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LET Reviewer in General Education

LET Reviewer for General Education
LET Reviewer for General Education

1. Some college students __________ the conference at Los Baños.
a. joins 
b. have joined
c. has joined
d. will have joined

2. Mrs. delos Santos told her son to fix the water pump. __________ has not been functioning for a week
a. It
b. She
c. He
d. They

3. The policeman is mot angry with the children __________?
a. is he 
b. are they
c. isn’t it 
d. aren’t they

4. We were awaiting __________ the outcome of the examination 
a. of 
b. about
c. for
d. no preposition 

5. __________ he has worked hard, he has yet top taste success
a. since 
b. Although
c. However 
d. Because 

6. I would have profiled more from working than __________
a. studying
b. school attendance 
c. from schooling 
d. from spending a year in school

7. It requires something more than the ability to wite well to __________ a best selling novel
a. bring about 
b. produce
c. originate
d. device 

8. Filipinos are eagerly __________ the forthcoming centennial celebration of the Philippines independence 
a. looking forward about 
b. looking forward on
c. looking forward for
d. looking forward to

9. The social studies teacher asked her students to __________ politics and economics 
a. differentiate from 
b. differentiate among
c. differentiate about
d. differentiate between

10. The Philippine Normal University was established __________ 1901 
a. at
b. on
c. in
d. about

11. Ramon is going to be famous someday. He __________ in three movies already.
a. ahs been appearing 
b. had appeared
c. has appeared
d. appeared

12. Where’s Gina? She __________
a. is in her room studying
b. in her room is studying 
c. studies in her room 
d. has in her room studied 

13. Hello? Carol? This is Roland. How are you? Roland? What a coincidence I __________ about you when the phone rang.’
a. was just thinking
b. just thought
c. have just been thinking
d. was just thought

14. The plane’s departure was delayed because or mechanical difficulties. When the weary passengers finally boarded the aircraft, many were annoyed and irritable because they __________ for a long time
a. are awaiting 
b. were awaiting
c. have been waiting 
d. had been waiting 

15. Sheila __________ rather sleep on a mattress than on the floor 
a. shall
b. could
c. would
d. must

16. Hers was the pivotal vote 
a. crucial 
b. reciprocal
c. flexible
d. ambiguous 

17. She is the first woman to crack the inner most sanctum of male power 
a. approval 
b. private place
c. blessing 
d. public square 

18. There seems to be little innovative thinking amount courts 
a. new 
b. unusual
c. daring 
d. up-to-date

19. Her sound decisions come not from serependity but from hard work 
a. praise 
b. opportunity
c. good luck
d. nonchalance 

20. Because of his lineage you could anticipate the transgressions to come. 
a. memory 
b. reputation
c. ancestry
d. printed lines

21. All the fasting and Hindu calisthenics couldn’t keep those inches off.
a. exercises 
b. variety spots
c. mental puzzles 
d. ornamental lettering 

22. If I were you I’d pay no attention to admonitions from me
a. warning 
b. requirement
c. confession
d. subtle difference

23. The floods amplified the earthquake’s devastation 
a. satisfied 
b. prolonged
c. increased
d. rounded off 

24. News of the disaster stupefied the victim’s relatives 
a. strengthened 
b. crippled
c. frustrated
d. stunned 

25. To much cholesterol is associated with heart disease
a. fat 
b. nutrients
c. poison
d. problems 

26. Read the selection carefully. Then answer the questions that follow.

Astronomers who believe that the universe was once a vast tight mass of hydrogen claim that all substances in the universe were created during the first half hour after the heated mass of hydrogen exploded, forming our present universe. Scientist have studied that ashes where an atom bomb or hydrogen bomb has been exploded. They have seen what happens when substances are heated to a high temperature in laboratories. From these studies they now know how great explosion of the universe could turn hydrogen into helium, iron, uranium, and all other substances found on earth and in the stars. The explosion theory is supported by the fact that substances which the process indicates should be common are very common and those it indicates should be scarce are scarce.

It is known that after million and millions of years uranium changes into lead. B7 studying how much uranium has changed into lead, it is possible to calculate how long ago the uranium was created. The time thus calculated is about 5,500,000,000 years

Since astronomers conclude from the speed of movement of the stars that they were exploded from some central point about 5,500,000,000 years ago and since uranium was created about that time, it appears hat the explosion theory of how the universe was made maybe the correct one. 

