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What is the approximate characteristic voltage that develops across a red LED?

A. 1.7 V
B. 0.6 V
C. 3.4 V
D. 6 V

If two resistors are placed in series, the final resistance is ________.

A. higher
B. lower
C. the same
D. cannot be determined

A 100n capacitor in parallel with 10n produces ________.

A. 90n
B. 110n
C. 100n
D. cannot be determined

Printed on the dial of an AM radio is an RF band covering _________.

A. kHz 76 - 90 MHz
B. 88 - 108 MHz
C. 16 Hz - 20 kHz
D. 535 - 1,605 kHz

An ordinary radio can be tuned to different stations. The electronic component responsible for this function is the:

A. Tuning capacitor
B. Oscillator coil
C. IF transformer
D. Detector diode

The condition of a loud speaker is tested more accurately using one of the ranges listed below:

A. R x 1K
B. R x 10
C. R x 1
D. R x 10K

A Service Electronics Technician cleaned the terminal of the component using sand paper or knife before it soldered to the PCB. What is the main purpose of that cleaning?

A. To attract more charges.
B. To remove the insulator so that soldering can be made easily.
C. To attract electrons, protons, and neutrons.
D. To maximize the desired voltages.

If the Service Electronics Technician applied the so-called pre-tinning, how should be the process be?

A. The Service Electronics Technician applies a little amount of soldering lead and soldering flux to the tip during pre-heating of the soldering iron.
B. The Service Electronics Technician cleans the soldering tip using files, sand paper or a cutter.
C. The Service Electronics Technician allows his soldering iron to heat atleast 40 minutes before he uses it and solders with the terminal of the component.
D. The Service Electronics Technician checks the temperature of the tip before soldering is made.

To search for relate literature by accessing several databases by the use of a telephone line to connect a computer library with computers that have database is termed:

A. Computer search
B. Manual search
C. on - line search
D. compact disc search

The part of a feasibility study which describes the location of the business and its building specifications

A. Production 
B. Introduction
C. Market feasibility
D. Proponents, management & personnel

What is the scheme of product movement from the producer to the consumer?

A. Marketing
B. Selling
C. Merchandizing
D. Retailing

It is the care on personal appearance which includes the condition of the body and how one looks and smells.

A. Grooming
B. Personality development
C. Proper hygiene
D. Good health

An employee exposes the wrong doings of his employer to outsiders, such as the media or government regulatory agencies. What behavior is it?

A. Shame campaign
B. Rumor mongering
C. Murmuring
D. Whistle blowing

Which of the following is a household chore that has to be done every day?

A. Cleaning the ceiling
B. Sweeping the floor
C. Dusting the furniture
D. Laundering bed sheets

Fleas attack chicken. They are dark brown in color with three pairs of legs and in flattered conditions. Generally, they are located near:

A. Shank and toes
B. Vent and thighs
C. Wings and wattles
D. Eyes and comb

Metaldehyde is a highly selective molluscicide which will minimize problem in bangus ponds:

A. Snails
B. Frogs
C. Snakes
D. Catfish

Some farmers have this practice of lifting sweet potato vines which are touching the ground in order to:

A. Harvest the tops
B. Prune the roots
C. Change growing direction
D. Produce bigger tubers

Which of the following in some aspects of the family life affect the father image?

A. In-law relationships
B. Sexual compatibility
C. Duties and responsibilities
D. Patterns of authority

Which of these is the function of zener diode?

A. allows current to flow in one direction
B. converts electrical energy to light
C. maintain a fixed voltage across its terminals
D. produced a light-sensitive diode

A device designed to receive or transmit radio signals.

A. loudspeaker
B. antenna
C. microphone
D. amplifier

What kind of network does electric circuit has?

A. opened loop
B. one loop
C. closed loop
D. two loop

In logic gates, the output is true when its inputs are different.

A. OR Gate
B. NOR Gate
C. EX-OR Gate
D. EX-NOR Gate

following are cosmetics EXCEPT_____.

