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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for English
LET Reviewer for English

101. Below is a sentence from DON QUIXOTE: 

In a village of La Mancha a name of which I have no desire to recall, there lived not so long ago one of those gentlemen who always have a lance in the rock, an ancient buckles, a skinny nag and a greyhound….

Which question should you ask if you reading it at a LITERAL LEVEL?
a. Is there a figurative language used? 
b. Which word will lown? 
c. What are the figurative language and sound techniques used? 
d. Which technique creates humor? 

102-103. Read the poem, 25th HIGH SCHOOL REUNION by Linda Pastan and answer the questions that follows. 

We come to hear the endings 
of all the stories 
in our anthology 
of false starts: 
how the girl who seemed 
as hard as hails 
was the girl who seemed
 as hard nails 
was hammered into shape, 
how the athletes ran 
Out of races; 
How skulls rise 
To the surface 
Like rocks in the bed 
Of a drying stream. 
Look! We have all 
Turned into 

102. After reading the poem at the THIRD LEVEL, which question should be asked? 
a. What were their transformations after 25 years?
b. Who is speaking in the poem? 
c. What happened during the reunion? 
d. What is meant by the comparison under the skin/ our skull rise /to the surface/ like rocks in the bed/ of a drying stream”?

103. Which question should be asked when the poem is read at the FIRST LEVEL? 
a. Who attended the 25th high school reunion? 
b. What language is used in the poem? 
c. Why were their faces as sharp and pointed as the rocks? 
d. To what are the once-young students compared?

104. Which is the lowest of comprehension?
a. critical comprehension 
b. critical evaluation 
c. literal comprehension 
d. integration 

105. Which is the highest level of comprehension? 
a. Literal comprehension 
b. Critical evaluation 
c. Critical comprehension 
d. Integration 

106. To read the sentences below at the LITERAL LEVEL:

I could be forgiven a few siddity aris. In fact, a pretension to worldiness was expected of me, and I was too happy to disappoint. 
I should say

a. When the women returned home she pretended to be religious 
b. And, why does she need to pretend? 
c. I have to get a dictionary to look up an unfamiliar word siddity
d. I cannot understand why she has to use unfamiliar words. 

107. The Maranao stories about Pilandok are examples of ____. 
a. Fantastic stories 
b. Creation myths 
c. Folk tales 
d. Folk epics

108. Which of the following epic is about the exploits of early Muslim warriors who fought in defense of Islam.
a. Indarapatra and Sulayman 
b. Bantugan 
c. Parang Sabu 
d. Darangan 

109. Which book in the New Testament includes a vision of the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus? 
a. Epistle of Hebrews 
b. Revelations 
c. Epistle of James 
d. Colossians 

110. Which of the following terms describes the subject matter, style, tone and attitude of the literature of ancient Greek and Rome? 
a. Romanticism 
b. Realism 
c. Classicism 
d. Naturalism 

111. The Greek alphabet is adapted from the consonantal writing developed by the 
a. Phoenicians 
b. Assyrians 
c. Babylonians 
d. Hebrews

112. Which of the following is Carlos Bulosan’s celebrated autobiography?
a. Falling Leaves 
b. The laughter of My Father 
c. America is in the Heart 
d. Footnote to Youth 

113. The type of novel which became popular, in the 18th century is ____. 
a. Religious 
b. Picaresque
c. Epistolary 
d. Gothic 

114. Who died at the end of Iliad? 
a. Achilles 
b. Agamemnon 
c. Menelaus 
d. Ballad 

115. Which of the following is NOT a lyric poem? 
a. Ode 
b. Sonnet 
c. Elegy 
d. Ballad 

116. The most authentic record of Confucian teaching form which the Tao or Way was learned the correct principles of governing both self and state is ____. 
a. Tu Fu 
b. Analects 
c. Shih Ching 
d. Tao-te Ching 

117. What literacy movement in American literature examines life as it is? 
a. Romanticism 
b. Realism 
c. Puritanism 
d. Naturalism 

118. “The Tale of Genji” was written by ____. 
a. Akutagawa Ryunosuki 
b. Lady Murasoki Shokibu 
c. Kawabata Syaonari 
d. Lady Murasaka 

119. Madame Bovary is considered as the best example of French ______. 
a. Realism 
b. Naturalism 
c. Existentialism 
d. Symbolism 

120. What is the English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s “Gitanjail” 
a. Patriotic Hymns 
b. Devotional Songs 
c. Song of Offerings 
d. Songs Caesar

121. Who of the following Romans was never emperor?
a. Catullus 
b. Claudius 
c. Caligula 
d. Juluis Caesar 

122. Which is NOT a work of Leo Tolstoy? 
a. Father and Sons 
b. The Death of Ivan Illyach 
c. War and Peace – Tolstoy 
d. Anna Karenina

123. Which of the following cities was NOT a center of government, religion and culture in the third millennium B.C.? 
a. Babylon 
b. Baghdad 
c. Nineveh 
d. Thebes 

124. Who among these writers is famous for using local color in his stories? 
a. Manuel Arguilla 
b. Carlos Bulosan 
c. F. Sionel Jose 
d. Juan C. Laya 

