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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. When you were asked to scale a measurement, what should you do?
A. double the measurement
B. use the same measurement
C. add 2 inches to the original measurement
D. divide the measurement by 2

2. A term applied to any garment which can be washed, dried and worn again without or with little ironing is:
A. wash and wear
B. laundered and ironless
C. wet finished
D. wet and dry

3. Which part of the sewing machine needs adjustment when you want to reduce the size of the stitches?
A. tension
B. feed dog
C. stitch regulator
D. needle bar

4. The part of the fabric intended to be shown and is of better appearance is the:
A. face
B. weft
C. tuff
D. hem

5. Body measurement which is taken by using L-square and a tape measure at the same time.
A. waist length
B. shoulder
C. skirt length
D. crotch

6. In laying out pattern pieces on the cloth, what should you do to the pattern having centerfold symbol?
A. lay the pattern against the selvage
B. lay the pattern on the folded portion of the fabric
C. cut the cloth without allowance
D. pattern pieces should be laid twice

7. L-square is an indispensable tool in sewing. All of the following are its important uses except:
A. divide measurement
B. drafting pattern
C. measuring curve lines
D. drawing straight and perpendicular lines

8. What are the best tools to use when transferring markings to other side of the fabric?
A. pencil and carbon
B. tracing wheel and carbon
C. tracing wheel and tracing board
D. tailored chalk and tracing wheel

9. When cutting fabric, you should observe the following except:
A. cut the fabric with long and even strokes
B. move around the table as you cut the fabric
C. move the fabric
D. pin the fabric properly

10. Clipping is used to minimize bulkiness and to attain flat and fine lines and curves. In which of the following does this technique is best applied?
A. hemming circular
B. joining two edges together
C. attaching facing unto the neckline
D. when using French seam

11. Good care of clothing is part of
A. home chores
B. washing clothes
C. purchasing clothes
D. good grooming

12. Stain caused by this cannot be removed
A. nail polish
B. sap from coconut suds
C. syrup or candy
D. paint

13. To keep your clothes in first class condition, have a plan for the
A. yearly care of your clothes
B. daily/weekly care of your clothes
C. monthly care of your clothes
D. hourly care of your clothes

14. The Filipina’s complexion looks best in the shades of
A. coral
B. brown and greenish blues
C. orange-reds
D. all of the choices

15. Personality is an important factor in the choice of colors. The colors should make me
A. feel happy
B. feel right
C. feel sad
D. feel sick

16. Evening clothes should be more dramatic than
A. sports clothes
B. house clothes
C. daytime clothes
D. party clothes

17. When buying clothes
A. read the care label
B. check the seams
C. check the zipper
D. all of the above

18. In garment construction, completing all the parts of a garment by a dressmaker is called
A. mass production method
B. unit method
C. price method
D. foundation method
19. Most garments have one or more labels attached to them which contain the following information. Which one is not included?
A. date of manufacture
B. the name of the company
C. the size
D. the kind of fabric

20. The basic sloper is composed of ________ major parts.
A. three
B. five
C. four
D. six

21. You will not be well-groomed unless your clothes are
A. free from wrinkles
C. free from unpleasant odors
B. free from missing snaps of buttons
D. free from accessories

22. Hang clothes on
A. hooks
B. hangers
C. nails
D. rope

23. Sloping round shoulders require building-up. What sleeves are always preferable?
A. regular sleeves
B. puff sleeves
C. set-in sleeves
D. dolman sleeves

24. When all lines, shapes, texture, colors, and values seem to belong together, a design has
A. proportion
B. balance
C. rhythm
D. unity

25. What are the pillars of foundation patterns?
A. measurements
B. Sewing equipment
C. drawings
D. markings

26. Measurement should be taken snugly but not tightly with the costumer in a
A. sitting
B. lying
C. standing
D. kneeling

27. In preparing the cloth for cutting, which of the following processes you do?
A. soaking in water overnight
B. hanging and drying
C. straightening and pressing
D. all of the above

28. A fabric is considered grain perfect when its lengthwise and crosswise threads cross at right
A. sides
B. angles
C. seams
D. lines

29. Lay-out the pieces of patterns on the _______ side of the cloth.
A. wrong
B. right
C. seam
D. top

30. In laying out the pattern pieces, begin by placing the ______ pieces at opposite ends of the fabric
A. smaller
B. wider
C. narrower
D. larger

31. The human resources which the family can use to achieve its goals include
A. knowledge
B. abilities/skills
C. energy
D. all of these

32. A democratic way of talking over family problems and trying to make decisions which are satisfactory to all family members is
A. problem analysis
B. problem solving
C. family council
D. counseling

33. A person’s willingness to understand the member who is in trouble shows
A. care
B. loyalty
C. concern
D. commitment

34. A very suitable guideline in all human relation
A. wisdom
B. Golden rule
C. laws
D. decrees

35. To achieve a satisfying family each member is expected to live his role with corresponding
A. needs
B. responsibilities
C. care
D. loyalty

36. An act of making up one’s mind:
A. decision
B. adjustment
C. curiosity
D. contentment

37. Traits that are detrimental at one’s development are known as:
A. strength
B. standard
C. values
D. weaknesses

38. A careful approach to setting goals and achieving them:
A. management
B. good management
C. home management
D. proper management

39. A trait which becomes the crucial determinant of a girls’ social status among her peer:
A. emotional trait
B. physical attractiveness
C. social maturity
D. psychological maturity

40. It is the way the family uses the different resources to attain family goals
A. goal
B. home management
C. management
D. resources

41. The best training ground from family members to develop their skill in decision making:
A. home
B. school
C. church
D. movie house

42. The laws that define the right of a child are embodied in Presidential Decree No. 603
A. Magna Carta
B. Child & Youth Welfare Code
C. Civil rights
D. Constitution

43. A resource which all of us share alike
A. time
B. energy
C. knowledge and skill
D. money

44. A system of principles for a conduct of life is
A. strength
B. values
C. philosophy
D. weaknesses

45. Accepting not only the happiness that come to the family is
A. concern
B. caring
C. companionship
D. commitment

46. A process of reaching a solution to a problem which is based on family goals, resources and values is called
A. decision making
B. assessment
C. problem solving
D. reorganizing

47. It refers to the stream of money, good services and satisfaction that comes under the control of the family to be used to satisfy needs and desires
A. income
B. goods
C. standard of living
D. cost of living

48. It is commonly caused by boredom, frustrations, conflicts, depressions, anxiety and other emotional problems
A. physical fatigue
B. pathological fatigue
C. psychological fatigue
D. biological fatigue

49. Family surpluses are best placed in
A. savings account
B. real state
C. stocks
D. shares

50. When children of couples leave the house and have families of their own, the couples are new in the stage of
A. contracting
B. beginning
C. expanding
D. child-bearing

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