _____ events.
a. 6
b. 7
c. 8
d. 9

7. Decathlon is composed of ____ running events.
a. 8
b. 4
c. 6
d. 3

8. 100 M, 400 M and ____ meter are all sprint events.
a. 800 M
b. 1,500 M
c. 200 M
d. 300 M

9. There are ____ obstacles including the water jump in the steeplechase
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6

10. The official responsible for the proper carrying out of the program in an Athletic meeting is the _______________.
a. Technical Manager
b. Clerk of Court
c. Field Manager
d. Meet Manager

11. The athletic meet of official who is responsible for the preparation of the Result cards, timekeeping cards and all other implements for competition Is the _______________.
a. recorder
b. meet manager
c. technical manager
d. referee

12. Who is the official responsible for allowing only officials on duty and competitors taking part in the events that are in progress to be in the area?
a. the referee
b. announcer
c. the marshal
d. manager of the meet

13. The officials on duty at the change-over zones is relay races and the _______________.
a. Track Judges
b. umpires
c. Marshals
d. Asst. Technical Manager

14. In all National & International Meetings, starting blocks must be used for all races up to and including.
a. 400 M
b. 200 M
c. 800 M
d. 110 M

15. Any breach of the rules that is observed by the ____ should be indicated immediately by the raising of a red flag.
a. technical manager
b. meet manager
c. chief judge
d. jury of appeal

16. The official who is responsible to allocate duties to the judges is the
a. technical manager
b. meet manager
c. chief judge
d. jury of appeal

17. A distinctive flag or marker may be used to mark the best throw of each competitor in the following events.
a. javelin only
b. hammer & discus only
c. for all throwing event
d. for all throwing event except shot put

18. A throw made by a competitor in the discus event is disqualified because
a. The competitor leaves the circle before the discus has landed
b. The discus breaks after landing
c. He has put rising powder on his hands
d. The discuss lands within the landing area and rolled out.

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