125. What narrative poem tells of the heroic exploits of great heroes? 
a. Romance 
b. Ballad 
c. Epic 
d. Lyric 

126. If Divine Comedy is characterized by absolute faith in a single truth, what best characterizes Boccaccio’s Decameron? 
a. An equally devout reference for this truth 
b. A complete negation of Christian doctrine 
c. Characteristics of the merchant class 
d. A sexual libertinism that seeks to revive the great pleasures of Ancient Rome 

127. Read the poem below and answer the following question.

Time is a pair scissors
And life , a bolt of brocade 
When the lost section is done 
The scraps are committed to a bonfire

The key idea expressed in the stanza above is the __.
a. Transitoriness of life 
b. Cruelty of time 
c. Beauty of life 
d. Destruction of beauty 

128. Which of the following literacy genre was used to express social protest during the early days of American regime? 
a. Zarsuela 
b. Comedia 
c. Cenaculo 
d. Duplo 

129. In Homer’s epic, who kept Odysseus on her Island for seven years? 
a. Athena 
b. Calypso 
c. Helen 
d. Penelope 

130. Who wrote “Mga Ibong Mandaragat”?
a. Amado V. Hernandez 
b. Lualhati Bautista 
c. Virgilio Almario 
d. Edgardo Reyes 

131. A distinct of poetry during the age of modernism is ______. 
a. Measure 
b. Blank verse 
c. Free verse 
d. Rhyme 

132. Her way of speaking is as entertaining as a laundry list “is an example of _____. 
a. Simile 
b. Metaphor 
c. Hyperbole 
d. Onomatopoeia 

133. Which short narrative poem is intended to be sung? 
a. Ballad 
b. Lyric 
c. Epic 
d. Romance 

134. What is the usual ending of a Comedia? 
a. Death of the prince 
b. Victory of Muslims 
c. Death of the queen 
d. Victory of Christians 

135. The period of American Renaissance gave birth to ____.
a. Romanticism 
b. Naturalism 
c. Transcendentalism 
d. Realism 

136. Read the poem below and answer the following question.

“Yes, thou shalt die, 
And lie 
Dump in the tomb; 
Nor of thy name 
Shall these be any fame”

To An Uncultured Lesbian Woman
- Sappho

What does the person tell the lesbian woman about her death? 
a. She will not be famous in death 
b. She will find peace 
c. She will be placed in a tomb 
d. She will be forgotten 

137. The Ifugao hero who was immortalized in the epic Hudhud is _____. 
a. Lumawig 
b. Duluyan 
c. Banna
d. Aligayon 

138. Who among the following is known as the Indian Shakespeare? 
a. Kalidasa
b. Khagyam 
c. Tagore 
d. Sadi 

139. What conventions or earlier literary and artistic cycle style do both realism and naturalism oppose? 
a. Classicism 
b. Romanticism 
c. Symbolism 
d. Neoclassicism

140. What work of Geoffrey Chaucer is regarded as the first collection of short stories in English literature written in poetic form? 
a. Canterburry Tales 
b. Decaeron 
c. Iliad 
d. Beowulf 

141. The Homeric poems greatly influenced the development of Greek civilization. Which of the following best supports this statement? 
a. The Greek became great warriors 
b. The great epic characters became models of conduct for later generations of the Greeks 
c. The Olympian gods were worshipped 
d. The Greek became good architects

142. What is the function of the Filipino folk narratives? 
a. To ward off evil spirits 
b. To explain natural phenomena 
c. To teach proper behavior 
d. To honor the gods

143. Which of the following best describes the differences between figures that Dante encounters in the three canticles of the Divine Comedy? 
a. In Inferno, they become more corporeal as Dante descends in the lower circles
b. In Purgatorio, they have corporeal shape but not corporeal 
c. In Paradiso, they have neither boodles nor images but simply lights, and In Purgatorio they have corporeal shape but not corporeal substance and Inferno, they become more corporeal as Dante descends into the lower circles
d. In Paradiso, they have neither bodies nor images but not corporeal substance 

144. Which two groups are at war in the Iliad? 
a. Trojans and Macedonians 
b. Trojans and Achaens 
c. Trojans and Minoans 
d. Trojans and Phaeacians

145. Read the poem below and answer the following question.

Africa, my Africa 
Africa or proud warriors 
In ancestral savanna 
Africa of whom my grandmother sings 
- David Diop

These lines above describe as Africa that is ___. 
a. Free and beautiful 
b. Mysterious and unexplored 
c. War town and undeveloped 
d. Primitive and uncivilized 

146. The poetry of Ezia Pound is best described _____. 
a. Philosophical 
b. Imagist 
c. Metaphysical 
d. Romantic 

147. To punish himself for murdering his father and having sexual relations with his mother, what did Oedipus do? 
a. He castrated himself 
b. He killed himself 
c. He ordered his sons to murder him 
d. He gouged his eyes 

148. What can be inferred from Iseneses “answer”?
a. She respects Creon 
b. She fears Creon 
c. She understands Creon 
d. She likes Creon

149. Who is NOT a romantic poet? 
a. William Blake 
b. John Milton 
c. Robert 
d. John Keats 

150. The playwright who used the “alienation effect” in his plays to educate the audience and not merely to play upon their emotion is ____. 
a. Herick Ibsen 
b. August Strendberg 
c. Bertolt Brecht 
d. Thomas Mann 

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