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LET Reviewer in Professional Education

LET Reviewer for Professional Education
LET Reviewer for Professional Education

1. In an experiment you need a Bunsen burner to heat a metal. This burner is an expensive equipment and is not available in your school. What will you do?
a. Read the results from the book.
b. Substitute it to a locally made gas burner.
c. Do not perform the experiment anymore.
d. Guess what would happen to the metal when heated.

2. With a group of children gathered around Ms. Ubiña, she strikes a tuning fork on the rim of a basin and touches the vibrating fork that causes waves to spread out in all directions. She tells the class, “This is what happens in the air but we cannot see the waves. Sound travels in waves through the air just like these waves we see in the water.”What kind of strategy does Ms. Ubiña employ?
a. Lecture
b. inductive
c. discussion
d. lecture demonstration

3. You were asked to teach a science lesson using the inquiry method. Which of these steps are you going to follow?
1. Formulating a problem
2. Gathering of data
3. Formulating a hypothesis
4. Testing the hypothesis
5. Formulating generalization

a. 1_2_3_4_5
b. 1_3_2_4_5
c. 2_1_3_4_5
d. 5_4_3_2_1

4. Miss Ilao noticed that her class retains science concepts more permanently when the experimental method is used. Which learning situation describes this method?
a. The teacher explains and the pupils listen
b. The pupils are actually doing things themselves
c. Selected pupils perform an activity and the rest observe
d. An invited guest shows how plants could be propagated

5. Mrs David wants to develop the social skills of her pupils as they learn the different phases of matter. How can she do this?
a. Explain to them how to distinguish a liquid from gas and solid
b. Give them examples and non-examples of solids, gases and liquids
c. Group pupils with equal abilities together and let them perform an experiment on the phases of matter
d. Group pupils with different abilities together and let them perform an experiment on the phases of matter

6. What will you do if controversial issue is raised in Science & Health class?
a. Call on the bright learners to resolve the issue
b. Give your own opinion regarding the issue to put an end to the discussion
c. Discourage the learners from indulging to such a time-wasting discussion
d. Encourage learners to form their conclusions after all the facts have been presented

7. What is the advantage of the Laboratory Method over the Demonstration Method in Science?
a. It requires more time
b. It is learning by doing
c. It develops manipulative skill
d. It allows the teacher to finish her work immediately

8. Mrs. del Prado, a Science teacher thought of giving all the groups of V-Matalino the chance to perform the experiment. However, the chemicals are not sufficient. What method should she use?
a. Demonstration
b. Laboratory
c. Project
d. Lecture

9. Which method is suited if the object is to describe the effect of heat on the matter?
a. Laboratory Method
b. Project Method
c. Expository Method
d. Problem Method

10. In the present curriculum, one of the basic skill areas in mathematics is communication. Which best explains the reason for this?
a. Because Mathematics id taught in English
b. Because we use English books in Mathematics
c. Because Mathematics presents information through figures & letters
d. Because Mathematics, pupils/students need to predict, explain and represent.

11. A grade three pupil could not visualize the number of chairs there are in the room with 9 rows and 7 chairs in a row. What problem solving strategy can a teacher use to help the pupils visualize the situation?
a. Guess and check
b. Look for a pattern
c. Construct a table
d. Draw a diagram

12. Which lesson in Mathematics can you use Laboratory Method?
a. Multiplying Decimals
b. Interpreting a Scale Drawing
c. Constructing a Rectangular Prism
d. Finding the Simplest Form of Fractions

13. Which is the main reason why drill method is used in teaching Mathematics?
a. To recall the previous lessons
b. To present a new lesson in another way
c. To automatize certain facts, habits and skills
d. To bridge the gap between the present lesson and the past lesson

14. Mrs Francisco would like to inculcate love for learning Mathematics among her pupils. Which technique should she employ?
a. Give the slow learners more homework to do
b. Let the fast learners teach the slow learners
c. Provide exercises which they can easily answer
d. Make meaningful experiences to apply what they learned

15. Mrs Balagtas would like to test her pupils’ understanding of the generalization which was just formulated in Mathematics class. In which part of Inductive Method would she do it?
a. Analysis
b. Presentation
c. Application
d. Comparison and Abstraction

16. Mr Borlagdan presented plane figures classified as circle, square, triangle and rectangle. Later she asked the pupils to define each of the classification. What method did she use?
a. Inductive
b. Deductive
c. Laboratory
d. Expository

17. Mrs Calamlam uses this method if her math lesson needs more explanation from her so her students will understand the lesson. What method is this?
a. Expository Method
b. Inquiry Method
c. Laboratory Method
d. Discovery Method

18. Anong kahusayan/talino ang gusto mong idebelop kung ginagamit mo ang mga sumusunod na estratehiya; pagbi-visualize ng mga larawan, paggamit ng simbulong grapiko, color cues, picture metaphors, at idea sketching?
a. Kinetiko
b. Spatial
c. Matematikal
d. Linggwistika

19. What method of assessment is appropriate for the objective “construct a model of solid, liquid and gas to show the structure of matter”?
a. Performance-based
b. Objective Test
c. Self-report
d. Essay Test

20. You have your own conclusion but your classmate has a different conclusion after performing the same experiment. He has more evidences than you have. He repeated the experiment several times and averaged the results. Clearly, his conclusion is correct. What should you do?
a. Accept his conclusion
b. Insist your own conclusion
c. Postpone giving a conclusion
d. Do not accept his conclusion

21. Which objective is best measured using essay test?
a. Constructs a star map
b. Explains why there are high and low tides
c. names the things seen in the sky during the day
d. Observes the changes in temperature from time to time

22. Which can be appropriately measured using an objective test?
a. Draws a picture to represent a word problem
b. Identifies the 1st , 2nd , up to 10th object in a given set
c. Solves problem involving multiplication of decimals
d. Demonstrates positive attitude towards addition of fractions

23. Ms Navarro, a new teacher, wants to develop manipulative skills among her grade VI students. How can she do this?
a. By giving them a seatwork
b. By giving them a research work
c. By letting them observe the fish in the aquarium
d. By letting them perform an experiment on liquids

24. Ito'y isang kagamitang nagpapakita ng pinalaking imahe ng transparency sa itaas at likod ng gumagamit.
a. Overhead projector
b. Opaque
c. Presentasyong power point
d. Ginupit na larawan

25. Ms Natal wanted to employ pure discovery in her grade VI science class. Which topic would be the most appropriate for this strategy?
a. Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures
b. Latest inventions and discoveries
c. Lives of Scientist
d. Volcanic earthquake

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