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It is the process of doing two or more related task simultaneously

A. Dovetailing
B. Synchronizing
C. Work simplification
D. Work technique

In general, from which of the following foods are complete proteins derived?

A. Milk, gelatin and soy
B. Rice, potatoes and eggs
C. Meat, fish and poultry
D. Vegetables, grains and fruits

When apples or potatoes are peeled and sliced, it will turn brown if not used immediately. To prevent this, you need to:

A. soak in calamansi, lemon or water with vinegar
B. put this in hot water then in cold water
C. wash again after peeling
D. soak in oil

What is the proper way of storing raw food?

A. It should be stored above cooked and ready-to-eat food
B. It should be stored on the same shelf as cooked and ready-to-eat food
C. It should be stored below cooked and ready-to-eat food
D. It should be stored beside cooked and ready-to-eat food

Plumbing codes always varied widely from place to place to protect the

A. beauty of the community
B. health of the people in other countries
C. health of the people
D. health of the community

Who are the people responsible and assigned to check if your plumbing connections are appropriate?

A. the building inspector
B. the engineer
C. the plumber
D. the foreman

Sealants refer to the polymeric range material made from natural rubber and the various

A. powder
B. synthetic elastomer
C. color
D. liquid enhancer

Today modern living, every home plumber should have a copy of the local code. This code can be acquired from the office of

A. City engineer office
B. Public works and Highways
C. Barangay office
D. Building inspectors

It is the simplest solid state device which is use as rectifier.

A. transistor
B. diode
C. resistor
D. capacitor

It is a kind of electronic equipment use to measure resistance.

A. Voltmeter
B. Ohm meter
C. Ammeter
D. Wattmeter

It is a kind of diagram where all information its symbol and designation are emphasize.

A. Electricity
B. Schematic diagram
C. Wiring diagram
D. fish tailing diagram

It is a branch of physics which deals with the study of the behavior properties and control electrons in the circuit.

A. Electricity
B. Electronics
C. Radio Mechanics
D. Computer

It is a kind of circuit where there is a continuous flow of electric current.

A. Close circuit
B. Open circuit
C. Short circuit
D. Ground circuit

It is a process of removing unwanted copper from the PCB.

A. Soldering
B. Etching
C. Boring
D. Mounting

Activities/benefits offered for sale.

A. Services
B. retailing
C. installment
D. wholesaling

Anyone who engages in entrepreneurial activities/enterprises.

A. Entrepreneur
B. entrepreneurship
C. services
D. retailing

Customer and storeowner agreement on the amount to be paid by the customer to the latter on specified dates.

A. selling price
B. installment
C. mark-up
D. mark-down

Customer pays for the merchandise upon its delivery to him/her.

A. c.o.d.
B. mark-down
C. mark-up
D. installment

If pictures needed from an electronic encyclopedia, what must be done?

A. Cite the source for the picture
B. Use the encyclopedia picture freely
C. Credit the group members for scanning the picture
D. List the names of the group members at the end of the project

Loyalty is measure when people stay together in time of crises. What does it strengthen?

A. Partnership
B. Friendship
C. Healthy competition
D. Cooperation

Which of the following sciences is the statistical study of human population and its distribution?

A. Ecology
B. Geography
C. Anthropology
D. Demography

There are numerous kinds of saws. The one used by sawing along the grain of wood is called:

A. Rip saw
B. Coping saw
C. Cross cut saw
D. Back saw

Drills and bits are friendly tools that facilitate project making. Which of the following is used for boring holes on wood?

A. Drill bit
B. Nail set
C. Saw set
D. Auger bit

The rate of doing work is called ________.

A. energy
B. power
C. voltage
D. resistance

MilliHenry is equal to ________.

A. 10th Henry
B. 100th Henry
C. 1,000th Henry
D. 1,000,000th Henry

An inductor opposes any change in ________.

A. voltage
B. current
C. frequency
D. modulation

A circuit having two or more current paths is a ________ connection.

A. parallel
B. series
C. series-parallel
D. cannot be determined

In checking capacitor to see if it is shorted, open or leaky, you would use the ________ ohmmeter range.

