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LET - General Education Reviewer

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

101. Which organism receives the least amount of energy in the energy pyramid?
a. Snake
b. Hawk
c. Chicks
d. Corn plant

102. The product of two whole numbers is 36, and their ratio is 1:4. Which of these is the smaller number?
a. 9
b. 12
c. 2
d. 3

103. Lack of appetite and less of sleep gave her a __________ appearance.
a. lanky
b. haggard
c. easy going
d. superstitious

104. Who is considered the most outstanding among Filipino playwrights in English?
a. Carlos P. Romulo
b. Severino Montano
c. Leon Ma. Guerero
d. Wilfredo Ma. Guerero

105. Identify the President known for his “Filipino First Policy”.
a. Diosdado Macapagal
b. Manuel Roxas
c. Carlos P. Garcia
d. Ramon Magsaysay

106. The line from the Koran, “Woe to every back fighter.” Talks of
a. Sorrow for those who oppose other’s opinion
b. Punishment for those who say good things
c. Anguish for those who depend unrighteousness
d. Misery for those who talks ill of others

107. Thomas Carlyle said, “The man without a purpose is like a ship without rudder a wait…”. It could be interpreted as_________.
a. one’s life doesn’t need to be controlled
b. there should be sufficient energy to one’s life
c. direction can never come into ones life
d. there is a strong driving force un one’s life

108. The test was hard for Paul and ____
a. Myself
b. I
c. Me
d. Himself

109. Ano ang kagamitang dapat gamitin kung nais matukoy and layo ng koronadal sa Maynila?
a. Libro
b. Globo
c. Grap
d. Tsart

110. Who said, “The Filipino is worth drying for?’
a. Carlos P. Garcia
b. Andres Bonifacio
c. Benigno Aquino
d. Jose Rizal

111. Ito ang mga opisyal na wika mula sa panahon ng Republika hanggang sa kasalukuyan.
a. Filipino at Kastila
b. Ingles at Kastila
c. Ingles at Tagalog
d. Ingles at Filipino

112. How can you help minimize the heavy pollution that is caused by excessive carbon dioxide emissions in the surroundings?

a. Burn garbage in your own backyard
b. Dispose garbage through incineration
c. Leave the garbage to rot in open space
d. Burry garbage rather than burn it

113. The temperature in late autumn went 16℃ to – 8℃. By how much do these tow temperatures differ?
a. –8degrees
b. 24 degrees
c. 8 degrees
d. –24 degrees

114. No person may be elected a President of the Philippines unless she/he is a_______
a. Resident for at least 1 year
b. At least 21 years old
c. Natural born citizen
d. Professional

115. His apocalyptic views seemed to doom the human race. His views are taken as_________.
a. apathetic
b. lethargic
c. spiritless
d. prophetic

116. The edges of a rectangular solid have these measures; 1.5 feet x 0.5 feet by 3 inches. What is its volume in cubic inches?
a. 272 cu. in
b. 324 cu. in.
c. 225 cu. in
d. 27 cu. in.

117. Who is the author of the “Without seeing the Dawn”?
a. Maximo Ramos
b. Stevan Javellana
c. Paz M. Benitez
d. Madalena Jalandoni

118. How do oil wastes on the surface of a river affect the organisms in it?
a. Becomes sticky
b. Accumulate other wastes
c. Blocks sunlight
d. Absorbed by them

119. Her childhood faith in fairy tales is partly to blame for her _____________ nature, which now makes her an easy victim of all sorts of tricks.
a. superstitious
b. gullible
c. easy-going
d. trustworthy

120. Glass breaks easily. Which property of matter is exhibited?
a. Tenacity
b. Malleability
c. Ductility
d. Brittleness

121. What phenomenon occurs when the length of day and night varies depending on the inclination of the earth’s axis?
a. Coriolis effect
b. Spring
c. Solstice
d. Equinox

122. She described her classmate’s statement as too SOPHOMORIC. This means
a. Wise
b. Immature
c. Grown-up
d. Mature

123. What does the expression “love begets love” mean?
a. Love is offered, not waiting for love in return
b. Love is not freely expected from everyone
c. Don’t expect love, though you love others
d. If you offer love, you will be loved in rerun

124. Humble winners don’t GLOAT about the prize.
a. Scoff
b. Deride
c. Brag
d. Belittle

125. A 737-model jet plane has 29 rows with 5 seats per row, except for the last three rows which had 3 seats each. What is the seating capacity of the lane?
a. 144
b. 145
c. 139
d. 142

