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LET Reviewer for English
LET Reviewer for English

1. What rhythmical device is used in this line from Latorena’s The Small Key? “…even the low square nipa house that stood in unashamed relief against the gray green haze of grass and leaves.”
A. alliteration
B. assonance
C. consonance
D. anaphora

2. What sense image is used in this line from Latorena’s The Small Key? “There were dark, newly plowed furrows where in due time timorous seedlings would rise to sturdy stalks and golden grain, to a rippling yellow sea in the wind and sun during harvest time.”
A. tactile
B. olfactory
C. visual
D. auditory

3. “Soledad nodded. Her eyes followed her husband down the road, noting the fine set of his head and shoulders, the ease of his stride. A strange ache rose in her throat.” Which emotion best describes Soledad’s feelings in this excerpt from Latorena’s The Small Key?
A. fervent desire 
B. discomfort from sore throat
C. instinctive suspicion
D. twinge of sadness

4. What figure of speech is used in this last paragraph from Latorena’s The Small Key? “How quiet and peaceful the day was! A cow that had strayed by looked over her shoulder with a round vague inquiry and went on chewing her cud, blissfully unaware of such things as a gnawing fear in the heart of a woman and a still smoldering resentment in a man’s.”
A. irony
B. simile
C. personification
D. metaphor

5. Alfredo Salazar undergoes epiphany at the end of Marquez-Benitez’ story. What does epiphany mean?
A. regret
B. insight
C. freedom
D. confusion

6. What do ‘dead stars’ symbolize in Marquez-Benitez’ story?
A. the let-down feeling over the truth of a disillusionment
B. the dilemma between responsibility and freedom
C. the discovery of how life’s values change with time
D. the doubts and uncertainty that stand in a relationship.

7. “Things that are beautiful have a way of hurting. I destroy when I feel hurt.” What does Fabian’s thoughts reveal about his character?
A. bitter
B. goal-oriented
C. persistent 
D. vindictive

8. “They dressed him in purple and linen, in myth and mystery, put him astride a black stallion, at the wheel of a blue automobile.” How do the townspeople regard Mr. Reteche in Rotor’s Zita?
A. They find him difficult and confusing. 
B. They were at awe with his presence. 
C. They mocked him.
D. They respected and admired him.

9. “She did not have the courage to break into the wedding feast.” What did the ‘wedding feast’ stand for in the relationship of Awiyao and Lumnay in Daguio’s “Wedding Dance”?
A. village tradition 
B. love for each other 
C. desire to have a child
D. patriarchal society

10. “And far away in the middle of the fields a cow lowed softly in answer.” What sense image is used in this excerpt from Arguilla’s How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife?
A. visual 
B. olfactory 
C. tactile 
D. auditory

11. “A little green snake slithered languidly into the tall grass a few yards from the kamansi tree.” What does the snake symbolize in Love in the Cornhusks?
A. betrayal 
B. temptation 
C. distrust 
D. lust 

12. “She was deep in the road before she became conscious of her shoes. In horror, she saw that they were coated with thick, black clay. Gingerly she pulled off one shoe after the other with the hand still clutching the letter.” What does the underlined word in this excerpt from Love in the Cornhusks mean?
A. disgustedly 
B. carefully 
C. hurriedly 
D. determined 

13. What historical time is Nick Joaquin’s May Day Eve set?
A. Japanese occupation 
B. American time 
C. Spanish regime
D. Martial law era

14. What symbol is used to link the events of the three generations in May Day Eve?
A. guardia sereno 
B. candle 
C. mirror 
D. midnight

15. How long is the span of the story May Day Eve?
A. one month 
B. almost 50 years 
C. overnight 
D. 3 years 

16. What does Magnificence refer to in Alfon’s story?
A. the girls’ innocence 
B. Vicente’s kindness and generosity
C. the father’s protectiveness
D. the mother’s comforting presence

17. “There was nothing to fear, for the man was always so gentle, so kind.” What literary device is employed in this line from Magnificence?
A. foreshadowing
B. en medias res
C. symbolism
D. flashback

18. What is Cordero-Fernando’s view on the educational system in The Visitation of the Gods?
A. She hates the rotten side of the system.
B. She questions the role of educators.
C. She is proud of the administrators.
D. She upholds quality education.

19. What character of Miss Noel is revealed in this statement? “Sir, during the five years that I’ve taught I’ve done my best to live to my ideals. Yet, I please nobody. It’s the same old narrow conformism and favor-curriying.”
A. militant 
B. stubborn 
C. idealistic 
D. pessimistic

20. “It was not quite five, and the bread was not yet ready.” What does the bread symbolize in N.V.M. Gonzales’ Bread of Salt? 
A. The boy’s unreciprocated love for Aida.
B. The embarrassment of the boy in the presence of Aida.
C. The boy’s dream of becoming a famous violinist.
D. The differences in the social status between Aida and the boy.

