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LET Reviewer - Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

51. This is an assessment done where informations are collected from a number of sources knowledgeable about the child, including families, caregivers and professionals.
A. Multicultural Assessment
B. Mutidimensional Assessment
C. Multidynamic Assessment
D. Multisource Assessment

52. Responsive and sensitive to child-initiated behaviour.
A. Curriculum design
B. Activity
C. Incidental Teaching

53. Refers to the absence or partial loss of an arm or leg.
A. Plegia
B. Loss Limbs
C. Limb Deficiency
D. Limb Amputee

54. This include abnormalities in the pitch (too high/too low), quality (hoarse/breathy, tight/harsh), loudness (inadequate/too loud), or resonance (hyponasal, such as when you have a cold, or hypernasal, when there is too much sound coming through the nose) of the voice.
A. Voice Disorder
B. Language Disorder
C. Communication Disorder
D. None

55. Child has difficulty with the development of speech sounds and the rules for the sound system.
A. Syntax Disorder
B. Phonological Disorder
C. Speech Disorder
D. Dysphagia

56. Another way of looking at curriculum theory and practice is via:
A. Procedure
B. Production
C. Process
D. Both a and C

57. Behavior is monitored in regard to how long it lasts.
A. Rate Data
B. Time Sampling
C. Duration Data
D. Interval Recording

58. Keys that are up to four times the size of standard computer keys.
A. Concept Key Board
B. Med Tech
C. Technologist
D. Large keyboard

60. It facilitates transfer of information at a faster pace. It also allows better communication.
A. Teacher
B. Technical
C. Technology
D. Techniques

61. An assault on the brain that causes mild to severe injury.
A. Traumatic brain Injury
B. Close Brain Injury
C. Brain Injury
D. None

62. Removal of access to all sources of reinforcement for a specified time period contingent upon the target behaviour.
A. Extinction
B. Target Behavior
C. Prompt
D. Time Out

63. It means a cloudy areas in part or all of the lens of the eye.
A. Cataract
B. Myopia
C. Night Blindness
D. Blind

64. It is a term used to refer to all the team approaches that address students' academic and behavior problems prior to any consideration for special education eligibility.
A. Team Approach
B. Co Teaching
C. Prereferral
D. Team Teaching

65. It places a special education teacher as a full partner in a classroom with a general education teacher.
A. Partial Inclusion
B. Full Inclusion
C. Mainstream
D. Regular Class

67. It means changing the way in which instruction is delivered or changing the way in which a student is expected to respond to instruction
A. Accommodation
B. Self-Contained Class
C. Special Class
D. Training

68. Is a rare inherited condition marked by extremely brittle bones.
A. Spina Bifida
B. Cerebral Palsy
C. Paralysis
D. Osteogenesis Imperfecta

69. Tiny sounds created in the inner ear in response to a stimulus.
A. Otitis Media
B. Middle Ear
C. Otoacoustic Emissions
D. Cochlea

70. It involves the central nervous system and is a disability of the brain, spinal cord, or nervous system. These impairments often result in compound motor problems that can affect several body systems.
A. Orthopedic Impairment
B. Physical Impairment
C. Neurological Impairment
D. Impairments

71. Process by which information is collected regarding the occurrence of the behavior prior to any intervention.
A. Extinction
B. Prompt
C. Baseline
D. Rewards

72. He discovered Down Syndrome to which is known as trisomy 21.
A. Dr. John Doen
B. Dr. John Langdon Down
C. Dr. Langdon Down
D. Dr. John Down

73. The year that the Decade of the Filipino Child was declared…..
A. 1879
B. 1967
C. 1996
D. 1976

74. A French educator who himself was blind and developed the tactile system of reading and writing based on code or six dots.
A. Louis Baille
B. Louis Braille
C. Loiuse Daille
D. Louis Taille

75. An act providing for the rehabilitation, self-development and self-reliance of disabled persons and their integration into the mainstream society and for other purposes known as Magna Carta for Disabled Person.
A. Republic Act 7277
B. Republic Act 7772
C. Republic Act 7672
D. Republic Act 6277

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