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LET - General Education Reviewer

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

151. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, what are the three fundamental human rights?
a. Life, Dignity and Security
b. Life, Liberty and Self-development
c. Life, Dignity and Self-development
d. Life, Liberty and Security

152. A rope made of three cords is hard to break. It stands for ___________
a. hard-headedness
b. unity
c. cooperation
d. temptation

153. An enrolled bill may become a law after a lapse of how many days?
a. 60
b. 40
c. 90
d. 30

154. Why are animals described as warm-blood organism?
a. Body temperature changes with the environment
b. Temperature goes beyond 27°C
c. Body temperature does not change
d. Temperature does
e. Does not drop below 27°C

155. This term indicate the amount of space occupied by matter
a. Density
b. weight
c. volume
d. mass

156. Why do the four seasons occur on earth?
a. The sun’s axis is tilted
b. The earth rotates from west to east
c. The earth rotates on its axis
d. The earth’s axis is tilted

157. “Malalim ang bulsa” ng kanyang tatay. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito?
a. mapera
b. kuripot
c. mapagbigay
d. walang pera

158. Three out of every 24 flashlights turned out by a particular factory are found to be detective. If the factory turns out 1248 flashlights in a week, how many are defective
a. 416
b. 18
c. 72
d. 156

159. The Magsaysay Memorial features a _______ statue of the well-love president.
a. drab
b. colossal
c. caustic
d. casual

160. Who wrote about the ill-fated love affair of Jose Rizal and Leonor Rivera?
a. Arturo R. Rotor
b. Francosco B. Icasiano
c. Zoilo Galang
d. Nick Joaquin

161. Which is the biggest and the MOST populated island of the Philippine Archipelago?
a. Mindanao
b. Cebu
c. Luzon
d. Leyte

162. Piliin sa sumusunod ang tumutukoy sa isang kilusang binuo ng pangkat ng mga intelektuwal na humihingi ng reporma o pagbabago
a. Katipunero
b. Mangagawa
c. Propaganda
d. Estudyante

163. How many seconds are three in a 24- hour day?
a. 85,400
b. 1,440
c. 86,400
d. 1,540

164. Three brothers inherited a cash amount of P 120, 000 and they divided it among themselves in the ratio of 5:2:1. how much more is the largest share than the smallest share?
a. 75,000
b. 60,000
c. 15,000
d. 30,000

165. What is the simplest substance that cannot be decomposed further by ordinary chemical means?
a. atom
b. mixture
c. compound
d. element

166. Elena’s grades in 3 math quizzes are 82, 78, and 86. What grade should she get in her next quiz to raise her average to 85?
a. 94
b. 90
c. 88
d. 97

167. What does a professional code of ethics prescribe for all?
a. Strict implementation of laws of the land.
b. Civic-mindedness and social consciousness
c. Moral standards and ethical behavior
d. Rules and regulations in practicing the profession

168. It is the form of government in which the power of authority resides in the few persons who govern for their own interest. Name this form of government.
a. democracy
b. parliamentary
c. oligarchy
d. monarchy

169. An autocratic ruler who serves his people well is sometimes called a _____ dictator
a. beneficial
b. belligerent
c. blatant
d. benevolent

170. A water tank contains 8 liters when it is 20 full. How many liters does it contain when it is 75 % full?
a. 15
b. 30
c. 60
d. 58

171. Tess spent one-sixth of her money in one store. In the next store, she spent three times as much as she spent in the first store, and had 80 pesos left. How much money did she have at the start?
a. 252 pesos
b. 240 pesos
c. 300 pesos
d. 360 pesos

172. Ginagawa niya ang pagdarasal araw-araw. Alin ang paksa sa sumusunod na pangungusap?
a. araw-araw
b. niya
c. ginagawa
d. pagdarasal

173. The hostages are free. They paid their way. What does this statement tell us?
a. They escaped after paying
b. They were fired without ransom
c. They negotiated peacefully
d. After a ransom they were released

174. The surface area of the cube is 159 sq. cm.  What is the volume of the cube?
a. 100 cu. cm
b. 625 cu. cm
c. 125 cu. cm
d. 270 cu. cm

175. What do we call the sale of government-owned and controlled institution to the private?
a. Globalization
b. Deregulation
c. Liberalization
d. Privatization