21. “I felt all ardor for her gone from me entirely.” What epiphany does the character experience in N.V.M. Gonzales’ Bread of Salt?
A. The boy did not like Aida’s aristocratic upbringing.
B. His love for Aida was but an infatuation.
C. He has found another girl to love.
D. Aida did not like him. 

22. Which is an olfactory image?
A. The sun had sunk and down from the wooded sides of the Katayagan hills shadows were stealing into the fields.
B. He swallowed and brought up to his mouth more cud and the sound of his insides was like a drum.
C. The thick unpleasant smell of dangla bushes and cooling sun-heated earth mingled with the clean, sharp scent of arrais roots exposed to the night air and of the hay inside the cart.
D. The wind whistled against my cheeks and the rattling of the wheels on the pebbly road echoed in my ears. 

23. Which story shows the conflict of person vs. self?
A. The Visitation of the Gods 
B. The Virgin 
C. May Day Eve
D. Magnificence

24. Which of the following stories is in medias res?
A. Love in the Cornhusks 
B. Wedding Dance 
C. Dead Stars
D. The Small Key

25. Which story uses the first person narrator point of view?
A. Bread of Salt
B. How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife
C. The Visitation of the Gods
D. Harvest

26. Which story is a satire?
A. The Virgin 
B. Wedding Dance
C. The Visitation of the Gods
D. Harvest

27. In which story does the main character experience epiphany?
A. Visitation of the Gods 
B. How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife
C. Bread of Salt 
D. The Small Key

28. Which among these objects is a phallic symbol in literature?
A. key
B. cornhusks
C. Waig
D. pencil

29. Which story has a circular plot?
A. Dead Stars 
B. May Day Eve 
C. Magnificence 
D. Harvest 

30. Which is not characteristic of a story of local color?
A. mores and traditions of a particular locality
B. description of the local setting
C. bias and prejudice of characters
D. politeness and address markers

31. The figure of speech implied in this line from Alfon’s Forever Witches: “MARING: Bastos! I know what you really wanted to say. Pusa ka din!!”
A. metaphor 
B. pun 
C. personification 
D. hyperbole

32. What does Gonzalo mean by “a little longer” in this excerpt from Guerrero’s Three Rats?
Adrian: (Laughing): I expect to live a little longer, Gonzalo.
Gonzalo: A little longer is right. (Adrian’s face slowly begins to get red. He feels a giddiness in his head – he presses his temples.) 
A. He wants Adrian to apologize for his affair with Nita. 
B. The cyanide in Adrian’s coffee is taking effect.
C. Adrian is getting drunk and incoherent.
D. His wife’s infidelity makes him suffer in silence.

33. “Gonzalo: I attach myself to nothing and to nobody.” What character trait does Gonzalo reveal in this excerpt from Guerrero’s Three Rats?
A. shyness 
B. indifference 
C. pride 
D. boldness

34. Montano’s Sabina opens with this scene
A. novena prayers for the dead 
B. burial of Sabina’s mother, Maria 
C. confrontation between Sabina & Mr. George
D. Sabina lighting the lamp

35. “A bamboo flute is heard far away. Once more we hear the turtle crying.” What sense imagery is used in this description of the scene?
A. visual 
B. auditory 
C. tactile 
D. olfactory

36. What is the tone of the father’s statement in this line from Florentino’s The Dancers? “ FATHER: (mimicking her). She’s still a baby! I’m telling you, she’s old enough to have a Baby!
A. bitter 
B. sarcastic 
C. thrilled 
D. hopeful
37. Which comic technique is used in Agana’s NewYorker in Tondo?
A. mistaken identity 
B. physical blunder 
C. reversal of fortune
D. ridiculous situation

38. This play is a satire
A. Forever Witches 
B. The Dancers 
C. The Husband of Mrs. Cruz
D. Sabina

39. Which of the following plays is a farce?
A. Forever Witches 
B. The Dancers 
C. The Husband of Mrs. Cruz 
D. Sabina

40. This play is naturalistic in orientation
A. Sabina 
B. Forever Witches 
C. The Dancers
D. Three Rats

41. The rhyme scheme in Villa’s Sonnet 1
A. quatrain 
B. couplet 
C. octave 
D. sestet

42. What characteristic of poetry is referred to by the line “It must be slender as a bell” in Villa’s Sonnet 1?
A. rhyme & rhythm 
B. figurative language 
C. form & structure 
D. imagery

43. What emotion is expressed in these lines from Manalang-Gloria’s Poems? “The madcap inspirations, bent/On flinging stars about,/Contrive to break away before/I know that they are out”
A. confusion 
B. excitement 
C. awe 
D. fear

44. What figure of speech is used in this line from Alvero’s poem? “Could Gods refuse/Such tempting wine?”
A. apostrophe 
B. rhetorical question 
C. allusion 
D. metaphor

45. This line is an example of personification
A. And hold secret a bird’s flowering
B. Seeking a truer heaven in/The loved deep
C. And so while thoughts went to and fro
D. to teach the trees all that I could

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