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1. Which is NOT true about proper maintenance of electronic tools ?

A. Ensure that the tools are used only for their intended purposes.
B. Keep the tools lubricated with soap and water inhibits rust.
C. Keep the tools clean and sharp.
D. Keeps the soldering tips clean and well tinned.

2. The word electron was derived from the Greek word "elektron", which means:

A. to rub
B. to flow
C. amber
D. friction

3. The peak to peak voltage in a 117 V AC outlet is ________.

A. 620 V
B. 165.5 V
C. 331 V
D. 220 V

4. Which is a type of modulation where the amplitude of the carriers is changed in accordance with demodulating signal ?


5. One of the most common problems with vacuum cleaners is broken wiring inside cord set. This is due to _____________.

A. flexing, wiring, long term abuse
B. vibration, corrosion
C. poor manufacturing
D. dust, dirt, humidity

6. A device which is designed to receive or transmit radio signals.

A. Amplifier
B. Ammeter
C. Antenna
D. Piezo Transducer

7. What electronic component is commonly used to amplify or switch electronic signals ?

A. capacitor
B. transistor
C. diode as
D. resistor

8. The drawing equipment that is used to draw horizontal lines is ____.

A. cross-ruled paper
B. ruler
C. triangle
D. T-square

9. In order to get good spacing of letters in forming words, the areas between the letter should be approximately equal which means _____.

A horizontal distances are equal.
B. Vertical distances are equal
C. The space between two words in the same sentence should be equal the height of the lines of the letters.
D. The upper case letter is equal t the height of the capital letter.

10. This line is used to represent the visible edges of an object when making a drawing.

A. Hidden line
B. Long break line
C. Outline of parts
D. Section line

11. What is the proper way draw horizontal lines ?

A. It is drawn from right to left
B. It is drawn from left to right
C. It is drawn along the vertical edge of triangle
D. It is drawn in any direction.

12. If the recipe calls for you to “blanch” the ingredient such as vegetable, your being asked to:

A. Cook over charcoal or a fire
B. to simmer in a small quantity of liquid
C. to put in boiling water & then immediately put it into cool water
D. to heat foods containing sugar until a brown color develop

13. When a semiconductor diode’s anode terminal is supplied with negative dc voltage and the cathode with positive dc voltage, the diode bias is

A. Forward
B. Reverse
C. No bias
D. More bias

14. If 12 volts are applied to a certain lamp whose filament has a resistance of 3 ohms, the current flow through the lamp filament will be

A. 4 amp
B. 36 amp
C. 8 amp
D. 12 amp

15. If a copper wire becomes heated because of an excessive amount of current flowing through it, the resistance of the wire

A. Decreases
B. Increases
C. Remains the same as when the wire is cold
D. Becomes zero

16. To measure the current flowing through a circuit, connect an

A. Ohm meter
B. Ammeter
C. Volt meter
D. Meter in series with the circuit

17. In the laboratory, to verify the current in a resistor, _______________.

A. an ammeter is connected in series with the resistor
B. a voltmeter is connected in series with the resistor
C. an ammeter is connected parallel to the resistor
D. a voltmeter is connected parallel to the resistor

18. Which statement is true ?

A. An ammeter has negligible resistance.
B. A voltmeter has negligible resistance.
C. An ammeter measures voltage.
D. A voltmeter measures current.

19. Kirchhoff’s Current Law : nodes ; Kifchhoff’s Voltage Law : __________

A. junction
B. loops
C. meshes
D. b and c

20. Kirchhoff’s Laws are applicable to networks with series resistors.

A. Always true
B. Often time
C. Sometimes true
D. Never true

21. Wise buying saves money. In the following practices the least to save money is

A. Buying non-perishable food in large quantities.
B. Buying only familiar brands.
C. Buying directly from sources.
D. Buying foods in season.

22. Which of the following is correct in setting the dinner knife and soup spoon ?

A. Both should be place to the right of the plate
B. Both should be placed to the left of the plate
C. Both should be placed above the plate
D. Dinner knife must be placed at the left and soup spoon must be on the right of the plate

23. This deficiency occurs when the newly weaned children whose calorie supply is adequate but whose protein supply is not. It is known as

A. Kwashiorkor
B. Beri-beri
C. Pellagra
D. Marasmus

24. Which of the following means to “cook in a small amount of fat” ?

A. braise
B. barbeque
C. sauté
D. blanch

25. This kind of line is a heavy wavy lines made of freehand.

A. cutting plane lines
B. ditto lines
C. long break lines
D. short break lines

26. Which of the following kinds of drawing is used to show the front, top, and side of an object in their actual relation to each other ?

