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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

51. There is a campaign against cholera. How can the pupils get protected catching the disease?
a. Contact the parents for a meeting
b. Teach children to wash their hands before and after meals
c. Open up a store in the classroom for children’s recess snack
d. Allow children to eat food sold by peddlers

52. Poisoning of farmers during fertilizing field is traced to:
a. smoking during and after spraying
b. using bottle drinking
c. failure to use hand gloves
d. spraying fields at high noon

53. Choose the statement that seems right in negotiators
a. he led the group to areas of concerns
b. he lead group to clear out differences
c. he led the group to a conclusion
d. he led the group to an interactive discussion and conclusion

54. Give the value of a if the statements are 4ab = 20 and b = 5:
a. 3
b. 1
c. 2
d. 4

55. Australian experts were asked to explore a better way of generating electricity. This is dor through
a. undersea cable transmission
b. sulphuric reserve actuation
c. waterfall reserve actuation
d. geothermal utilization

56. Cooperatives established by the farmers failed to thrive well because:
a. cooperative activities are poorly managed and implemented
b. members distrust their cooperative officials
c. seed money for cooperative shared by senators and congressmen poorly administered
d. farmers were used to dole outs

57. Ang kahon ay mabigat kaya di ____ ng bata.
a. kinaya
b. mabuhat – buhat
c. mabuhat
d. buhatin

58. There are many cases of abuse on Filipino contract workers. Where can these workers seek justice and redness?
a. Philippine Supreme Count
b. Department of Justice and the Foreign Affairs Consulate Office in the foreign seek justice and release?
c. International Court of Justice
d. Department of labor and Employment

59. Which of this group of capitalized words does not belong to the group in terms of sound?
a. THAT picture is impressionistic
b. This THESIS is original
c. THOSE are her new projects
d. THESE books are of recent editors

60. DOGS are often affected by rabies but lately other animals have been identified and they are:
a. Birds
b. cats
c. pigs
d. snakes

61. Home is the soldier. Home and free! This tell us
a. The soldier died heroically
b. The soldier is at peace in death
c. The soldier is well armed home
d. The soldier is decorated upon arrival

62. What is the sun of √9 and √4.
a. 3
b. 5
c. 2
d. 4

63. Aling wika ang ginagamit na batayan ng wikang pambansa?
a. Tagalog
b. Hiligaynon
c. Bisaya
d. Bicol

64. Quality of education they say is:
a. every citizen’s accounting task
b. every parent’s and teachers responsibilities task
c. everyone’s responsibility
d. everybody’s concern at times

65. Which placard tells of a wide choice during the grand sale?
a. “Pairs Varied Plenty”
b. “Single items Limited”
c. “No Duplicates Available”
d. “Choose Your Wild”

66. How does the Department of Science and technology (DOST) assure quality science teaching is secondary schools?
a. Carry one science fair every year
b. Open up science high schools in every province
c. share researchers and distributes equipment to schools
d. Maintain a scholars grant for deserving science and mathematics teacher

67. Long fellow mentioned life as light as shadow. What figure of speech is it used?
a. Personification
b. Argumentation
c. Simile
d. Metaphor

68. Magbababala ang pulis sa  mga tumatawid alin ang tama?
a. Tawid na kayo at luntian ang ilaw
b. Hoy! Pula ang ilaw, tigil
c. Bantayan and ilaw bago tatawid
d. Huhulihin and tatawid sa maling ilaw o signal

69. “Never the Twain shall meet…” Means the lines are:
a. straight
b. perpendicular
c. parallel
d. circular

70. Before a formal legislation is passed, approval settlement of issues is done by committee members of both houses. This avoids unnecessary controversial issues. What do you call the body?
a. Senate Committee
b. Bi-cameral Committee
c. Oversight Committee
d. House of Representatives Committee

71. This was as beautiful as a picture. She sought an answer to this. “I want to be loved birth body and soul. “Here she meant that love.
a. can be carnal and platonic
b. must be sexy to be adored
c. is both mind and body
d. is a process of mental exercise

72. Transplanting of human organs are no longer impossible. The most recent discovery in Russia is:
a. heart transplant
b. retina eye transplant
c. kidney transplant
d. placenta transplant

73. How can a farmland transferred to a tenant be reclaimed by the landowner? In such conditions as:
a. when the tenant re-sells his land to non-recognized transferees
b. When the tenant on a rent basic fails to submit the agreed rental of several cavans of rice and corn for three (3) consecutive harvests
c. When the tenant fails to pay the agreed rental for five planting season
d. When the tenant fails to pay land tax

74. The issue on the Spratly islands claims can be solved by a panel made up of representatives from:
a. United Nations Assembly
b. European Countries
c. Security Council
d. ASEAN Pacific countries laying claims

