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1. A low voltage power supply converts ________.

A. AC voltage output
B. Pulsating DC voltage
C. DC output voltage
D. AC and DC voltage outputs

2. When checking an open resistor using an ohmmeter the resistance reads ________.

A. zero level
B. high resistance but within the tolerance
C. infinite
D. low but not zero

3. Moving one plate of a capacitor further away from the other will ________.

A. decrease capacitance
B. increase capacitance
C. decrease voltage rating
D. increase mutual transductunce

4. What is the reason why threads become stripped?

A. screws are over tightened
B. screws are heated
C. screws are molded
D. screws are painted

5. What does VOM mean?

A. AC Voltmeter
B. Ohmmeter
C. DC Milliammeter
D. Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter

6. Which tool is used to cut the insulation without cutting the wire?

A. utility knife
B. hacksaw
C. side cutter
D. wire stripper

7. What does LED stands for?

A. Light emitting display
B. Low energy display
C. Light emitting diode
D. Light emitting detector

8. Which picture or sketch shows the components of a circuit and how these components are connected together?

A. Wiring diagram
B. Block diagram
C. Pictorial diagram
D. Schematic diagram

9. 3 pieces of resistors in which the values are 10 ohm, 20 ohms, and 50 ohms. If the 20 ohms is open, what will be the reading in the ohmmeter?

A. 60 ohms
B. 0
C. infinite
D. 80 ohms

10. Why does an AM receiver receive or pick-up signal despite the far distance from the transmitter compared to the FM receiver?

A. The AM receiver picks up signal easily because of the transistor.
B. The AM receiver picks up signal easily because the signals transmitted by the AM transmitter is by means of line to sight.
C. The AM receiver picks up signal easily because the signals transmitted by the AM transmitter is by means of line to ground.
D. The AM receiver picks up signal easily because the signals transmitted by the AM transmitter is by means of line to televise.

11. The recommended height of lettering for subtitles is ___ of an inch.

A. 1/16
B. 1/8
C. 3/16
D. 1/4

12. Which of the following combinations of letter can be overlapped slightly ?

A. D, E
B. L, T
C. M, N
D. A, B

13. The following are descriptions of tangent lines except___.

A. A straight line is tangent to a circle when it touch at only one point
B. The radius of a circle drawn to the point of tangency is perpendicular to the tangent.
C. An arc f a given radius tangent to two lines at right angles.
D. The point of intersection is the radius.

14. A geographic map shows the following details except____

A. boundaries of countries
B. important towns
C. ground surfaces
D. roads rivers and lakes

15. What kind of triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles.

A. obtuse
B. equilateral
C. isosceles
D. scalene

16. What usually is used by a draftsman to make the pencil point sharp ?

A. Blade
B. Pad of sandpaper
C. Pencil sharpener
D. Sharp knife

17. What can you use to scrape off incorrectly inked line when eraser is not  available?

A. art gum
B. razor blade
C. rubber eraser
D. sharpener

18. When using lower case letter, how many horizontal guidelines are used ?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

19. A drawing that represents the three exploded views of an object. The most common views are front, to and right side view. What do you call this drawing?

A. Cavalier Drawing
B. Isometric drawing
C. Orthographic Drawing
D. Perspective Drawing

20. What line used to represent the hidden side of the object drawn

A. . Center Line
B. Ditto line
C. Invisible line
D. Object Line

21. It is a hand-operated device in a water circuit connection that is used to control the flow of water in a piping system.

A. flanged
B. valve
C. union joint
D. universal joint

22. Manufactures of water supply materials make use of bronze, brass, gunmetal, steel, cast iron, glass or plastics or a combination because of it characteristics that it is

A. high resistance to water
B. high corrosive to water
C. high corrosive resistance to water
D. high value to water

23. A drainage fixture designed to prevent potentially dangerous sewer gases from entering the house. It is attached to the roofing of the house.