A. lowest
B. highest
C. middle
D. upper

A schematic diagram shows the components of an electronic circuit by means of ________.

A. a symbol
B. a construction
C. physical appearance
D. linear appearance

If there are only two resistors with the same values in parallel circuit, which formula may be used to find its total resistance?

A. Rt = R/n
B. Rt = (R1xR2) / (R1+R2)
C. 1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + ......1/Rn
D. Rt = (R1+R2) / (R1xR2)

Which hand tool is used solely for cutting metals?

A. utility knife
B. saw
C. magnifying glass
D. paint brush

After the top coal is completely dry, apply hand lotion with light manipulation.What
direction is followed ?

A. Apply lotion over the hands to all fingertips.
B. Apply lotion all over the hands and arms.
C. Apply lotion over the hands from wrists to fingertips
D. Apply lotion over the hands and palm.

What is used for cutting toenails ?

A. nail clipper
B. nail cutter
C. nipper
D. tweezer

What cosmetic is used together with eyelashes to make them appear fuller, thicker,
darker and longer ?

A. blush on
B. eyeliner
C. eye shadow
D. mascara

Hair is composed of protein substance called Keratin which is also present in all horny growth such as the following EXCEPT____.

A. claws
B. hoofs
C. nails
D. palm

It is a vertical section of 3 or 4-inch-diameter pipe that carries waste away from toilets and connects with the main house drain in the basement or crawl space.

A. soil stack
B. cement pipes
C. plastic pipes
D. cast iron pipes

It is necessary to install this type of valve so that the incoming water lifts the valve from beneath.

A. loose valve
B. flanged and loose valves
C. universal valve
d flanged valves

The law that provides a standard codes for plumbing whose primary purpose is to protect the health of the community against serious health hazarD.

A. Building code
B. Municipal ordinance
C. National plumbing code
D. City ordinance

It is a series of pipes connections that drain off solid and liquid waste in a building

A. sewer connections
B. traps
C. Drainage system
D. Piping system

President of various business enterprises and that manufactures of passenger jeeps.

A. Leonardo Sarao
B. Leonardo Leonardo
C. Leonardo da Vinci
D. Leonardo Madrazo

Part of the national budget comes from taxes paid by .

A. wealthy families
B. poor families
C. entrepreneurs
D. foreigners

helps solve unemployment among the people.

A. innovators
B. inventors
C. business management
D. business enterprise

It exist at all times, because people need goods and services to survive.

A. demand
B. business opportunities
C. business needs
D. supply

Factor in searching for business opportunities that ask: What products are in demand?

A. the need of the community
B. skills and interests
C. available resources
D. market

The customer takes home the merchandise that has been charged to him/her.

A. Charge-Take-Sale
B. Cash-Send or Cash Deliver Sale
C. Cash-Take-Sale
D. Cash-Send or Cash Deliver Sale

Upon delivery of the merchandise to his/her home the customer pays cash for it.

A. Lay-Away or Will-Call Sale
B. Installment Sale
C. C.O.D. Sale sds
D. Part-Cash-Part Charge Sale

The customer and the storeowner agree that a certain amount be paid on a specified date until the merchandise is fully paid.

A. Lay-Away or Will-Call Sale
B. Installment Sale
C. C.O.D. Sale
D. Part-Cash-Part Charge Sale

Looking around and seeing people, who of the following shows good grooming ?

A. A group of students wearing sando and shorts in an evening formal party.
B. A teacher in school uniform selling goods in the market.
C. A girl wearing swimsuit for swimming lesson..
D. A mother wearing a house dress hearing mass.

After applying the cuticle remover you are now ready to loosen cuticle. How will you loosen cuticle?

A. Push the cuticle using the flat side of the pusher.
B. Dry the finger while pushing the cuticle
C. Scratch the nail plate
D. Push the cuticle using the pointed side of the pusher.

To remove old polish on the nails the absorbent cotton should have____

A. cuticle remover
B. cuticle oil
C. emollient cream
D. solvent

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