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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

101. A circular table is 6m in diameter and it has a circular side around it of 1 m wide. What is the area of the side in square meters
a. 8 square meters  
b. 4 square meters
c. 7 square meters
d. 5 square meters

102. Find the least number divisible by each natural number less than or equal to 12
a. 27,720
b. 27,730
c. 27,703
d. 27,702

103. When two missing digits in a given number are replaced, the number is divisible by 99. What is the number?
a. 85021
b. 85031
c. 85041
d. 85051

104. A water bed is 180 cm wide, 210 cm long and 20 cm thick. What is its mass in kilograms when it is full of water
a. 7516 kg
b. 756 kg
c. 7560 kg
d. 7.56 kg

105. Given the equation 3x=15. If you divided both side of the equation by 3, what equation results?
a. 5-3=2
b. 3x=5
c. x=15
d. x=5

106. By how much does 1/3 of 4/5 exceeds ¼ of 2/9?
a. 4/5
b. 1/3
c. 19/90
d. 29/90

107. What is the least common denominator for the following: 3/5+5/8+2/3?
a. 8
b. 16
c. 120
d. 24

108. What should go into the blank in 4,16, ___, 258, 1024?
a. 32
b. 64
c. 84
d. 108

109. Which of the following statements is correct proportion?
a. 9:12=3:5   
b. 4:7=2:14
c. 6:11=3:21
d. 7:10=14:20

110. If there are 80 small squares in one large square and 50 small squares are shaded, what percent of the large squares is shaded?
a. 50%
b. 55%
c. 62 1/2 %
d. 70%

111. The ratio of sales of T-shirts in sizes small, medium and large were 5:3:2. If the store was planning to stock 220 shirts, how many should it purchase for each size?
a. 120 small, 60 medium, 40 large 
b. 110 small, 66 medium, 44 large 
c. 100 small, 70 medium, 50 large 
d. 100 small, 60 medium, 60 large

112. Miss Concepcion averages 38.4 km per 3 liters of gasoline. How many kilometers can she expect to drive on12.5 liters?
a. 90 km
b. 120 km
c. 150 km
d. 160 km

113. Myrna saved P 1,100 in 4 months. At the same rate, how much would she save in 2 years?
a. P 6,000.00   
b. P 6,600.00
c. P 6,500.00
d. P 6,200.00

114. What is the length of a rectangular lot that has an area of 3420 ft. and width of 36ft?
a. 75ft
b. 86ft
c. 90ft
d. 95ft

115. How many 6 by 6 inch marble tiles will be needed to cover a bathroom floor  10 by 8 ft?
a. 315
b. 318
c. 320
d. 325

116. Which of the following is the catalytic converter on cars in the control technology?
a. carbon monoxide   
b. carbon dioxide
c. nitrogen dioxide
d. sulfur oxide 

117. The basic problem in the use of the synthetic organic chemical approach to pest control is 
a. increasing expense
b. resurgence of pests 
c. development of resistance by pests
d. harmful effects on humans and non-target organisms

118. Which of the following can be converted into electricity with the use of the photovolataic cells and power towers?
a. water    
b. animal manure
c. sunlight
d. vegetative decays

119. Biomass conversion is illustrated by the use of wood burning
a. fuels    
b. products
c. stoves
d. materials

120. The pollutants that can cause uncontrolled growth of green plants in lakes are 
a. gasoline   
b. acid rain
c. pesticles
d. phosphates

121. Which of the following causes skin problems in the unborn child?
a. mutation   
b. harmful drugs
c. pigmentation
d. improper nutrition 

122. The Periodic Table was arranged in the order of
a. density
b. atomic number
c. reactivity
d. atomic volume

123. How many one open a tightly closed bottle of sandwich spread?
a. Using a rough material 
b. Heating the cover of the jar
c. inserting a knife at the end of the bottle cover 
d. Loosening the cap by knocking the edge of the cover with a spoon

124. Which of the following may be considered an advantage of a solid waste energy recovery pant/
a. In decreases air pollution 
b. It produces high grade fuel 
c. It facilitates the cheap production of energy 
d. It reduces the volume of material to be landfilled

125. The decline in the quantity of fish caught on the waters is greatly attributed to 
a. overfishing 
b. nutrient overload from fertilizers 
c. soil erosion along tributaries 
d. toxic chemicals from industrial dumping

126. many pesticides of commercial importance can be totally controlled by
a. using biological control 
b. increasing the cost of pesticides
c. encouraging the use of predators
d. completely banning the sale of pesticides

127. What is importance of controlling pollution?
a. The government will provide more tax write-off
b. We can avoid future damage to biological resources
c. The risks to animal life can be totally eradicated 
d. The immediate toxicity to people in the local areas can be avoided

128. Why is it necessary to plow the land before planting?
a. to aerate the soil 
b. to control the weeds 
c. to create furrows for the seeds
d. to bring the subsoil to the surface