75. What is the value on N in: 18 2/16 + 26 ¼ = N
a. 44 3/8
b. 44 ½
c. 44 ¼
d. 43 4/16

76. Honey is extracted from bees. To ensure a supply of honey for food and medicine, what has been resorted to lately?
a. Discourage the use of pesticides in honey farms
b. Gather honey from the forest
c. Encourage bee farm in chosen areas
d. Culture honey bees for propagation

77. Which expresses the polynomial in the following?
a. x – x + 9 – 3x + 10x
b. 2x + 4x – 3
c. xy – x – 6
d. x – 4x + 2x – x + 2

78. She bought her daughter a new dress, which was fashionable. It was”
a. a copy from, Italian catalogue
b. a remodeled dress
c. an imitation from the original
d. an origin creation of a couturier

79. A package sent by a balikbayan was discovered open. This is a case of
a. substitution
b. rubbery
c. pilferage
d. oppression

80. Ang Gintong panahon ng mga manunulat noong panahon ng Amerikano ay batid sa uring:
a. Sanaysay
b. Nobela
c. Panulaan
d. Maikling kwento

81. The majority members in the House of Representation rejected the measure. This mean:
a. They defined party commitment
b. They favored the leadership
c. They joined the minority
d. They bottled the majority party

82. Cement factories can only operate if given a permit by the DENR which guarantees:
a. viability of feasibility study
b. environment clearance and condition
c. pollution safety and prevention
d. environmentally friendly

83. The Red Cross humanitarian job is to gather and give needed blood to the needy. Name the universal blood type:
a. Type O
b. Type B
c. Type AB
d. Type B

84. She was asked to make a census of the place. What is she supposed to do?
a. Gather data on each occupant in each household in the area
b. Ask residents to make a consensus
c. Identify strangers in the area
d. Gather data on people on the area

85. The common saying which is accepted in values education is.
a. values are individual sets of behavior
b. values are caught not preached
c. values are dependent on individual and societal standards
d. values are valueless

86. Aling Salita ang nasa talasalitang Filipino na hiram sa Cebuano?
a. asawa
b. balay
c. bahay
d. bana

87. Di padat bayaran ang lahat ng utang sapagkat:
a. may pababarin silang iba
b. may iba sa siyang pababayarang
c. mayroon na siyang pagbabarang iba
d. may pagbabayaran pang iba

88. Mosquitoes have been identified of having caused illness among children bitten in the morning. This fever is
a. Asthma
b. Malaria
c. Dengue
d. diarrhea

89.  The people of Montalban in Rizal raised protest on the landfill since.
a. Water seepage would pollute water source
b. People were disturbed by garbage trucks
c. Air pollution could not be controlled
d. Garbage cold be recycled

90. The weather report recorded a temperature of 29℃ in the morning and 33.5℃ at two O’clock in the afternoon. How many degrees higher was the afternoon temperature
a. 4.5℃
b. 5.8℃
c. 6.3℃
d. 5.5℃

91. Why are Filipino overseas workers considered modern time heroes?
a. They sacrifice all-the family life and economies just to improve their quality of life.
b. They became broad minded, skilled and economically stable.
c. They have helped stabilize Philippine economy
d. They come home ready to feast their townmates and friends

92. Hindi naman pangit ang larawan ngunit _____ang kanyang anyo.
a. pinapuri–puri
b. kapuri–puri
c. kapuri-purihan
d. kapurihan

93. I have one life to give and I give it all to my country.” This pictures a:
a. a soldier at war
b. worker in a cement factory
c. a policeman on the street
d. a doctor in the operating room

94. The endangered species are protected by DENR. All these are concerns of:
a. Tourism
b. Industrialization
c. Urbanization
d. Terrorism

95. Abuses to soldiers, women, children and the helpless are attended to by a Commission. Who was the first Commissioner on Human Rights?
a. Hon. Aurora Recine
b. Hon. Mary Conception Bautista
c. Hon. Teofisto Guingona
d. Hon. Sedfrey Ordonez

96. A girl receives her report card with the following grades: 93, 88, 80, 86 and 89? Which is her average grade?
a. 86
b. 87
c. 86 1/5
d. 88

97. The meat sent by air cargo is 1,340 pounds. The weight was computed into kilogram determine the kilogram of the cargo.
a. 906.04 kg
b. 609.09 kg
c. 560.74 kg
d. 908.63 kg

98. How do you determine the total length of the clothing materials if there are 7 2/10 meter and 15 4/5 meter available?
a. 18 ½ m
b. 23 m
c. 18 m
d. 18 ¼ m

99. Eight men can paint a 3 unit army school building in 3 days. How many more units will 12 men pain of this building?
a. ½
b. 1 ½
c. 2
d. 1

100. Class interaction is brought about by.
a. teacher listens, students listen
b. question and answer method
c. teacher talk at all times
d. teacher student exchange questions and answer

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