A. Isometric
B. Oblique
C. Perspective
D. Pictorial

27. This kind of drawing shows how object actually appeared to the observer ?

A. Isometric
B. Oblique
C. Orthographic
D. Perspective

28. In dimensioning drawing the dimension figures should be about ____inch high and the fraction should be ¼ inch high.

A. 1/16
B. 1/8
C. 1/4
D. 1/2

29. Which of the following is a safe and acceptable way to thaw a frozen chicken ?

A. Gradual thawing at room temperature
B. Rapid thawing in boiling water
C. Gradual thawing under hot running water
D. Gradual thawing under refrigeration

30. This vitamin is present only in foods of animal origin thus vegetarians are usually deficient in one of the following vitamins:

A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin B1 or thiamine
C. Vitamin B12 or cobalamin
D. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid

31. What gives dough its elasticity ?

A. gluten
B. the number of knead
C. protein
D. starch

32. The conservation law that served as basis for Kirchhoff’s Current Law is _________.

A. conservation of charge
B. conservation of energy
C. conservation of mass
D. conservation of quantum numbers

33. A capacitor and an inductor are electronic components that store electrical energy. How is an inductor different from a capacitor ?

A. An inductor is an electromagnet
B. An inductor is made up of a coil of wire
C. An inductor may be made into a capacitor
D. An inductor stores energy in its magnetic field

34. When you use baking soda instead of baking powder,

A. reduce the amount and add acid
B. reduce the amount and add liquid
C. use the same amount and add acid
D. increase the amount and add acid

35. In these hard times, one way to prepare low cost but nutritious meal is to

A. Reduced quantity of food prepared.
B. Reduced quality of food prepared.
C. Buy the cheapest ingredients
D. Recycle leftovers.

36. The following are the importance of geometric construction except _____.

A. developing sketches
B. making lettering
C. making plans
D. reading drawing

37. These are lines that do not meet no matter how far they are extended.

A. Angle lines
B. Curved lines
C. Oblique lines
D. Parallel lines

38. Use to assemble electronics appliances and project.

A. electronics tools
B. electronics unit
C. electronics components
D. electrical network

39. When using soldering iron in soldering surface mount component it requires ___.

A. bigger tips
B. smaller tips
C. narrow tips
D. wider tips

40. The type of current whose amplitude drops to zero periodically and is produced in rectifier is known as ________.

A. Pulsating Direct Current
B. Damped Alternating Current
C. Varying Direct Current
D. Saw tooth wave

41. Working efficiently is a good work habit. Tinning the tip of a soldering iron refers to:

A. Cleaning the tip with a sand paper
B. Making the tip pointed
C. Cutting the tip
D. Applying flux to the tip

42. The common cause of an erratic or distorted sound of a transistor radio is a defective ?

A. Amplifier
B. Volume control
C. Antenna
D. Tuner

43. An appliance with 110 Volts AC Supply is accidentally plugged to a 220 Volts AC outlet. What component is usually destroyed ?

A. Switch
B. AC plug
C. Line fuse
D. Power transformer

44. The actual flow of current is from ________.

A. negative to positive
B. positive to negative
C. positive to positive
D. negative to negative

45. Which is an electrical unit of measuring a power ?

A. Ohms
B. Ampere
C. Watt
D. Volt

46. A category of a resistor which obey Ohm's Law is ________.

A. linear
B. non-linear
C. potentiometer
D. resistance

47. Which is an electronic device that is used to limit or oppose the flow of current in a circuit ?

A. Capacitor
B. Resistor
C. Diode
D. Inductor

48. What is the color code in 5 band for a 63 M and 10% resistor ?

A. Blue, Orange, Black, Green and Gold
B. Blue, Orange, Black, Green and Silver
C. Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Silver
D. Blue, Red, Black, Green and Silver

49. What input values will cause an AND logic gate to produce a HIGH output ?

A. At least one input is LOW.
B. At least one input is HIGH.
C. All inputs are LOW.
D. All inputs are HIGH.

50. Ohm's law describes the mathematical relationship between

A. resistance, voltage, and current
B. resistor size and resistor value
C. ohms, kilohms, and megohms
D. none of the above

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