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Majorship LET Reviewer

LET Reviewer for TLE
LET Reviewer for TLE

1. When follow the procedure to accomplish the objectives of the lesson and the result is achieved then    you use an effective.
A. approach
B. Method
C. Style
D. Technique

2. The following are part of Teachers method of teaching which is not?
A. Expression on her Face
B. Comradeship of her voice and manner
C. Accomplishment of school report
D. Tone of her voice

3. The main of goal of the new method is personality development through the following except
A. Proper reduction of activities and assignment
B. Proper stimulation
C. Proper direction
D. Proper guidance

4. Which of the following statement is true?
A. The new method of teaching are most effective method
B. There is subject which can be taught effectively using the traditional method
C. The wise and efficient teacher throw aside traditional method
D. Teacher embrace progressive method because they are new.

5. The specific way of doing a particular task is/
A. Approach
B. Method
C. Style
D. technique

6. The following are printed instrumental materials except
A. Books
B. Clippings
C. Posters
D. Still firms

7. Mrs. Ada posted the artwork of the students in a board. What kind of bulletin board is this?
A. Announcement
B. Display of student artwork
C. For short term events
D. A board long term events

8. A bulletin board which contain picture at the right side and words at the left side follows the art principle of ___________
A. Balance
B. Emphasis
C. Proportion
D. Rhythm

9. Which of the following bulletin board follows the principle of bulletin board selection and arrangement?
A. There are announcement and posters displayed in one bulletin board.
B. A bulletin board of all projects in Home Economics.
C. The bulletin board is close to the ceiling of the room.
D. there is one picture in the center of the bulletin board 72” x 120”

10. Small pictures were used in a small bulletin board. This follows the principle of
A. color
B. Emphasis
C. Proportion
D. Rhythm

11. A cut picture from a colored magazine was posted on a cartolina before attaching in a bulletin in a bulletin board. What was observed?
A. Color
B. Line
C. Space
D. Texture

12. How will you connect pictures to words?
A. Place words under picture
B. Use ribbon and lining
C. Use broken lines
D. Let it hang

13. Bulletin board should be hang _____________of the one residing in the room
A. Eye level
B. Head level
C. None level
D. Toe level

14. Joylee showed how to make a simple cake decoration she used
A. Deductive
B. Demonstrative
C. Inductive
D. Project

15. Buzz session is a type of ___________ method
A. demonstration
B. Discussion
C. project
D. Question and answer

16. This is the type of small group discussion carried on by small group before an audience
A. Class discussion
B. Forum
C. Panel discussion
D. Symposium

17. Mrs. Rodriguez assigned a topic where one group would be “Pro” and the other is one ‘con” position the technique used in _________________
A. Buzz Discussion
B. brainstorming
C. Debate
D. Philip 66

18. There are three types of laboratory method the productive type observational and the experimental it is ___________ type it is conducted to find out what will happen or what procedure is best.
A. Experimental
B. Observational
C. Productive

19. This method utilizes “telling “as a means of instruction
A. Discussion method
B. PlanningD. purposing
C. Project method

20. The following are steps in project method except _____________
A. Executing
B. Planning
C. Presenting
D. Purposing

21. Miss Erich wants to display the output of her student in the area of clothing. It would be more challenging if she makes her students put up ____________
A. Bulletin board
B. Exhibit
C. Film showing
D. Sales Bazaar

22. The students  collected articles on home management. The teacher asks them to take down the key points read and make a reflection. This is contained in their ___________
A. Diary
B. Portfolio
C. Rubric
D. Test

23. Which of the following objectives belong to the psychomotor domain?
A. Discuss the different ways of nutrients conservation.
B. Show appreciation on the beauty of well arranged flowers.
C. Prepare a cover following principles.
D. List down all the ingredients needed in the recipe.

24. Which of the following situations show values integration?
A. Enumerate the values you learn in the lesson.
B. While scaling the fish honey sees to it that there is a prepared container for the scales.
C. Practice these values
D. Do the good things as I tell you

25. Which of the following objectives is appropriate written?
A. Write consecutively the procedure in baking muffins
B. Write the procedure in baking muffins
C. Write what to do in baking muffins
D. Write the procedure

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