This is a lesson in __________.
a. geography 
b. history
c. science
d. health

27. If scientist are correct concerning this process of creation, then certain substances should be __________
a. rare
b. common
c. unusual
d. very common 

28. Astronomers believe that all substances in the universe were created during which period of time/
a. first day 
b. first 15 days
c. first 5 hours
d. first half hour 

29. Uranium changes into __________
a. iron
b. steel
c. lead
d. copper

30. Scientist infer the age of the universe from __________
a. speed of the stars 
b. the number of galaxies 
c. ashes of atom bombs 
d. the age of astronomers

31. Jose Rizal at the foot of Mt. Makiling said, “I saw nothing. I heard nothing.” This tells of Rizal’s state then that __________
a. he was waiting for Maria Makiling
b. he knew suffering, injustice, greed 
c. he inherited to call Filipinos to revolt 
d. he definitely was coming to an end

32. Which of these words is synonyms with accord?
a. settlement 
b. constitution
c. autonomy
d. breakthrough 

33. But the MNLF is holding out for autonomy for 123 province, which was promised in 1976 Tripoli agreement. Government negotiators counter that, under the constitution, these provinces must first vote on whether to be included in ARMM. When was the MNLF organized?
a. 1976
b. 1993
c. 1989
d. 1972

34. How do you address an invitation to a wedding wherein the husband is a lawyer and the wife is a doctor of medicine? Which is the right form?
a. Atty. and Mrs. Delfin Tuazon 
b. Atty. and Dr. Delfin Tuazon 
c. Atty. Tuazon and Dr. Tuazon 
d. Atty. Delfin Tuazon and Dra. Tuazon

35. Which situation shows that the student was the best/
a. Father reminded his son to watch all games and be the best 
b. Look for the rank and act as one 
c. Father said, “My son you’re number one.”
d. Father said son was good

36. What was NOT agreed upon in Jakarta?
a. system of taxation 
b. Islamic law courts 
c. teaching Arabic
d. are of responsibility 

37. Which utterance shows determination?
a. What shame she returned 
b. This time, I have not made up my mind 
c. This time I won’t stop schooling
d. I have good news for you 

38. We were awaiting __________ the outcome of the LICENSURE EXAMINATION FOR TEACHERS
a. for 
b. of
c. about
d. no preposition 

39. You wouldn’t want to be late for the review, __________?
a. will you 
b. would you
c. wouldn’t you 
d. won’t be

40. Which sentence shows clear understanding of the message?
a. They had to read it again and again 
b. They thought I had explained things clearly 
c. It took a long time to clarify things and I failed
d. The children explained to him what happened but he didn’t get the word

41. Alin sa sumusunod na pangkat ng maga letra ang maayos ng paalpabeto?
a. L M N NG O 
b. L M N Ñ NG
c. L M N O P
d. L M N NG Ñ

42. Alin pangungusap ang nagsasabi na siya ang pumatay at hindi ang nasasakdal/
a. Hindi, ako ang pumatay 
b. Hindi ako, and pumatay 
c. Hindi ako and pumatay 
d. Hindi ako ang, pumatay

43. Anong salita ang naiiba ng bigkas sa balita?
a. tama
b. nilaga
c. bihira
d. bahagya
44. Kung gagawa ka ng liham pangangalakal, alin ang wastong pagsulat ng bating panimula?
a. Mahal na Ginoo: 
b. Mahal na Ginoo;
c. Mahal Na Ginoo:
d. Mahal na Ginoo,

45. Alin sa mga sumusunod and wasto at maayos na pagpapahayag ng pangungusap?
a. Pinapirma ang kasulatan sa akin ng abogado. 
b. Pinapirma sa akin ang kasulatan ng abogado .
c. Pinapirmahan sa akin ng abogado and kasulatan. 
d. Pinapirmahan sa akin ang kasulatan ng abogado.

46. Maruming-marumi si Lito nang umuwi siya ng bahay. ALing pangungusap ang maliwanag na naglalarawan ng kaniyang anyo?
a. Pumasok si LIto sa loob ng bahay na napakarumi.
b. Pumasok sa loob ng bahay na napakarumi si LIto 
c. Pumasok si Lito na naparumi sa loob ng bahay
d. Pumasok si Lito sa loob na napakarumi ng loob ng bahay.

47. Ang salitang angkop na naglalarawan sa pangarap ng tao ay 
a. malaki 
b. matayog
c. maapad
d. matangkad

48. Kung pagsasama-samahin sa isang pangungusap, ang wastong pagkakasunod-sunod ng mga sangkap na (si Pina)[1] (dadalaw)[2] (sa Linggo)[3] (sa kaibigan)[4] ay
a. 1 4 2 3 
b. 2 3 1 4
c. 1 2 4 3
d. 2 1 4 3

49. Kailangan ng nana yang suka. inutusan niya ang anak na si Clara. Clara __________ ka nga ng suka.
a. bumili 
b. bumibili
c. magbili
d. mabibili

50. Ang ano mang kapasiyahan ay magiging mabisa lamang, kung ito’s matutupad, maisasagawa at magiging kapaki-pakinabang, di lamang sa sarili, kundi higit sa lahat, para sa kabutihan at kapakanan ng iyong kapwa at ng sambayanan. Ang diwa at kaluluwa ng kapakipakinabang na pagbabago ay mapananatili ang bias, kung bawat bahagi at kabuuan nito ay magiging sangkap ng pang-araw-araw na takbo ng buhay ng isang tao, o hindi man ng isang bansa

Ang maaaring pamagat ng talata ay
a. Ang Diwa at Kaluluwa ng Kapakipakinabang na Pagbabago
b. Ang kahalagahan ng pagpapasiya
c. Pagpapasiya sa Buhay ng Tao 
d. Ano ang Pagpapasiya

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