176. The cost of the first 3 minutes for an overseas call to the US is P 302 and every minute thereafter cost P 10. How much would a 5-minute call cost?
a. P620
b. P926
c. P860
d. P736

177. Gulliver encounters a DIMINUTIVE people
a. gigantic
b. mammoth
c. oversized
d. tiny

178. Which element of economic refers to the money/machines invested by an individual in understanding a business?
a. goods
b. labor
c. production tools
d. capital

179. “Ang lumalakad ng mabilis, kung matinik ay malalim” ano ang ibig sabihin ng paalaalang ito?
a. huwag lumakad ng mabilis
b. magisip ng malalim kung naglalakad
c. maaaksidente ang mabilis lumakad
d. magisip ng mabuti sa paglalakad

180. Man is a social being. What does this mean?
a. Always happy to adjust
b. Necessarily relates with other man
c. Has the capacity to adjust
d. May choose to relate with others

181. Which is the simplest substance which cannot be decomposed further by ordinary chemical means?
a. molecule
b. compound
c. mixture
d. element

182. My grandma had some lucid moments before she died. She was ____________.
a. sad
b. ambiguous
c. thinking clearly
d. confused

183. What may occur when the blood vessel going to the brain is blocked?
a. Heart attack
b. Hemorrhage
c. Stroke
d. Tumor

184. Why is velocity classified as a vector quantity?
a. Speed expressed in kilometers per hour
b. Force and motion
c. Rate and motion
d. Speed and direction

185. The status was erected in __________ to war heroes
a. Irreverence
b. Protection
c. Defense
d. Homage

186. One who attempts a new way of doing things or applies a new solution to a problem is said to assess
a. Curiosity
b. Responsibility
c. Open-mindedness
d. Creativity

187. If the school is considered as an agent of social and cultural change, it should therefore function as a
a. Perpetuator of tradition
b. Pioneer of programs
c. Transmitter of culture
d. Agent of the state

188. Which of the following concepts is relevant to environmental education?
a. Infiniteness of resources utilization
b. Balance of nature and interdependence
c. Advent of inorganic fertilizers
d. Rapid urbanization and dependence

189. Food scraps and fruit peelings can be converted to humus through one of the following disposed system which should be encouraged in homes.
a. Open dump
b. Sanitary hand rill
c. Recycling
d. Composting

190. A clear image can be formed on a still water surface. What principle of light can explain it
a. The angle of reflection is equal to the angle of refraction
b. Both angles produce irregular reflection
c. The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
d. The angle of refraction is equal to the angle of incidence

191. Ang kasalukuyang bilang ng ating alpabeto ay
a. 20
b. 28
c. 31
d. 30

192. What process is responsible for the transporting of broken pieces of rocks from where they are formed to other places?
a. Deposition
b. Weathering
c. Erosion
d. Gravitation

193. Alin sa mga sumusunod ang hindi maituturing na pangungusap?
a. Mayroon bang dadalo?
b. Kung aalis ka
c. Umaaraw ngayon
d. Maraming salamat

194. Which of the following events in the last century has the most far-reaching political implication for the 21th century?
a. Effect of globalization in trade
b. The effects of innovation in Asian and the Pacific
c. Nuclear proliferation in Asia and the Pacific
d. Cloning of animals and human beings

195. Which of the following legislation/ measure address physical violence against women?
a. Sexual Harassment Law
b. Representation of Women in the Social Security System
c. Establishing Day Care Center in every Barangay
d. Declaring March 8 as National Women’s Day

196. Students_________________ near the registrar’s office to ask for their schedule
a. staying idling
b. disperse
c. crowd
d. congregate

197. The astronauts could not communicate with one another while on the moon’s surface? Why?
a. Temperature shuts down sound
b. Irregular air waves
c. No weather occurs
d. No atmosphere

198. May pulong na gaganapin at isinulat na ang lugar, petsa at oras. Isinulat din ang “agenda.” Ano ang maaaring salin nito?
a. Pagkakaisahan
b. Paghahandaan
c. Paguusapan
d. Pagtatalunan

199. Name the important gas which is released by plants during photosynthesis
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Oxygen
c. Hydrogen
d. Nitrogen

200. Forty people joined a picnic. If the ratio of adults to children is 5:3, how many children joined the picnic?
a. 25
b. 15
c. 8
d. 5

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