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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. There is a discussion on differences opinion concerning a situation. What type of discussion where is the large public gathering at which problems of general interest are presented usually by a speaker expert in this subject then follow by quest on period?
A. Forum
B. Group discussion
C. Panel discussion
D. Symposiums

Letter B is not the right answer because group discussion is commonly used in classroom. Panel discussion in letter C means a small group discussion came on by small group before an audience while symposium in letter D is somewhat like a panel and also Partakes the nature of lecture but several speakers present their point so the correct answer is letter A.

2. The teacher wanted to get many ideas or views in a short time so she divided the class into a small group. The technique she used is.
A. Buzz session
B. Debate
C. Philip 66
D. Panel discussion

Letter B is a discussion technique where there the topic to composition. Philip 66 of letter C means 6 persons discussing answers questions for 6 minutes while panel discussion of letter D takes two group one group ask questions and the other group serve as the panel answering question so the correct answer is letter A.

3. The objective of the lesson is “Enumerate the different food preservation methods” Which of the following evaluation is the congruent object?
A. Checklist of the different methods of food preservation
B. Compare the different food preservation methods
C. Demonstration the different food preservation methods
D. Write the different food preservation methods

Letter A present a list of specific criteria Letter B is not yet the scope of the lesson. For letter C nothing is mentioned about showing the different method so letter D is the correct answer.

4. What test is given when the teacher wants to know the learning abilities of the students?
A. diagnostic test
B. Formative test
C. Rating Scale
D. Summative test

Letter B – a formative test is given after instruction to determined whether the student learned or master the lesson presented letter C rating scale - there are criteria that has to be met as agreed in the letter D - summative test is given as the end of the unit after series of activities has been undertaken so the right answer is letter A.

5. Construction of the bulletin board is one of instructional aids to really serve the purpose there are principles to follow. One of them is.
A. Display of student work
B. Arouses interest in a new unit or activity
C. It should be at eye level
D. Mount pictures and articles on pleasing color combination

Letter A refers to used of bulletin board letter B refers to the purpose and letter D is one of the suggestion on how to put a bulletin board so letter C is the correct answer.

6. For her review Gina uses matching type of terms and its definition she is uses mastering lesson?
A. Method
B. Strategy
C. Style
D. technique

7. The following are examples of printed materials for instruction except?
A. Books
B. cartoon
C. motion picture
D. Posters

8. Amy shows the class concrete example of the different hemming stitches what part of the lesson is this?
A. Preparation
B. Presentation
C. Comparison and abstraction
D. Evaluation

9. Mary explains and show to her class how to sew the different hemming stitches? What method of teaching is she using?
A. Demonstration method
B. Problem solving method
C. Laboratory method
D. Project method

10. The teacher made students experienced the actual preparation and cooking of fresh lumpia. What method of teaching does he uses?
A. Inductive method
B. Laboratory method
C. Project method
D. Scientific method

11. There several factors affecting Students achievement which the teacher should consider which should not be included in the list?
A. Aesthetic appreciation
B. Knowledge
C. Specific skills
D. Students preference

12. After the day’s lesson, the teacher Dory gave a test to determined whether her students mastered the lesson. What type of test it his?
A. Anecdotal note
B. Diagnostic test
C. Formative test
D. Summative test

13. If you want to evaluate the student works following criteria, which of these Instrument will you use?
A. aptitude
B. checklist
C. Oral test
D. written test

14. What do you call the assessment technique that enables that the student to Reflect on their indivual reading, work and experience.
A. Interview
B. observation
C. portfolio
D. project

15. If you want to assess the students master the content of the lesson. What evaluate instruments is used.
A. Diary
B. Narrative report
C. rubric
D. test

16. Learning by doing is the principle of
A. Laboratory
B. lecture
C. problem solving
D. project

17. The step of every lesson which includes the setting of the goals and motivating students to realize the purpose is called?
A. Planning
B. Purposing
C. Executing
D. Evaluating

18. The following are evidences of improving the laboratory activity except
A. Activity progresses smoothly without interruption
B. Students work depending on what the teacher tells
C. Attention is sustained throughout the period
D. desired output is produced

19. Which of the following is the good question?
A. These are the good for the body, aren’t they?
B. Smoking is type of food preservation, yes or no?
C. how will you know if you are buying fresh fish?
D. Nora, what is nutrition?

20. A technique in teaching –learning activity which a real life situation is presented by two or more people
A. dramatization
B. Pantomime
C. role playing
D. TV-assisted lesson

21. The objective of the lesson is “Prepare one-dish meal. What evaluate instrument is appropriate?
A. Oral test
B. performance test
C. scorecard
D. written object test

22. Which of the following instruction materials is latest product of technology?
A. Flash card
C. Television
D. TV assisted lessons

23. This a cooperative learning technique by which students help one another through tutoring having discussion, giving quizzes
A. Learning together
B. Jigsaw
D. Team-Games tournament

24. Jane can do accurate computation of budget for their marketing, she possesses __________ intelligence.
A. Bodily Kinesthetic
C. Logical
B. Linguistic
D. Spatial

25. Lia accept her weakness and tries to improve, She has __________ intelligence
A. Interpersonal
B. Intrapersonal
C. Linguistic
D. Spatial

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