129. Which of the following contains the majority of the nutrients in a tropical rain forest?
a. soil
b. animals
c. plants
d. decaying humus

130. The wastes released by sewage can cause
a. oxidation  
b. decomposition
c. dentrification
d. cultural subdivisions

131. when we say that chemical reactions in the cell waste energy we mean that
a. energy is being destroyed 
b. Pieces of chemicals are being broken 
c. Chemical energy is being converted to heat energy which is lost
d. Cells use only the chemicals they need and get rid of all excess chemicals

132. When an atom loses an electron is becomes 
a. neutral
b. stable
c. negatively changed
d. positively changed

133. Color-blindness is a sex linked defect. If the father is colorblind and the mother is a carrier, what is the probability of normal homozygous?
a. 0 probability
b. 50% probability
c. 25% probability
d. 75% probability

134. Red tides are caused by the increase in the number of planktons in the ocean. This increase in the number is a manifestation of
a. increased amount of dissolved substance in water 
b. greater water current 
c. increase in the amplitude of waves
d. Increase in the number of fish

135. A couple had heterozygous genes for tallness. What will be the genotypic ratio of their F1?
a. 2 homozygous tall, 2 heterozygous short 
b. 1 homozygous tall, 2 heterozygous tall, 1 short
c. 4 heterozygous tall
d. 4 heterozygous short

136. Which of the following is a major source of erosion?
a. clearcut forest
b. terraced farm areas
c. construction sites
d. treeless subdivisions

137. Runaway population growth in a country is basically caused by 
a. low sex ratio
b. early marriages
c. high sex ratio
d. low level of education

138. Cold virus is usually picked up from
a. cold aid 
b. dirty surroundings
c. frequent change of weather
d. direct contact with people infected with colds

139. The death of the Boac River in Marindoque is caused by 
a. improper disposal of mine tailings
b. unusually high temperature in the province
c. negligence on the part of government authorities
d. carelessness in waste disposal among the people in the community

140. Why do mothers usually soak meat in pineapple juice before cooking it?
a. it makes meat tender 
b. It removes the bad odor 
c. It improves the taste of meat 
d. It preserves the natural taste of meat

141. The source of the tremendous energy of the sun which guarantees solar energy on earth for millions of years is a thermonuclear process wherein light hydrogen atoms unite to form helium atoms
a. atomic fusion
b. atomic fission
c. atomic radiation
d. critical mass reaction

142. In a pond community, the smaller fish, which feeds on submerged plants is later eaten by bigger fish. Then the fish may be eaten by man. What interspecies relationship of eating and being eaten is referred to?
a. Energy pattern   
b. Scavenging
c. food chain
d. food pyramid

143. A green plant exposed to sunlight, is considered as the number one energy converter in nature. Describe briefly the conversion of energy that takes place. 
a. The chemical energy is converted into heat energy and stored in the form of food
b. Light energy combines with carbon dioxide and form food
c. Light energy is converted to chemical energy and stored as food
d. Light energy combines with nitrogen of the air and stored as food

144. The insecticide sprayer operates according to Bernoulli’s principle which briefly states that 
a. Volume is directly proportional to temperature 
b. Volume is inversely proportional to temperature 
c. Pressure is directly proportional to volume 
d. Pressure is inversely proportional to velocity

145. According to the laws  of floatation, when will an object immersed in a liquid sink/
a. when the weight of the object is lesser than the weight of the liquid it displaces 
b. When the weight of the object and the liquid is displaces are the same 
c. When the weight of the object is greater than the weight of the displaced liquid 
d. When the buoyant force is greater than the weight of the object

146. The elevator is good example of Newton’s second law of motion. Tension on the support wire is maximum when the elevator 
a. goes up
b. is at rest
c. goes down
d. has no load

147. Different volumes of quantities X and Y were measure to find out how they were related to each other. These values were plotted as shown in the graph. Which of the following statements would best described the graph?
a. Y is equal to X
b. Y is directly proportional to X
c. Y is inversely proportional to X
d. Y is multiplied by X is constant

148. If blood fresh from wound takes along time to clot this may be due to 
a. deficiency in prothrombin
b. deficiency in thrombin
c. lack of erythrocytes
d. lack of leukocytes

149. A drop of red ink was mixed with a glassful of water. After sometime the water became evenly reddish. Which statement explain this observation?
a. Ink particles are lighter and tend to rise
b. the water molecules absorbed the red color 
c. Molecules tend to stick together 
d. Molecules are in constant motion 

150. Warming of the atmosphere is due to the Greenhouse effect. What is the detrimental effect of this natural phenomenon on the atmosphere?
a. The CO2 level on the atmosphere is increased
b. The global temperature is decreased tremendously 
c. There is widespread destruction of the green color in plants 
d. The amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is greatly affected

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