A. astringent
B. lipstick
C. lotion
D. perfume

In hearing mass, it is also necessary to look your best, so it is also proper to wear_____ make –up.

A. evening
B. ordinary
C. photographic
D. theatrical

You are going in an exclusive date, unfortunately you have intense blemishes on
your face. What could better hide these imperfections?

A. Concealer
B. Face powder
C. Foundation
D. Mascara

What could make your checkbone appear more defined ?

A. blush-on
B. bronzer
C. face powder
D. glitter

Considering that your eyebrow gone out of shape. What will you do in case you wanted to retain the proper shape?

A. apply eyebrow pencil
B. eyebrow arching
C. gently apply eye shadow
D. use foundation cream

What cosmetic protects the nail polish and minimizes the chipping or cracking of the colored polish ?

A. base coat
B. nail drier
C. nail polish
D. top coat

What is the description of half moon design in manicure ?

A. There is a white nail polish left at the tip of the nail.
B. There is half moon design on the nail.
C. Half of the nail is with top coat
D. There is white nail polish left at the base of the nail.

The father and the son have the same color of hair, its strength and texture . because it depends on _____.

A. environment effect
B. hereditary qualities
C. physical manipulation
D. physical growth

Brushing the hair is always a part of a scalp treatment for the following reason EXCEPT_____

A. It straighten the hair.
B. stimulate the scalp
C. remove dust and dirt from the hair
D. give the hair added luster

Which of these tools is used to remove the fine hair near the skin?

A. clipper
B. Hair shaping scissors
C. straight razor
D. thinning shears

What fingers are usually used when cutting hair using hair shaping scissors

A. Middle and ring finger
B. Thumb and middle finger
C. Ring finger and small finger
D. Index and middle finger

Which type of lines is used to show mechanical linkages between components or parts on schematic diagram?

A. Connecting lines
B. Dashed lines
C. Medium lines
D. Thin lines
Imagine three resistors in parallel, with values of 22 ohms, 27 ohms, and 33 ohms. If a 12 V battery is connected across this combination, what is the current drawn from the battery?

A. 1.4 A
B. 15 mA
C. 150 mA
D. 1.5 A

Which of the following is a non-polarized electronic component?

A. Transistor
B. Resistor
C. Diode
D. Electrolytic capacitor

The voltage rating found in a capacitor is called ________.

A. Peak-reverse voltage
B. Working voltage
C. Blow-up voltage
D. Breakdown voltage

A diode is an electronic part that at all times is expected to do one of the following functions. Which one is it?

A. allow current to flow in both directions
B. multiply voltage
C. allow current to flow in one direction only
D. not allow any current flow

When a diode is tested and the reading is zero, it means the diode is ________.

A. Shorted
B. Open
C. Leaky
D. Good

If the transistor is an NPN type, the base is ________.

A. negative & positive
B. negative
C. positive
D. common

If the arrow of a transistor symbol is pointing inward it tells us that the transistor is:

C. Bipolar
D. Injunction

In the electronic symbol of a transistor, the electrode with an arrow is the:

A. Emitter
B. Base
C. Collector
D. Cathode

The production of magnetic field by current in a conductor is ________.

A. Electromagnetism
B. Ferromagnetism
C. Magnetism
D. Diamagnetism

In what instrument is the ohmmeter found?

A. Ammeter
B. Tube tester
C. Capacitor tester

From what part of the ohmmeter do you derive resistance reading?

A. Range multiplier
B. Reading scale
C. Test probes
D. Pointer

Which instrument serves as 3 measuring instruments in one?

A. Audio generator
B. Oscilloscope
C. Signal generator

Which device produces simple waveforms?

A. Audio amplifier
C. Signal tracer
D. Signal generator

What is the another name for connection diagram?

A. Wiring diagram
B. Block diagram
C. Pictorial diagram
D. Schematic diagram

Which equipment is used to discharge electrical charges produced by the human body?

A. Audio generator
B. Signal generator

Which term refers to the set of rules or practices to ensure no accident prevention?

A. Safety practices
B. Rules and regulation
C. Policy order
D. Action plan

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