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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

1. A tenant as awarded a house and lot package worth P 180, 000.00. She has to pay package for 20 years at 9% per annum. How much will the house and lot cost after 20 years?
a. 604, 000
b. 504, 000
c. 704, 000
d. 500, 00

2. The student leader was suspended because:
a. He felt responsible for his deeds
b. He violated school regulation
c. He was motivated to rebel
d. He listened to the elders

3. If the situation says, “what you spent years building may be destroyed overnight.” What should you do?
a. Help people anyway
b. Build some anyway
c. Do away with things done
d. Do good anyway

4. What is the exponential function of y = f (x)?
a. y = 2x – 1
b. y = 5x^2
c. y = x – 1
d. y = x – 5

5. A child was turned over to an orphanage requesting confidentiality of her parents. One day, the child demands the full disclosure of her mother’s name. She went to count. What was the right asserted in this case?
a. Right of an individual to have a real mother
b. Right of individuals to proper identity
c. Right of individual of parents to keep the confidentiality of the child’s parenteral name
d. Right of individuals to have parents

6. Nobel Prize winners are chosen from different levels. Where was Pres. Quirino considered?
a. Politics
b. Literature
c. Human rights
d. Economics

7. Religious instruction in public schools according to the Constitution should be:
a. with parent consent
b. invitational
c. compulsory
d. church organization

8. Julio son is graduating. He sent his son three packages of 8 ½ kg, 10 ¼ and 2 ½ kg. What is the total of the packages sent?
a. 20 ¼ kg
b. 21 ¼ kg
c. 18 ½ kg
d. 23 2/2 kg

9. Wild plants and animals that stay deposited for thousands of years are known for the source of:
a. Gas
b. mineral
c. oil
d. pearls

10. Alin and tamang babala sa pagtatapon ng basura?
a. Gamitin and basurahan sa inyong bahay, huwag dito
b. Dito and tambakan ng basura
c. Huwag mag-tapon ng basura dito
d. Huwag mag-ipon ng basura dito

11. Every year, income taxes are filed by payer of 18 years and above. How do government and company workers pay their taxes?
a. Advance credit
b. Withholding taxes monthly
c. Salary deduction
d. Cash payment on march 15

12. Noong unang panahon ang madalas sa entablado ay:
a. balagtasan
b. pasyon
c. sarswela
d. drama

13. There had been recent bank runs and bank closures. How much of the deposits is covered for reimbursement by the PDIC or Philippine Deposit and insurance corporation:
a. P 100 thousand
b. P100 million
c. P 50 thousand
d. 2 million

14. Gemillina is a tree propagated lately for electrical posts. However, this specie was found destructive if allowed to stay long since
a. The tree is not resistant to wind
b. The roots absorb a lot of water
c. The body spreads wide
d. The bark is filled with worms

15. Inaugural programs are well attended because it is _________ held.
a. frequently
b. often times
c. seldom
d. rarely

16. Progation of a new carabao breed in Central Luzon State University is due to:
a. a sexual propagation
b. law of mutation
c. law of heredity
d. genetic cloning

17. Children of obese parents have natural tendencies to be obese. Doctors advise parents on maintaining the right weight of children age 0-12 by:
a. giving balanced diets with accompanying exercise
b. reducing milk intake
c. reducing intake of chocolates, candies and pasties
d. encouraging more intake of soda drinks

18. Matapos alagaan at apakaining sa palad siya ay kinagat sa sarilingkanang kamay. Ito’y may kahulugan sa:
a. katraydoran sa negosyo
b. kawalang utang na loob
c. kabastusan ng tao
d. kawalang galang sa matatanda

19. A new copier machine was chosen because:
a. its repair was free for six months
b. its guarantee was six months
c. its brand was recommended by the agent
d. its feature were ordinary

20. Value formation is done through a process. Awareness is not enough. What is most lasting?
a. Preaching on values
b. Intellectualization
c. Modeling the value through a process
d. Posting slogans to the effect

21. Ano ang nagbunsod ng pagbabago sa yugto ng panitikang Filipino?
a. Pagdating ng Amerikano sa bansa
b. Pag-aabuso ng kastilasa mamamayan
c. Pag-alis ng mga tao da kawit
d. Panggunita kina Padre Gomez, Burgos at Zamora

22. Recent bank runs into bankruptcy because of:
a. Corruption
b. Mismanagement
c. Flight of capital
d. Loss of capital

23. The Philippine Group in Netherlands insists on holding peace talk outside the Philippines. Where is the best venue where people concerned can meet?
a. Philippine shores
b. Hong Kong
c. Netherlands
d. United states

24. There are to 2 big pineapple canning factories in the Philippines. Which is located in Cotabato?
a. Dole
b. Mama site
c. Del Monte
d. Purefoods

25. Kitchen fuel that caused big conflagration in homes and cites are:
a. Use of electrics stoves
b. Use of firewood
c. Use of saw dust for fuels
d. Use of gas stove

26. Did you get the instructions? What is the appropriate answer?
a. Well and good
b. That’s OK
c. Certainly, we did
d. Sorry, we didn’t