A. joint
B. fixture
C. venting pipe
D. traps

24. A type of materials used in plumbing system that offers possibly the greatest range of screwed plastics fittings well suited to domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

A. uPVC system
B. cast iron pipes system
C. metal and plastic system
D. stainless pipes system

25. A type of pipe made of concrete and usually use for sewer purpose due to large diameter in size and durability. It has the ability to adopt soil environment with no danger of rusting

A. soil pipes
B. sewer pipe
C. water pipes
D. drainage pip

26. What particular tool will be use to by plumber when tightening or loosen pipe fitting

A. adjustable wrench
B. pipe wrench
C. pliers
D. basin wrench

27. A building has a system of pipes and drains installed for the purpose of distribution of potable drinking water and the removal of waterborne wastes

A. Venting system
B. Water system
C. Drainage system
D. Plumbing system

28. Employees are separated involuntarily due to _______.

A. Low pay   
B. Declining sales
C. poor working condition
D. lure of high paying jobs

29. Who exposed on the Theory of Bureaucratic Management?

A. Max Webber
B. Mary Parker Follett
C. Chester Barnard 
D. Lillian Gilbreth

30. Good public relation presupposes good internal _________.

A. Reaction
B. Communication
C. Attitude
D. Response

31. What is meant by P.O?

A. Purchase Option 
B. Product Order
C. Production Office
D. Purchase Order

32. Which is the 30-ton room-sized computer with over 18,000 vacuum tubes build by John Mauchly and Eckert?

A. MITS Altair 800
D. Colossus

33. Who introduced the concept of providing ALU in the computer system?

A. Joseph Marie Jacquard
B. Charles Babbage
C. John Von Newman 
D. Herman Hollerith

34. Which as the raw material to be processed by the computer?

A. Information
B. Data
C. Graphics
D. Objects

35. What is meant to put information into the computer?

A. Launch
B. File
C. Install
D. Input

36. Which allows it use to upload and download files from other computers for the net?

A. Usenet
B. Search engine
C. Telnet
D. File transfer protocol

37. Which of the following makes a window as small as it can get?

A. Maximize
B. Save
C. Restore
D. Minimize

38. The drain pipes connections are lead away from all fixtures at a certain calculated slope of

A. 1/2 per ft
B. 5/8 per ft
C. 1/8 per ft
D. 1/4 per ft

39. Today’s modern plumbing makes use of central fitting suitable for joining both imperial and metric sizes of medium and high density polyethylene pipe. This type of fitting is made of

A. nylon material
B. fiber
C. plastics
D. syntactic

40. This type of material is use for making flanged. The color is gray and it is usually hard but brittle and not affected much by massive rusting when expose to air and water.

A. Steel
B. Mild steel
C. cast iron
D. stainless steel

41. An activity concerned with obtaining the right kind of goods in the right amount, at the right time, at the right price and, from the right source.

A. purchasing
B. buying
C. retailing
D. selling

42. Margin of difference between cost price and selling price.

A. selling price
C. c.o.d.
C. mark-down
D. mark-up

43. Checking the quantity and quality of merchandise purchased.

A. mark-up
B. purchasing
C. receiving
D. price

44. An activity concerned with obtaining food of the right kind, at the right price from the right source.

A. mark-up
B. purchasing
B. receiving
D. price

45. Requires wise purchasing, vigilant checking, proper storage of goods, and reasonable pricing.

A. wholesaling
B. purchasing
C. pricing
D. retailing

46. This sales type requires the customers to pay for cash for the goods he/she buys and store delivers the goods to his/her home.

A. Cash-Send or Cash Deliver Sale
B. Charge-Send or Charge-Deliver
C. Cash-Take-Sale
D. Charge-Take-Sale

47. The customer pays for the goods and takes these homes with him/her.

A. Cash-Send or Cash Deliver Sale
B. Charge-Send or Charge-Deliver
C. Cash-Take-Sale
D. Charge-Take-Sale

48. The goods are charged to the customer and then deliver to his/her home.

A. Charge-Send or Charge-Deliver
B. Cash-Send or Cash Deliver Sale
C. Cash-Take-Sale
D. Charge-Take-Sale

49. This type of sale requires the customer to order a merchandise and request the store to lay-it away until he/she calls for it at the near future. The customer makes a deposit, and the store agrees to hold the merchandise for a specified period of time.

A. Part-Cash-Part Charge Sale
B. Installment Sale
C. C.O.D. Sale
D. Lay-Away or Will-Call Sale

50. A part of the amount of the merchandise is paid in cash by the customer, and the rest of the amount is charged to his/her account.

A. Part-Cash-Part Charge Sale
B. Installment Sale
C. C.O.D. Sale
D. Lay-Away or Will-Call Sale

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