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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. Are very perishable and deterisuate rapidly after removal from water.
A. poultry
B. shellfish
C. fish
D. pin fish

2. Are seeds of the grass family widely as staple foods.
A. cereals
B. starch
C. Buck wheat
D. oats

3. The form of carbohydrates in which the plants store their reserve energy.
A. sugar
B. starch
C. rice
D. legumes

4. A family of macaroni products of varying sizes and shapes.
A. Spaghetti
B. Sotanghon
C. Alimentary pastes
D. pastina

5. A poultry product made by milling or grinding cereal grains, root crops, legumes and similarly milled foods.
A. wheat
B. miseca
C. glutinous rice
D. flour

6. Vary with areas and with families within areas.
A. meal pattern
B. meal planning
C. menu
D. satiety value

7. An informal way of serving a meal to relatively large number of person in limited space and no waitress is needed.
A. com promise style
B. Buffet style
C. Russian style/Formal style
D. English/Family style

8. Includes all tools used for eating and serving foods such as knives, fork and spoon.
A. linens
B. individual cover
C. cover
D. chinaware

9. The finishing touches that are essential to the over all harmony of a table.
A. centerpiece
B. sterling
C. placemats
D. chinaware

10. It holds the entire place setting, but they should never overlap.
A. table runner
B. Silverware
C. placemats
D. linen

11. Caramelization is a process by which sugar and sugar acids are heated to high temperature above 200o C, where a characteristic flavor and brown color results. In which of the following food items this particular process is applied?
A. bibingka
B. leche plan
C. suman
D. puto

12. Flour is to sift as coconut milk is to:
A. drain
B. stir
C. grind
D. strain

13. Carrots, pineapples, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley are generally used as ingredients, but are used also to decorate food to arouse ones’ appetite. What is the best term to describe their latter function?
A. dressing
B. marinade
C. garnishes
D. toppings

14. You were asked to blanch the ingredients for coleslaw such as shredded cabbage, and carrots, you must therefore:
A. mip cabbage and carrots
B. toss cabbage and carrots
C. dip cabbage and carrots into the boiling water for a few minutes
D. soften the said vegetables

15. In which of the following dishes, flaked chicken serves as one of the main ingredients?
A. macaroni – chicken salad
B. chicken pastel
C. chicken a-la king
D. chicken barbeque

16. The following are the appliances used for miping and cutting except:
A. miping bowl
B. osterizer/blender
C. grinder
D. food processor

17. Pare is for potato as peel is for:
A. sweet potato
B. gabi
C. banana
D. papaya

18. The main concern of malnutrition for old age is:
A. conservation of good health
B. reduce the discomfort caused by physical weakness
C. provision of daily meals of their own choice
D. limit food intake

19. A starchy part of the cereal grain which contains the largest amount of protein.
A. bran
B. germ
C. embryo
D. endosperm

20. To remove feather or bristle from poultry by passing over a flame is to:
A. pan – boil
B. scale
C. singe
D. flake

21. An art of joining or sewing two pieces of cloth to form a new dress.
A. seam
B. dressmaking
C. seam line
D. clothing

22. A 60 inches long tape used for taking body measurements, for drafting patterns, altering and laying out the pattern on the cloth.
A. curve
B. L – square
C. tape measure
D. French curve

23. Tools used to hold together pattern papers or pieces of fabric or cloth.
A. pins
B. needle
C. scissor
D. thimble

24. Used for drawing perpendicular lines, obtaining right angle and dividing measurements.
A. Transparent ruler
B. hip curve
C. French curve
D. L – square

25. It is 7 to 10 inches in length with one handle for the thumb and with larger opening for two or more fingers to provide more force in cutting the fabrics.
A. shears
B. scissor
C. seam zipper
D. embroidery scissor

26. A mechanical device operated by foot-powered or motor powered use for fitting together all the garment parts.
A. sewing machine
B. over edging
C. basting
D. cutting table

27. It is a temporary stitches, used to hold in place two or more pieces of materials before stitching permanently.
A. hemming
B. cross stitch
C. basting
D. back stitch

28. A seam often used for dresses, collar linings, blouses and skirts made from fabrics that do not ravel.
A. French seam
B. lapped seam
C. flat-felled seam
D. plain seam

29. It is a seam within a seam.
A. French seam
B. lapped seam
C. flat-felled seam
D. plain seam

30. It is a systematic taking of measurements from the body parts of a feminine or masculine figure.
A. body length
B. body shape
C. body measurements
D. body silhouette

31. This measurements starts from left shoulder joint where the arm begins to fall passing over the shoulder blades to the other shoulder joint.
A. waist line
B. shoulder width
C. shoulder blade
D. shoulder point

32. It is measured around the natural waist, or place, just over the top of the hips or below the ribs where the body is most contracted.
A. waist line
B. hip line
C. hemline
D. bust line

33. It is a part of a garment that hangs below the waist.
A. sleeve
B. pants
C. skirt
D. collar

34. A part of a garment worn around the neck.
A. sleeve
B. necklace
C. neckerchief
D. collar

35. It is a part of a garment attach to the armhole partially or fully.
A. sleeve
B. collar
C. skirt
D. gloves

36. Sonya’s face is long and thin, therefore she should avoid wearing a dress with a
A. V – neckline
B. round neckline
C. square neckline
D. close neckline

37. Tessie wants to appear taller and less chubby. What dress should she wear?
A. a dress with crosswise stripes
B. a dress with horizontal stripes
C. a dress with vertical stripes
D. a green checkered mini dress

38. Emy has a round face. If she wears a dress with a square neckline her face will look.
A. pointer
B. thinner
C. rounded
D. plumper

39. The color of one’s dress should be considered in choosing a garment. Joy is a girl with fair complexion. What would you suggest she wear to complement her skin tone?
A. a black dress
B. a pastel colored dress
C. a dotted dress
D. a checkered dress

40. Lorna selected red as the color for her dress on Valentine’s Day. Red is a property of color which corresponds to:
A. hue
B. value
C. intensity
D. harmony

41. Which of the following suggests the pleasing combination of lines, colors, shapes and textures?
A. proportion
B. harmony
C. intensity
D. value

42. From what point should items, especially dresses, be balanced?
A. focal point
B. end point
C. side point
D. all of these

43. The main division of the body
A. shoulder
B. waist line
C. bust
D. hips

44. Refers to anything used to cover the body for protection.
A. clothing
B. fabric
C. textline
D. liner

45. Refers to the continuity of eye movement in order to create a well-designed dress.
A. proportion
B. balance
C. color
D. rhythm

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