27. Excursions are encouraged to allow participants to see places. All the 400 personnel fell ill. Doctors’ laboratory findings traced the cause to:
a. congestion on the bus
b. food poisoning
c. excitement
d. excessive fat

Aling Salita sa Bicol ang Kapareho sa Ilocano?
a. gabi
b. bulan
c. araw
d. ulan

28. “Dangal ang puhunang sa baya’y pamana. Bago ang sarili ay bayan muna. “Ano ang payo dito?
a. bayan muna bago ang sarili
b. mamamayan muna, bago bayan
c. mahalaga ang nayan at sarili
d. sarili ang dapat unahin upang umunlad

29. After an airplane crash, passengers who choose a flight would say:
a. “A front seat would be safest.”
b. “I want a reservation on the back seat.”
c. “A middle aisle seat would allow easy escape.”
d. “A seat closest to the cockpit be given to me”

30. In June, classes in home economics are asked to prepare fruits into:
a. Preserved fruit juices
b. Conserved fruit juices
c. Preserved fruit confections
d. Preserved fruit products

31. Which statement is true?
a. √5 is a rational number
b. 0 is a positive number
c. √3 is a real number
d. √4 is an irrational number

32. Every December 10, schools and civic groups gather to celebrate
a. Human rights Day
b. Mother’s Day
c. Independence Day
d. United Nation Day

33. Form a sentence from these words.
I. The senator
II. As a legislator
III. Although he raised his voice
IV. Accepted several amendments

a. II, I, IV, III
b. IV, III, II, I
c. I, II, III, IV
d. II, I, III, IV

34. The committee discussed the issue and everyone at the end seemed ____to the findings.
a. ignorant and civil
b. reluctant to accept
c. negative get open
d. amendable to consider

35. Batay sa bilingual na edukasyon, mainam ang gamit ng Filipino sa Araling Panlipunan dahil:
a. Malimit pag-usapan ng mga mag-aaral ang konsepto kahit sa labas ng paaralan
b. Madaling paipaliwanag ang mga konsepto sa Filipino
c. Madaling maunawaan ang mga konsepto sa Filipino
d. Walang pag-aalinlangan ang pagsagot ng mga mag-aaral sa wikang Filipino

36. The sociological concept of home for most Filipino is the presence of:
a. Families with boarders in addition to the family members
b. Family nucleus and extended families
c. Families with illegal light and water connections
d. Families with pet dogs, cooks and cats

37. Manila Zoo attracted children during excursions. How should children be briefed about newly born tiger’s cub to avoid accidents?
a. Use sticks to awaken mother tigers
b. How at the cub with a microphone
c. Watch the mother feeding and just take picture
d. Allow children to feed cubs with their palms

38. If a = 8; b = 16; c = 38; Find the value of √c.
a. 4
b. 6
c. 3
d. 5

39. The advice on the invitation was found. Who failed to get the massage?
a. No barong Tagalog please
b. Come in coat and tie
c. Polo barong with denims are OK
d. Denim pants are alright

40. The bank was swarmed with depositors. The bank ______
a. declared an open house
b. declared dividends
c. declared a holiday
d. declared bankruptcy

41. On is stressed in given situations. Choose the situation called for:
a. her visitors are on the way
b. be on time please
c. he came on holiday
d. it happened on a Tuesday

42. Noong taong 1962 ano ang pagbabago sa paglimbang ng diploma at sertipiko ng pagtatapos?
a. Pinahintutukan ang pribadong paaralan na maglimbag sa wikang Ingles
b. Nilimbang sa Filipino ang diploma ngunit may Ingles
c. Malimbag sa Filipino and diploma
d. Nilimbag sa Taglisg ang diploma sa di Tagalog na bayan

43. The areas of Navotas, Valenzuela and Caloocan are always flooded during rainy season. The engineers account this to high tide especially in July and August. But really it is:
a. below sea level
b. under sea level
c. approximately of sea level
d. above sea level

44. How many grams of shabu will no allow bonds for culprits?
a. 2150 grams
b. 200 grams
c. 1000 grams
d. 300 grams

45. A swimming contest is held in a four lane swimming pool of 50 meters long. The contest is for 200 meters. How many times will each swimmer run in this contest?
a. 4 times
b. 10 times
c. 5 times
d. 16 times

46. Write the ratio in the lowest term two hours to 30 minutes
a. 2:15
b. 2:4
c. 2:30
d. 4:1

47. Lately, students are exposed to a series of achievement tests. Parents observed that:
a. Tests were used for teaching
b. Tests are indices of teacher’s competencies
c. Children learned through periodic teaching
d. Teaching was for tests

48. The virus “Love bug” is a recent technological element spread by:
a. Internet
b. radio
c. television
d. computer

49. NAPOCOR is to privatized. This means:
a. Every private individual gets a share
b. Government has a share
c. Everyone owns NAPOCOR
d. Some private owners will come in

50. Ang dinanas ng mga babae sa kamay ng Hukbong Hapon ay sinasalaysay ni:
a. Maria Clara
b. Diwata
c. Gabriela
d. Orang

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