126. Who was the general who said “I shall return” after training troops in Australia?
a. Gen. Claveria
b. Gen. Dela Torre
c. Carlos P. Romulo
d. Douglas MacArthur

127. Why does the greenhouse effect result temperature near the earth’s surface?
a. Ozone traps ultraviolet radiation
b. Carbon Dioxide traps infrared radiation
c. Clouds trap infrared radiation
d. Soil absorbs incoming radiation

128. The statement, “She is a rose” is an example of a
a. Simile
b. Metaphor
c. Hyperbole
d. Idiom

129. Memories of brutality during the Japanese regime were associated with a group called:
a. Samurai
b. Kempetal
c. Kalibapi
d. Kamikaze

130. “Yumanig ang gusali sa mga yabag”. Ito’y isang
a. metafor
b. sinekdoke
c. hyperbole
d. personifikasyon

131. History is the witness that_____ passing of time
a. Testifies
b. Testifies for
c. Testifies the
d. Will testify

132. An abstract is a ___________ form of an academic article
a. concrete
b. comprehensive
c. curious
d. concise

133. “Pare pareho kayo. Wala akong maagpilian, wika ng isang gurong puno ng galit sa mga lalaking mag-aaral” Ano ang nais niyang ipahiwatig?
a. Walang gana sa pagtuturo
b. Nawalan ng tiwala sa mga lalaki
c. Pagasa sa buhay
d. Walang gana sa buhay

134. Which of the following factors contribute the “greenhouse effect”?
a. Excessive use of solar energy
b. Destruction of our forests
c. Use of carbon dioxide by green plants
d. Depletion of materials by over-farming

135. He conducted extensive experiments on pea plants formulated the laws of heredity, is considered father of genetics.
a. C. Barr
b. Gregor Mendel
c. J. Lamarck
d. Charles Darwin

136. Environmental pollution is classified as violence that is termed
a. Direct
b. Ecological
c. Socio-cultural
d. Structure

137. Parents admit that text messaging is an easy means of knowing their children’s whereabouts. However, they are worried about its effect on
a. Shortening messages effectively
b. Ability to guess words correctly
c. Ability to spell words correctly
d. Communicating through guessing

138. “The principal goal of education is to create people who are capable of new things-people who are creative, inventive and discoverer.” We learned this from the almost kind early childhood educator named
a. Maria Montessori
b. John Dewey
c. B.F. Skinner
d. Jean Piaget

139. At the base of a triangle that shapes us into what we are, is one of the following. Name it
a. School attended
b. Training
c. Environment
d. Heredity

140. The Bilingual Project of the DECS encourage our students to
a. Be proficient in English and the dialect
b. Be proficient in English as well as Filipino
c. Use Filipino in tagalog-speaking regions
d. Use English in teaching all subjects

141. Why is plastic commonly used as handle of kitchen utensils?
a. It is lighter than metal
b. It is a good conductor of heat
c. It is a poor conductor of heat
d. It is denser than metal

142. I _________ walked two kilometers by the time you catch up with me
a. have
b. will have
c. had
d. would have

143. Siya ang kaunaunhang nagsalin sa Tagalog ng Mi Ultimo Adios ni Jose Rizal
a. Jose Gatmaitan
b. Apolinario Mabini
c. Andres Bonifacio
d. Jose Corazon de Jesus

144. “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Such is a good for those who
a. proliferate
b. predict
c. profess
d. procrastinate

145. Ano ang karaniwang iisahing pantig lamang at walang katuturang maibibigay kung nagiisa?
a. Parirala
b. Salita
c. Kataga
d. Sugnay

146. “I die just when the dawn breaks to herald the day.” This is the famous quote from
a. Benigno Aquino
b. Manuel L. Quezon
c. Jose P. Rizal
d. Andres Bonifacio

147. What does a speedometer: of a moving car show?
a. Average Acceleration
b. Instantaneous speed
c. Average speed
d. Instant acceleration

148. A telephone company charges P18for the first 3 minutes plus P 2.50 for every additional minute. At this how much will a 15-minute call cost?
a. P 55.50
b. P 48.00
c. P 37.50
d. P 90.00

149. The space age ____________ in October, 19 57 when Sputnik was launched by the Soviet Union
a. ended
b. commenced
c. cited
d. flourished

150. The statement, “Speak evil of no man,” refers to
a. Truth
b. Amazing
c. Shocking
d. Gossips

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