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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. Certain factors that may affect the choice of family goals
A. family income and standards
B. family needs, wants and resources
C. family health, social status
D. family friends and membership to organizations

2. What color combination uses two colors which are opposite to each other in the color wheel?
A. monochromatic
B. split complementary
C. complementary
D. analogous

3. Lorna selected the color for her dress on Valentine’s Day. Red is the property of color which correspond to
A. hue
B. value
C. intensity
D. all of these

4. The best stability in a family life is
A. parents
B. in-laws
C. children
D. relatives

5. Baking in the Philippines was introduced by the
A. Americans
B. Greeks
C. Moslems
D. Spaniards

6. The ability to control the emotions, feelings of anger, hate, envy and can face difficulties without discouragement in life
A. intellectual maturity
B. philosophical maturity
C. emotional maturity
D. physical maturity

7. One of the best marks of a successful family is
A. when parents can provide the material need of the children
B. when children grow normally
C. producing healthy children with good education and proper training
D. sending children to prestigious schools

8. What is necessary in teaching self-reliance?
A. freedom to learn
B. discipline
C. deciding their needs
D. solving their problems

9. Children feel the companionship at home with other members of the family when
A. they are brought outside for field trips
B. they are included in home activities
C. they call for other children to play
D. they talk and talk in the house

10. How should food be prepared and served so that children may enjoy eating it?
A. add colorful decoration to food
B. give short lecture about the food value of food
C. allow them to help or watch in the preparation and cooking of the food
D. serve with sweets beside or on top of the served food

11. Excessive food intake of by a person results in
A. obesity
B. hypertension
C. malnutrition
D. undernutrition

12. Food nutrients which very rich in calories
A. protein
B. carbohydrates
C. minerals
D. fats

13. Deficiencies in protein may result to
A. pelagra
B. Beri-beri
C. kwashiorkor
D. malaria

14. Of the following, which is not part of a good and effective home management
A. organizing
B. socializing
D. planning

15. The first drop of a mother’s milk is called
A. lactogen
B. estrogen
C. amniotic fluid
D. colustrum

16. It is a planned activity directed toward the satisfaction of who wishes and the attainment of goals within the family home
A. Budgeting
B. Home Management
C. Entrepreneurship
D. Technology

17. It is a method of handling family income using income as a planned and shared family project. Both husband and wife jointly shared in distribution of income into the pattern of the expenses.
A. handout method
B. allowance method
C. fifty-fifty method
D. family finance plan

18. A fine material with an embossed or strong effect used for decoration purposes especially in covering furniture
A. cotton
B. velvet
C. brocade
D. linen

19. It is a style used in serving a big number of people especially if these are no trained waiters and waitresses. Tablewares and napkins are artistically arranged on the table. Guest help themselves.
A. Russian style
B. English or Family style
C. Buffet style
D. Compromise style

20. In decorating and furnishing a home, one must first considered the effect of the whole area. Which is not included in the principles of art?
A. harmony and proportion
B. rhythm and emphasis
C. balance
D. budgeting

21. These are guides in cutting clothing materials into garments where the outline of the human body is followed
A. patterns
B. body measurements
C. sewing
D. dress designs

22. The sliding container that carries the lower thread in a sewing machine
A. web
B. bobbin
C. shuttle
D. dart

23. What is needed in the diet of children who are prone to goiter?
A. Iron
B. protein
C. Iodine
D. Vitamins

24. What subject in school curriculum enhances socio-economic development in school?
A. Home Management and Technology
B. Technology and Home Economics
C. Innotech
D. Home Economics and Culinary Arts

25. When should children with smallpox or measles be isolated or quarantined?
A. within 2 days of fever
B. first day of skin wound healing
C. first week upon skin eruption
D. on the onset of fever

26. Which one is not a fundamental principles of design
A. combination
B. balance
C. rhythm
D. proportion

27. Called the miracle fiber which is synthetic fiber made directly from chemical rather than cellulose.
A. silk
B. brocade
C. liner
D. nylon

28. It is a natural product of silkworm spun which is considered a luxury-fabric because of its high cost
A. linen
B. rayon
C. silk
D. nylon

29. Food nutrients which regulates body functions
A. protein
B. water
C. Minerals and vitamins
D. fats

30. The average Filipino consumer is usually
A. getting most of his purchase
B. fond of striking bargain
C. influenced by promotion
D. fond of imported goods

31. The solvent used to dissolve the lacquer stencil film from the silkscreen frame is
A. kerosene
B. lacquer thinner
C. paint thinner
D. varnish

32. The liquid and finishing solution used in blocking out open areas of the silkscreen
A. clear gloss lacquer
B. ink
C. paint
D. varnish

33. When lacquer film was already adhered to the screen, the backing sheets should be stripped. What part of the screen should you start stripping?
A. at the center
B. at the four corner
C. at one corner only
D. any of the above
34. In sketching orthographic drawings certain conventional lines each for a definite purpose are used. These lines are commonly called
A. parallel lines
B. perpendicular lines
C. alphabet lines
D. none of the above

35. This line is considered the lighted or finest line in a drawing
A. hidden line
B. visible line
C. outer line
D. projection line

36. Is the process of transferring part of the plant taken from the pedigree trees to another plant called the stock
A. grafting
B. marcotting
C. layering
D. none of the above

37. This stage of plant life cycle includes the development and growth of the three main parts
A. Vegetative
B. Reproductive
C. Fertilization
D. Plowing

38. One of the troublesome diseases of cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, radish, pechay during the wet months is rot blocks and is caused by
A. Ferarium solari
B. Uromyces phaseoli
C. Xanthomonas canpestris
D. Altermania brassical

39. Division of the invertebrates comprising animal with soft fleshy body and covered more or use with calcareous shell as the snail is called
A. Invertebrates
B. Mollusca
C. Crustacea
D. Crustacean

40. Financial report that shows the total amount of income derived from business summary of expenses is
A. income statement
B. journal
C. ledger
D. trial balance

41. A coating that is applied to the inside of some aluminum or steel pots and pans. Helps to prevent the food from sticking to the pot especially when over heated.
A. Cast iron
B. Enamelware
C. Copper
D. Teflon

42. A semi-liquid mixture of flour, liquid and the rest of ingredients.
A. Batter
B. Butter
C. Cream
D. Puree

43. The frozen of keeping food to prevent from spoilage.
A. Drying
B. Food Preservation
C. Freezing
D. Canning

44. Succulent portions of garden plants used as foods.
A. root crops
B. fruits
C. vegetables
D. tubers

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